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  1. I have a love/hate relationship with creepy things. I'll go months and months without succumbing into the desire to look at them, and then give in for an evening, regret it, and repeat the process. Tonight is a Creepy Night, so let's share some of the creepy shit we've seen on the internet. Use discretion, though. I know there are some truly horrifying videos out that there that involve true crime, but let's not be posting links to brutal murders up in here. If people really want to see that, they can scour the internet for it themselves.

    Videos don't even have to be real, honestly. There are plenty of creepy things that are obviously fake, or things that have dubious authenticity. Feel free to post creepy pictures, too. Or audio. Just do everyone a favour and warn if aforementioned creepy shit involves jump scares. Jump scares don't automatically = creepy, and creepy does not always = jump scares.

    To start this show off, here are two videos that I just saw and I am disliking immensely:

    This shit, because fuck clowns honestly.

    This one might be kind of ridiculous but it hits me in all of my 'no fucking thank you' zones. No no no no no.

    Also, since I know there will be a few edgelords who will think that these videos aren't scary or are just silly/funny: instead of telling other folks that they're pansies, post what you think are truly creepy videos instead!
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  2. Ever heard of Shaye Saint John? Not necessarily scary, I guess, but definitely... different. I remember them as creepy because they were so incredibly weird at the time. I should go find them again and see if they still hold up.
  3. These aren't exactly creepy videos, but here are some interesting rituals 8D

    One-Man Hide and Seek

    The Midnight Game

    For creepy blogs, Sixpenceee and Saya in Underworld are pretty cool~

    Andddddd some videos!

    And if anyone wants real life creeps check out Son of Sam or Albert Fish e-e *shudders*

    The latter wrote a cook book e-e on how to cook children...
  4. This is likely the most creepy video I've seen. :3

    More seriously though, I generally avoid creepy stuff.
    I don't find any enjoyment in just being weirded out by things...

    But also I'm generally either fine with it, or horrified/revolted, there isn't many stuff I find actually finds the mid-way of the 'creepy' category...

    The Amensia games would though.
    Until I see a door open by itself...
    Then I'm running like a mad man.
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