Creepy crawlies.. Help me, Iwaku D:

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  1. So yesterday I babysat a kid.

    No big deal.


    I now can not stop itching and scratching and I'm not sure if it's all in my head or not since this kid was really close to me all night and had to be snuggled to sleep. -shudder- I'm seriously going crazy and I searched Google for some sort of preventative measures or something but I'm not finding anything. Anybody have suggestions?!

    And other than that chemical shit, does anybody know how to get rid of them if I do have them? Because I had them as a kid and that Rid stuff from the store didn't work =/

    HELP ME.
  2. Run some water in your bathtub, get in it and stuff almost your whole entire body under water except for your nose and the center part of your face. Remain put for like thirty minutes and wash your those buggers out thoroughly with shampoo afterwards and ta daa!!! You're done!!! Lice are bugs and will eventually drown almost like any other creature if they are under water long enough. You're welcome ^_^

    Also, if you're the impatient type, shave that head and wash thoroughly with shampoo and you'll get the same result as above but quicker. However, you'll be without hair for awhile until it can grow back but that's up to you. As for the chemical route, that's just people making things seem complicated so that they can make a few extra bucks.
  3. It isn't that simple to be "patient" while trying to get rid of lice. Honestly. I had lice and it took over six months to get rid of those bugs. I used Quit Nits, a non-toxic, complete head lice kit. With the help of my Dad and Mom, we got rid of those buggers after what seemed like forever. Wash all of your bedding and clothing with hot water and dry them on high heat. If you're looking to remove head lice the old fashion way, grab a friend and do the old conditioner and lice comb. The conditioner buys you time to get all those nasty buggers out.
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  4. Six months?! I can't be down even six days, I work around food =/
  5. @Elphame: - Shrugs - I could possibly be wrong on option 1# but it won't hurt her/him to try. Besides, there's always option 2# which works like a charm for certain. And you don't even have to lose all of ze hair...just most of it XD
  6. Well, if you catch them early enough, it won't take six months. I had a similar experience a couple years ago and I say drown them. What I found worked for me was this: I put conditioner in my hair, got into the tub and ran hot water (not scalding though) and put my head under the tap for as long as I could stand. I had to do this a couple times but it worked (I should mention that I had really long thick hair at the time). Within a week they were gone. Also, wash all of your bedding and clothing with hot water and dry them on high heat to make sure that they're all gone and will stay gone
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  7. I would also suggest trying to get one of the specialized combs for lice if you have the means to.
    They tend to get rid of lice better than anything else, hell that's what it's specifically designed for.
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  8. The easy test to see if you have them or not is to get a lice comb and run it through your hair. If you don't find a bunch of their little black eggs, you're probably good to go.

    For a sure solution in case you do have lice, use most of what has been suggested here all in combination. Throw your bedding and any clothes that merit suspicion of harboring lice into the wash, use lice treatment shampoo as directed on the bottle (I think they say to let it sit in your hair for some period of time), then double up by going over your hair with a lice comb. The shampoo is good at killing the live lice, but it sucks at murderizing the eggs, thus the need for the comb afterward.

    Short of going bald, that's the best way to get rid of lice. I had them quite a few times as a child because my school sucked, and that excessive measure always worked until I got sick of the bother and just shaved my hair off. :P
  9. Set fire to everything.

    You're welcome.
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  10. short of prescription shampoo designed to kill lice and nits, you could shave your head

    no hair, no nest, no nits, no lice

    but also no hair
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  11. Henna, my friend; henna. Get it at your local "hippy-dippy" health food store, mix it with lemon juice until it's the texture of sour cream/Greek yogurt, slap it on your head, rub it in, and wait 2-6 hours (depending on what color you want; henna reddens hair, so if you didn't want a lot of red, 2 hours; if you want to be a flaming auburn, 6 hours). It's all natural and safe and kills lice. It also makes your hair look like it came out of a Pantene commercial. :P Best of luck! I totally understand your current terror, as I taught early education for awhile!
  12. Tea tree oil shampoo helps, and also put a lot of conditioner in your hair overnight with a shower cap on for however many nights it takes. (I used these along with anti lice shampoo that you can buy at a store, but the kind I used was very toxic and you have to be very careful) The first signs of lice that I ever noticed was running my fingers through my hair while pinching a few strands at a time, and if you feel a lump towards the base of your hair strands, that's usually an egg/egg sack. If you pinch above it, you can slide it down the hair strand and get it off. Lice are absolutely no fun at ALL, I really hope you didn't get them D:
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  13. I personally prefer to have boiling oil pots above the access points in my apartment. It delouses like nothing else.
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  14. After dealing with lice for the first time this year, I've become an expert at treating it.

    First thing, wash your pillows, blankets and everything that you've worn in hot water. Use bleach if you can, if not, just make sure to dry everything on high.

    Second thing, do not use over the counter stuff! They become immune to it, and nothing, no matter what it tells you, kills the eggs which are the hardest to get rid of.

    Third thing, buy metal lice combs. The plastic ones are shit, and don't work.

    To treat your head you need lots of olive oil, and a shower cap. Saturate your hair with olive oil and put the shower cap on for an hour. Before you wash it out, comb your hair thoroughly with the comb. People will tell you that you can't get rid of the lice eggs any other way but by picking them out, but I did this to get the eggs out of my daughters' head.

    Vacuum your bed, and everywhere. This was the advice I got from my kids school nurse.

    Using the olive oil treatment will suffocate the lice and loosen the eggs from hair follicles, and if you want to make sure it's gone for good, repeat it once a week in case you missed any eggs.
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  15. Ah, that's the same philosophy as using henna, (suffocation), only olive oil wouldn't change your hair color, would make your hair -really- nice and conditioned, and is a heck of a lot easier to come by than henna. Great advice; thank you! I will keep this in mind if I ever run into this kind of thing again! :)
  16. If I ever run into this situation, I'll have to remember all this.
  17. /sigh

    I have to deal with this yet again. Apparently, my daughter's class had an outbreak of it again and my daughter sits next to the kid they found it on.
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