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  1. I need someone to be a male Creepy Pasta in my 1x1 RolePlay~! I don't care which creepy pasta you are, but I would look at my person before you choose~! Thank you, have a nice day/night/evening~!
  2. I'm interested in a creepypasta RP? What would your char be?
  3. She is my oc. If your still interested BEN, Jeff, Liu, and Toby are taken
  4. I guess I'll go with Slenderman :)
  5. Go ahead and jump on in :D
  6. can ya give me the link?
  7. Wait a minute! a thought just popped into my head, and feel free to shot this down if you think's silly

    Do we have to be a creepypasta, could I be Freddy Fazbear from FNAF?
  8. This is for my private one sorry~ Would you like to join it instead?
  9. Whoops, well I guess I'll join that one
  10. Either is fine~
  11. Raven! I just deleted my post XD

    Oh well, I'll post my intro today after class. :)
  12. Who are you going to be in the 1x1? Is it a surprise?
  13. Which would you like to do the 1x1 or the group one?
  14. I originally wanted to do the group one :)
  15. Go ahead and jump in then
  16. Hello, would you still happen to be interested in a CP RP?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.