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  1. (Warning~! This will have gore and violence. This may have relationships, but this is mainly killing and gore~! You may swear in this as well~!)

    A couple found dead this morning on 13 Oak Branch, in downtown Michigan were supposedly just getting home from work when an unknown person broke in their home. According to an autopsy the couple were missing their heart, all their blood and other vital organs, including some random bits of skin. However the murder weapon wasn't found and police say that they didn't know anyone who could do this. If you know anyone one who could have done this please call: 1-800-000-9999..... The news report ended and went on to another story. This has the creepypasta gang asking around to see which of their "friends" had kill the couple, but none confessed to it, so they shrugged it off. What happened?
    Real Name- Raven
    Creepy Pasta Name- Psychopathy the Insane
    Nickname- Psychopathy, Psycho or Psy
    Age- Around 100
    Gender- Female
    Biography/How they kill- Raven was born in 1914 as a normal human, but this all changed when a diseased bat had bitten her on her 21st birthday. She was found "dead" in a clearing in the forest by her father. The weird thing was that Raven wasn't breathing, had no pulse, had bat/demon wings and her skin was icy cold when touched, but she was very much alive. When she sat up she killed her father and ran off into the deep woods. Her mother was devastated to find her husband dead and her daughter gone. Why had she killed her father and run off? She was abused at her home by her father and her mother did nothing to help, but she lost her sanity after the bat had bitten her and turned her into a monster. Raven swore to kill all who did this to others, but would rarely kill others who did nothing for food. Raven kills in many ways, but her favorite way to kill is by biting their neck and taking random organs from them for her food. She then she takes their blood and stores them in blood bags if she isn't thirsty or hungry. She can't eat human food or drink water by itself or she will get sick, due to her being a winged vampire.
    Personality- She is normally kind to young children and people how haven't done anything to their family. She can be cruel and sadistic to people who harm their families or herself.
    Weapon- Her fangs, claws, her knife that is permanently stained with blood, or anything she can find.
    Likes- Blood, rain, storms, bats, kittens, killing, her wings and her crown
    Dislikes- Cops, dogs, abusive parents, and being around too many people
    Fears- The sun,being unable to fly, being captured and tortured
    Proxy-(Yes or no. If yes who is their master) Nope, she does what she wants
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  2. Hearing the broadcasting on the TV that late friday night, caused Jeff to laugh. "Whoa something actually exciting for once...wonder which one of did it was LJ."

    "WhY lAuGhInG jAcK?" Asked Smile Dog with a yawn.

    "Its obvious, the FrUking guts are missing!"

    "FrUk...? DiD yOu JuSt ReFeReNcEs A aNiMe PaIrInG!? AnYwAy It CaN't Be HiM tHeRe'S nO cAnDy...."

    Jeff looked confused "Well...maybe it was Eyeless Jack..."

    Smile gave Jeff a odd look causing the teen to shift uncomfortably.

    "FaCe It's A nEw PaSta....."
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  3. ~Psychopathy leaned back in her chair and sighed. Last night was fun for her and her pet bat Fallen. Now Fallen was asleep in his cage and his master was drinking blood in a wine glass with an eye in place of an olive in wine.~
  4. Real Name: Kayla

    Creepy Pasta Name: Krazy Kay

    Nickname: Kandy~

    Age: 21

    Gender: Female

    Bio/How They Kill: Kayla was your average girl, a Mary Jane to be exact. At the age of 18, her Mother had passed and her Father grew to be an alcoholic because of the event. He started to abuse her and her younger sibling roughly, in the beginning, she did nothing to stop it till he laid a hand on the youngest, Christa, her five year old sister. Out of all the children, Kayla loved Christa fondly, she was just like a mother to her, she took care of her and loved Christa dearly. Once her Father hit Christa for the first time, Kayla lost it. She had enough of his shit already with him abusing her and the other children, but in Kayla's eyes Christa was special. Kayla immediately saw red, her vision blurred, her heart racing at the fastest pace. She could see the fear in her Father's eyes at this sight, he knew he was done. But, why may you ask? Why was he so frighten by a little girl, it was just the feiry, no... Kayla felt the heat grow in her hands, the feeling the hot touch of red on her the pale skin of her finger tips. Her eyes were no longer their ocean blue tint, they were now as red as the burning flames in her hands. A wicked smiles grew on Kayla's no longer innocent face, she was already lost to the insanity and no one could bring her back, not even Christa could. Kayla brought her hand up and held it close to her face, the reflection of the flame, golden in her red eyes full of hatred. "Bye Bye Daddy~" was the last words her father heard before watching the flames of her fire balls engulf his body as he burns and burns till he's nothing but a pile of ash and remains of bones. Kayla turns around with her dark glare of her fiery eyes, she looks at all her siblings, her children... The evil smile doesn't leave her face as she walks up to her beloved sister, Christa, and the other children who just witnessed this terrifying event. They quiver with fear as they feel the hotness of her flame come closer to their small bodies, Kayla speaks, "Shh... Children... No need to fear... I'm here to.. Help you~" With the flick of her wrist, the house starts to burn in flames, the fire creeping closer and closer to the children, ready to burn them right up, just like the renched Father. Kayla a bow to her siblings before trapping them in a circle of fire, making sure they don't leave their sister. The loud screams of terror full Kayla's ears as she watches the flame crawl onto the children, melting their soft flesh away for good. Kayla does a sweet wave before walking out of the burning room and out of her old house. She shuts the door behind her and does a click of the tongue, making the whole house quickly fully engulfs with her fiery flames from hell. Kayla smiles widely and starts to skip happily down the sidewalk, burnt tracings from under her feet follow her as she skips, no more sanity left to keep her normal.
    It was dark now, and the sirens of police and fire trucks where long gone behind her. Kayla's clothes were as burnt up and ruined, she sighed softly as she looked down at them, she thought for a moment before her new smile of insanity grew back onto her face, where it belonged. A while back, her dead Mother taught her how to sow, and of course what not better than to sow new clothes to match her new personality. Kayla stopped right in front of the woods and jump right inside, feeling the trees and leaves cover her, no one near to bother her. Kayla giggled loudly and grabbed a branch from a tree, she burnt it a tiny bit but, not to much to set it on fire. She brakes a smaller branch off of that one, about the size of a sowing needle, but it just wasn't sharp enough. Kayla grabbed a tiny pocket knife from her back pocket, she kept it there for safe keeping just incase her Father stepped out of balance like he did that day. She carved and carved it, making a sharp point at the end. Kayla sticks the wood needle into her pocket, along with he knife. Walking out of the woods, Kayla notices a fabric shop on the corner of the street, her smile grows large as she walks over to it with her head down, not wanting anyone to see the evil look on her face or the redness of her eyes. She pushes the glass door open and steps into the small store, the bright white lights somewhat blinding her for a moment. Kayla quickly walks into the fabric aisle and looks at her selection of colors to pick from. Of course, she grabs a bright red fabric to use and Kayla giggles softly to herself. Out of the corner of her eye, she sees a red masquerade mask on the counter, her bright eyes full with joy as she walks over to it and grabs it off the white counter. Kayla looks up at the lady behind the counter and terror shots through the old ladies body from looking into Kayla's unnatural eyes. Instantly the lady is engulfed with millions of hot and burning flames, Kayla laughs and takes all of her things out the door. The painful screams of the shop owner grow behind her, and they stop as the lady falls to the floor, dead. Kayla laughs with all her insanity, she shrieks and cries of her victims filling her with wonderful blood lust. She runs across the street and back into her dark woods, siting on the dirt ground taking out her new wood needle and starting to pull the red thread through the fabric, making her new beautiful dress.

    Personality: Loud, Creative, Beyond Insane, Giggly, Joyful, and if you piss her off... Large Temper.

    Weapon: Fire Powers, Large Knives, Sometimes she uses her blunt teeth to rip flesh for fun.

    Likes: Fire, Screams of Pain, Blood, Candy, Ashes, and sometimes Friendship with the right person.

    Dislikes: Water, Cold, and Loneliness.

    Fears: Being Dumped In Water and Hatred.

    Proxy: No.
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  5. Jeff undoubtedly was curiously about this new Pasta. He drags himself out from underneath his cocoon of blankets and stretched.

    "Well time to go check out that home...maybe I can find something interesting."

    Smile leaps onto the couch where Jeff was sitting and curls up closing his eyes "HaVe FuN...." the spooky dog said with a twitch of his tail.

    Jeff's mutilated lips twitch into a frightening smile "You're coming too...."

    Smile frowns as he is yanked off the couch and the twosome makes their way out of the large Mansion, to investigate the home.
  6. ~Psychopathy groggily got up and took Fallen from his cage then sat him on her shoulder. She stretched and walked outside after putting on her crown.~

    Fallen, would you like to go for a walk or fly around? ~She asked the huge, jet black bat in her sweet voice with a demonic undertone that was sounded like her speaking in reverse~

    I would like to fly with you ~Fallen squeaked softly~

    ~Psychopathy nodded and allowed her pet to fly into the air. She then took to the air as well and flew back to the house where she killed the humans so she could check if they had anything of value she could take~
  7. It's been 4 years since Kayla started killing, and she loved it dearly, just the thrill it gave her made her feel alive and daring. Her short red dress and masquerade mask were equipped with her for all those years. The dress was just right, not too tight so she could run but, not to flowy. The masquerade mask fit her pale face perfectly, it covered the upper half of her face, showing her luscious lips and inhumane glowing red eyes. The mask was red lace, making her elegant in the dark night. Kayla's hair was now just like everything else, red. It was a bold red that just went amazing with everything all put together, it was surprising people couldn't see her in the dead of night, with her loudness and of course the crazy outfit that matched her. It was a normal night, just her running through the woods, the wind blowing through her bright hair as she looked for a new victim who was dumb enough to go into her woods at night. Kayla decided she was going to move out of her boundaries tonight and go to the other side of the dark forest that she's never been to. Her giggles fill the forest as the crows fly away into the sky to get out of Kayla's way. She ran to the edge of the forest and looked up, in front of her was a dark somewhat old looking house, not even a house, a mansion. Her eyes widened as she looked at this sight, she's never seen anything like this before, well it's been awhile since she really saw any houses cause she stood in the woods. Her blood pumped through her veins at a fast pace, she knew this was going to be a fun night...
  8. ~Psychopathy reached the house and broke back into it. Fallen sat on the broken windowsill and watched his master wander around the house with her knife in her hand. She looked around and saw a young male standing at the entrance to the bedroom she had just entered. He just stared up at Psycho and an adult bolted up the stairs, seeming to be looking for something~

    Kye? Kyler where are you?! ~The female called seemingly for the young male~

    ~Kyler stood still with fear in his deep blue eyes~

    ~Psycho walked past the boy and swiftly stabbed the female that entered the room soon after shouting for the boy. Blood squirted onto her jacket and Psy grinned almost baring her fangs as the blood got onto the boy as well. The woman fell dead soon after she was stabbed by Psy and she quickly craved Psychopathy into the dead woman's arm before she grabbed the boy's arm after he tried to run away~

    Such a bad little boy who tried to run away from a monster, oh wait.... You should run, but too bad for you since the monster already has your arm and you can't get away... Now, what to do with you ~She paused and grinned slightly~ I'll just take you home with me and make you a killer just like me~!
  9. Jeff and Smile were several feet away from the mansion when Smile caught the scent of a new comer he barked and barked before running toward them.


    Meanwhile at the house of the recently killed was another Pasta.
    He looked around the living through Orange goggles his hands tight on both his axes.

    "Hrm....t-this looks rather usual."

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  10. Kayla was in awe of this mansion before hearing the loud bark of a dog, her eyes widened and she saw the large creature run over to her, the closer it got, the more detail she saw in the figure. This was no ordinary dog... It had the most unsettling eyes and a human smile instead of with fangs. The flames sparked up in her fingers as her red eyes started to grow brighter, she stepped up closer to the dog and giggled at his sight. Kayla noticed a human figure behind the dog and she looked over to him with squinted eyes before looking back at the dog.

    "Hello Puppy~!" Kayla said cheerfully to the very strange looking dog-like figure.
  11. Smile stopped barking and wagged his tail slightly "WhO aRe YoU?" he asked, his voice was lower and dark. Jeff ran up stopping when he reaches Smile and the newcomer. He coughs slightly feeling winded after chasing the beast.

    Ticci Toby heard the scuffle upstairs his eyes narrow as he races up the stairs his breathing shaky with excitment as his head jerks suddenly to the left. He walked into the room where the attack took place and entered the room.
  12. ~Psychopathy lead Kyler outside and whistled for Fallen. Fallen obediently flew down and landed on her shoulder. Psycho walked home and ruffed Kye's hair. She pulled him along and rubbed the blood off her jacket. She had ignored Toby and simply walked away~
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  13. Kayla smiles widely and closes her hands, putting out the burning flames, she looks to the human and creature.

    "Krazy Kayla at your service!" She grabs the bottom of her red dress and does a slight bow, giggling at herself. "Or just Kandy.."

    Kandy stands back up straight and looks the newcomer up and down, along with the dog, she raises an eyebrow. "And who are you two?" She looks at both of them and sees their similarities, they both have very large and somewhat insane smiles themselves, but the human's seems to be carved into his cheeks. Her smile grew larger as she thought of all the pain that would of brought him.
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  14. Toby couldn't believe his eyes "Is s-s-she the one responsible for the killings?" he said surprised, no it couldn't be possible...could it? She was a cute girl but Toby knew better than to go based off of looks. He wanted to tell the others but then again he wasn't entirely convinced that he found the mysterious killer.


    "Jeffrey Woods, better known as Jeff the Killer." Smile smirks "SmIle (smile) DoG.jPg...." the dog answers. Jeff notices the smile on Kandy's face grow and his hand moves to his hoodie pocket which held his knife.

    "What are you doing out here in the woods?" Jeff said in a slightly dark tone.

  15. Kandy sees Jeff's hand reach into his pocket and grasp something in his hand, she wasn't dumb and she knew it was a weapon of some sort. "Oh me~?" she giggles wildly and clicks her tongue, "Nothing really~ I just live there." Kayla wasn't very intimated by Jeff and his unnatural dog, they aren't the only ones with weapons and ways of killing. She has heard of both of their stories, and Kandy thought they were both quite interesting but, up close, they seemed a bit... what do you call it.. Tense around her.

  16. ~Psycho took Kyler back to her home before again returning back to the house where Toby was. She flew back there without her pet since she told him to guard the boy. She entered threw the broken window and stared at Toby~ Well, well what do we have here? If you're wondering who killed all these people, you're looking at her! ~She grinned allowing her razor sharp fangs to show~
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  17. Ticci Toby tensed he hadn't expected her to return but he wasn't afraid he was starting to feel numb, the feeling of fearing and knowing pain vanished so he was no longer afraid of being hurt.

    He grins behind his mask "You came back I take th-that you're here for something...or s-someone...?" he said smirking before shaking his head quickly.

    The young man held up an axe and draped it over his shoulder.


    Jeff raised his nonexistent eyebrows in curiosity at her words and he laughed slightly, "You're telling me a cute girl like you lives out here?"

    Smile on the other hand didn't think it was funny. Having the ability to enter dreams Smile could easily read people and what he got from her he knew that Jeff should be careful and stop acting recklessly.
  18. A red blush grows on her soft face and she laughs at his stupidity, "Cute girl? You humor me. I'm not so innocent you know..." Kandy crosses her slim pale arms and bites her lip as she looks Jeff up and down, she looked back over at Smile and saw the not-so-happy look on his creepy face. She turns her attention back to Jeff once more, "And why yes I do live in these dark woods you see before you." Krazy Kayla smiles with that insane smile of hers as she thinks about what goes on in those very woods.