*Creepily peers out from a trash bin* ಠ_ಠ

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  1. Oh... Hello there. *gets out of trash bin and brushes self off* Sorry about that, I thought you were someone else. Anyway... I thought it was about time I made an introduction post, or something of the like. Although I must say I'm not always the best with first impressions, but putting that aside since I already started off greeting you in a trash can - Hello, I'm Ran. I'm not very particular about any certain roleplay or roleplayer, just so long as I can understand what you're typing, I think all will go well between us. I should also mention, that me being the noob and technologically moronic person that I am, will more likely than not have difficulty finding my way around this site and conversing with others. Who knows maybe it will actually turn out alright, I did finally make it to the introduction's forum after all... even though there was a link. Any-how, I hope we can be friends or at least roleplay together. Yes, by we I mean me and you... yes you, the one who is reading this... no don't go... I'm so bored :azn:
  2. You really mean me?! Im over joyed! Lets hang sometime!
  3. Hah, yes of course you, there could be no other! Sounds cool let's o3ob
  4. * Floats by on a cloud of dust.*

    Welcome.... ಠ_ಠ

    *Drifts away again, with the grace of a dead worm. *
  5. A fellow trash dweller! Nice to meet you : )

    I'm October, local mod and ex-knight. Let us know if you need anything.

  6. [h=2]Re: *Creepily peers out from a trash bin* ಠ_ಠ[/h]
    Hm, yes thank you ಠ_ಠ

    *takes a handful of cloud fluff and consumes it*

    Yes, very interesting, .... this dust is inadequate​
  7. Yes, indeed I am. We should catch lunch sometime, I've found this delightful trash heap to sit on!

    Thank you, October, for the greeting and helpful advice.
  8. .....Why are you living in my toilet?

    Errr. Welcome.

  9. Unless your toilet is made of gold, then probably not, and even then it would be very unlikely.

    Errr. Thank you.
  10. My toilet is everything and everywhere.
  11. It's true, Rory is just like an excited puppy. It's disgusting. My poor poor hat.
  12. *pees on everything* The toilets are everywhere!
  13. My, my this post has appeared to have attracted many people who need to use the bathroom, outhouse, porcelain throne, loo, lavatory, john, latrine, or crapper.
  14. ZOMG! He can use a thesaurus!

    More seriously, welcome to the forum. Don't feed the Admins.
  15. Yes. They bite the hands that feed them.
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