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  1. Creek Ville is now the number 1 most populated town in the USA. During the years 1982-2005 the number of immigrants coming from Chile, Korea, Mexico, the U.K, Argentina, and Japan, increased dramatically. During the years 1998-2003 the number of births went up dramatically. Now the town is the most populated town in the USA. Not only that they have more sites for teenagers to hang out, like the town has many many many, skate parks, amusement parks, bowling alleys, malls, and they even have a night club made specially for teens. Where instead of beer they serve soda, and there's have ice cream, and a spa. Creek Ville also has many foreign businesses, due to the number of immigration.
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  2. Jun sat in his seat at the first-period class in the Creek Ville high school. He sighed sadly as he looked out the window. Mother had dropped off Jun at school a bit too early, she wasn't paying enough to the time; she only cared about getting back home. For you see Grandmother had been diagnosed with a terminal illness. He couldn't remember what the doctor said she had since the disease's name only came out as dark unanticipated jargon, but he knew it was something serious. Jun looked over at the door of the classroom and saw his friend Daniela walk into the class. Daniela didn't know about his grandmother's illness yet. He could talk to her about it, that normally helped didn't it? Jun, stopping his pondering, put on a fake smile then said to her, "Hello there Daniela, what are you doing here so early," Jun turned over to face her. Daniela had been his friend ever since he started school in Creek Ville.

    Though they were friends Jun wasn't sure if he wanted to tell her, maybe some other time; he had three weeks right?
  3. Daniela decided to get to school early so that she gets there before her crush's girlfriend arrived to bully her. There is this Boy named Connor that she likes but he has a girlfriend named Olivia, that is tagged as the nicest girl in school, but secretly bullies Daniela just for liking Connor. She's never told anyone because no one will believe that the nicest girl in school is bullying her because she has a crush on her boyfriend. Plus shy deal with someone that has such a good reputation.

    As she entered the Class she heard her good friend Jun ask her what is she doing so early she thought about what to say "my alarm clock woke me up early" Daniela lied. She bit her lip then decided to change the conversation "So what's up" .
  4. Yoann decided to wake up extremely early this morning, resulting in her being fully awake and prancing up and down the hallways of school before she found her classroom. Yes, she had failed a grade which meant she was still in ninth grade along with 14 and 15 year olds rather than tenth grade with her own age. She didn't mind much however, it would be easier this time 'round. The girl opened the door of the classroom to two people sitting towards the back of the Bland room. She weaved in between desks until next to the strangers. "Hi! What is your name?" She said with a smile towards the boy, slamming her books down onto the desk with a loud 'Smack!'.
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  5. Jun looked at Daniela and wondered if she was in any distress like him. She didn't seem to be in the brightest of moods. And from the sudden change in subjects it might have been true, but what could be on her mind? He decided that this might be a good time to study so Jun got his books from his bag. "Nothing much, but do you want to study," he started to ask Daniela until someone Jun didn't know walked in. The someone was a girl, he knew her from his grade, but that was about it. She walked up to them both and ask for a name. It seemed she was talking to him particularly, "Well my name is Jun, yours?" he answered.
  6. "Yoann Poole, at your service." The girl put an arm across her abdomen, placing a foot forward and bowing as dramaticaly as she could manage. "Your turn!" Yoann said toward the girl beside Jun after rising from her pose. "You're awfully quiet." She said with a pout, pulling the corners of her lips down with her two fingers to form a deep frown.
  7. Daniela was about to study as Jun said, but then a girl suddenly came in. Then she asked their names "Oh sorry-uh-My name's Daniela Hernandez" Then she decided to forget about the bad things and talk about something happy, "oh and uh I forgot to tell you next week is my quinceanera, you guys wanna come"
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