INTEREST CHECK Creepy Children Asylum, anyone?

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  1. I wanted to play some creepy children in a old asylum, which their took as their own despite making it look the (terrified) doctors are still in control of the operations to the government. Add some ominous nursery rhymes and abandoned playgrounds and let simmer :)!

    Anyone interested in working with me with this?
  2. *shudders* every time I watched shows like that it gave me the goosebumps! but I think is a classic! and why not just do it!
  3. Excellent! Do you have any ideas? I want to get a decent plot and maybe some more people before starting the OOC :)!
  4. Little children looking for revenge against a doctor who made their life a living hell?
  5. Make that doctors! They were maltreated and made them pay with their own medicines... maybe some tranquillizers and sleeping pills? Something to mess with their perception, maybe?
  6. Uhh I like that! They will GO CRAZY! What a bittersweet revenge!
  7. Yup, and the children will just giggle in the corner like the little maniacs they are <3!
  8. XD Make them look creepy too! As in like they say something very serious and then laugh like nothing happen and run away o wo
  9. Yes! They may talk nonsense and understand what the other is saying, too!