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  1. If ye be chicken, wear this and flee the thread

    What is the creepiest thing that has ever happened to you?

    For me it was when I went for a walk in the middle of the night in a park. Walked under a bridge on this wooden walkway and for nce I heard no crickets or birds. Nothing, which was strange (really because every single time it was loud). You know that gut feeling you get when you know something is wrong? Every step I took made that butterfly feeling worse until I turned tail and ran. Turns out, there was a mugger in the park wielding a knife and mugging people. He'd been spotted in that area, had I went around the corner I would have met him.

    Last night I was trying to sleep when I got that same feeling. I felt sick and watched, my cat is sleeping on the bed with me. I live alone. Something adjusted next to my bed that was wrenched between the bed and the bookshelf. I was so creeped out I slept with the light on.​
  2. I heard my name being called out while I was walking...except there was literally no one around me for a good 50 metre or so...

    I sometimes see random shadows in the corner of my eyes, but when I turn, it was as if there was nothing there...

  3. Whenever I'm home alone. Always comes that nagging feeling that I'm not alone. Not in a comforting way. Oh, I have to shut the lights in a room? Better run like an athlete out of there afterwards. Going to the bathroom? Remember to shut and lock all doors first! Going out? No.

  4. Nothing.

    I creep out shite. Not the other way around.

    Shite knows better.
  5. I woke up and heard US electoral coverage.
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  6. Can I love this a hundred times?
  7. If I wake in the wrong stage of sleep my anxiety causes me to hallucinate there are bugs in my bed. Mainly wasps and centipedes. Sounds stupid now, but its terrifying at dark o' clock. This started happening after a real earwig fell from my ceiling and landed on my face. Thanks, earwig.
  8. On with the chicken hat I go.
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  9. Sleep Paralysis.

    I'm a deep sleeper. I usually sleep pretty well. But when something touches me at Zero Dark Thirty while I'm in sleep paralysis mode, and I wake up and I CAN'T FUCKING MOVE? That scares the shit out of me, because I get the feeling that something might be there to kill me.

    And then I fall back asleep.
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  10. My first home, back in the yonder place of Birmingham(Technically outside of Birmingham but it's about 20 minutes in car anyway so meh), I lived not too far from a cemetery, quite a big one too, and near the center, possibly not quite, there was this row of trees in a circular position. So dense it was, you couldn't really see through it. I was heading home from a friends, it was quite late, I was about 12 and it was December time. I saw a bunch of cloaked people, literally fuckin cloaked as if they were fucking monks or something, enter that secluded tree area. I thought one of those hooded people saw me and so I bolted as fast as I could, despite being quite the chubster. Learned weeks after, it was a popular meet up for a local satanist cult.
  11. I remember almost being kidnapped as a kid. I was about five or six, so the memory itself is fuzzy. What he looked like is still vivid. He didn't grab me or anything, just 'wanted to show me something'.

    Anyway, the only reason I'm still around is because mom caught my attention as she was exiting the store and called me to her.
  12. When I was about 13 or so, there was this phase that me and my friend group went through where we all started making free websites on and turned them into these weird little hangouts that only ever had like 10 members max (and usually only 3-4 active ones). One of these websites was created by a girl that I didn't even personally know very well prior to when her website was made, and I really only knew her as my brother's ex-girlfriend at the time, although we got to know each other a bit better after hanging out online for a while. She went by some variant of Black Rose online, so I'll just call her that. Anyway, Black Rose's site was frequented by me, Rose, and one of Rose's friends -- someone that I didn't know at all. I think her username was 'Autumn'-something.

    So we all hung out on this site for a while -- just using it to talk about whatever and do randumb shit like me and my friends did on all these other Webs sites. Then, all of a sudden, Rose contacted me off-site, and started telling me about how she hadn't actually hung out with Autumn IRL in quite a while (years, I believe), and that they'd only been keeping touch really casually through email and Webs. And... what comes next is going to sound like a really lame creepypasta, but, stay with me, because it gets weirder. Rose said that when she tried to contact Autumn outside of these methods, she was only able to get in contact with Autumn's parents, who told her that Autumn died in some freak accident quite some time ago. So then it turned into a "if the real Autumn's dead, who have I been talking to online all this time??" sort of thing.

    Like I said, this sounds pretty lame on the surface. And, looking back on it, it would be easy to say that Rose was just making all this up and that she and Autumn were just pulling some dark prank on me. But, 13-year-old me was not only very gullible, but also had a very active imagination, and I think part of me even sort of wanted to believe that something supernatural was happening.

    In any case, there's more.

    I don't remember how or why, but I eventually started emailing Autumn herself. The emails that I received were all in Latin, though. I tried to use Google Translate, but, unsurprisingly, it mangled up all the sentences and made it difficult to really make sense of anything. Anyway, I eventually convinced 'Autumn' to start speaking English, and I asked her why she was sending me weird stuff in Latin (as well as where and how she even learned Latin). She said it was just something that she and "the others" did because they were bored, and that you "have a lot of time to learn a new language when you're dead" or something like that.

    And then, I don't remember how the conversation got to this point, but... she started listing off all sorts of information about me. She knew my real name, my address, my brother's name, my mom's name, where my mom works, and, most creepily of all, she knew stuff about my dad -- who had died a few years ago at this point -- and she claimed that she had met my dad in the afterlife and that she learned all of this from him in the first place. Autumn also said something about how her own death happened because of some 'curse' and that, now that we've interacted with her, Rose and I would be next to be killed by that same curse... It was all really freaky, especially given all that stuff she said about my dad and the rest of my family. That's what really caught me off-guard. O_O

    Like I said, Rose was my brother's ex-girlfriend, so the most likely explanation is that all of this was some dark prank done by her and Autumn (assuming Autumn was even a real person to begin with and not just some character that Rose made up), and that Rose got all of that info about me and my dad from my brother. But, like I said, 13-year-old me was very gullible. Not only that, but, if it was all a prank, then it still feels weird that Rose would just keep this little hangout site going for so long before suddenly pulling all this on me after the three of us had already spent so much time just hanging out. I also don't know how Rose would have that much info on me and my family unless my brother was also in on the prank -- seeing as how my brother and Rose hadn't interacted much with each other at all since their breakup, so I don't know why Rose would go through so much effort to remember all of that info about us just for a prank like this. Also, my brother always seemed to be more affected by our dad's death than I was, so him pulling something like this just doesn't at all seem like something he would do...

    Obviously I wasn't killed by any curse or anything, and all of this sort of faded away pretty quickly, as I had basically dropped contact with Autumn and even Rose. But, yeah, it was pretty freaky at the time...
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  13. I feel ya.

    What happens to me is that I'll have one episode after another, pretty much barring me from sleep at all due to fear — I have the 'before-falling-asleep paralysis' (hypnagogic).

    I typically hallucinate rather benign things (and only sounds and presences), e.g. a Mexican singing and dancing in my kitchen or a strange woman just being there, doing nothing (it's pretty much always the kitchen for me, as I can't see it from where I sleep in my apartment), but it's still terrifying and creepy as hell.
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  14. That's some Twin Peaks level of creepy shite, right there.
  15. I posted this in another thread, but it's still the creepiest thing that happened to me.

    There's this one scary incident I remember from when I was just seven years old. My parents had to go on a short trip, so they dropped me and my brothers off at a friend's place. Anyway, I was invited somewhere to visit, and yay I actually had a friend there! Being surrounded by my brothers and his friend was getting old, and this other family were close friends with my parents too, so they gave the okay that I could stay there for a one day sleepover.

    Anyway, me and my friend went behind the house in this small field with a grove, and spend a while looking at snails and other bugs before returning home. Well, I was excited to go visit again, so I snuck out of the house and headed back. When I got there, there was a man there. I don't know if it was my kiddy imagination, but he looked... scary? He wasn't buff or scary faced, just the whole person had a kinda dark aura? And then he took out a knife.

    I turned and ran as fast as I could. The guy chased me but stopped when I came to a main road. I returned to the house, still running, locked the door and then sat at the table, panting like mad. I never actually told anyone what had happened that day. o.o But yeah... that was scary, but even scarier now when I imagine what could have happened if I hadn't run, or if I'd fallen. Thank goodness I had always been a fast sprinter.

    I don't suffer from sleep paralysis, thank God. My husband used to, and some of the stuff he'd mention was creepy as heck. o_o
  16. When I was very little, between 4 and 7, I was convinced that my bedroom closet was a portal and that dark things lived there and I had to make a wall of stuffed animals to protect me from whatever it was. It wasn't helped that one night I woke up to find someone walking around my room. It wasn't either of my parents and we didn't have anyone else staying with us. When I asked them about it, they said there hadn't been anyone else in the apartment that night.

    Starting when I was five, I've had this reoccurring dream where I'm running through a forest at night in the dead of winter being chased by wolves. I'm not fast enough and they catch me. I wake up just as they start eating me. I still have this dream at least twice a year. I am still five in the dream. I am never fast enough.

    I hallucinate things sometimes, usually audio but not always. I've heard my name while I've been walking at night and no one is around and once I remember hearing my roommate call for me and waking up to see (what looked like) him standing over my bed only for him to disappear when I rubbed my eyes and looked closer. He was asleep in the living room at the time. Just last week, I thought I had ants crawling all over me
  17. Oh!

    Sleep Paralysis is also terrifying as fuck when you wake up completely under the blanket.
  18. when I was at girl guide camp I got out of bed to pee and immediately stepped on what appeared to be a corpse's hand, so that was kinda fucked.

    I mean, like I stepped on something cold and clammy, looked down, saw this gross bloated hand, and it pulled right back under the bed. I very clearly remember my foot dropping and hitting the cement. obviously there wasn't some dead dude under my bed when I finally looked, so I don't know what the fuck was up with that.
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