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  1. Creek Ville is now the number 1 most populated town in the USA. During the years 1982-2005 the number of immigrants coming from Chile, Korea, Mexico, the U.K, Argentina, and Japan, increased dramatically. During the years 1998-2003 the number of births went updramatically. Now the town is the mostpopulated town in the USA. Not onlythat they have more sites for teenagersto hang out, like the town has manymany many, skate parks, amusementparks, bowling alleys, malls, and they even have a night club made specially for teens. Where instead of beer theyserve soda, and there's have ice cream, and a spa. Creek Ville also has manyforeign businesses, due to the number of immigration.

    1. If your character is being racist to another character, you must say sorry in an OOC

    2. No libertine this is for +12

    3. If your character says something inanother language, you must put translation.

    4. Any kind of Character is allowed, but remember this is modern role-playing.

    5. No godmodding

    6. Realistic pictures only

    7. Have fun

    Appearance:(Picture or description is fine)
    Birthday: (Don't include year. Month, and day only)
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  2. Name: Daniela Hernandez
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Nationality: Hispanic
    Sexuality: Bi
    Appearance: Normal skin, not pale, but not tanned. brown eyes, and dark brown hair.
    Style: Tomboy
    Birthday: April 5th
    Likes: bands, skateboarding, sports in general, and junk food
    Dislikes: Pink, mean girls, and people that are racist
    History: Her dad came to Creek Ville from mexico on the year 1987 as teenagers. Her mom was born in California, then she moved to Creek Ville when she was twelve. Then they had Daniela. When she was five, she was diagnosed with ADHD. She had special help to get over it. When she was eight she learned to play guitar, and sing. When she was nine she learned to skateboard, and now she's pretty good at it. When she was thirteen she, and her friends formed a cover band called 'gravity'.
  3. Jun Hwan Chung (open)

    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Nationality: Korean
    Sexuality: Straight
    Style: The Outgoing Rebel
    Birthday: July 12
    Likes: American Food, foxes, video games
    Dislikes: School, being mean, people thinking he's from North Korea
    History: Moved from South Korea as a baby with parents to Seattle. At the age of 2 he moved to Creek Ville with newly immigrated grandparents. Jun started school and didn't like it very much, but at school they did meet some friends; Daniela and some other. Later they formed a band called Gravity

    Do you think Jun and Daniela could be friends, maybe Jun could be in her band.
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  4. Accepted and yep I guess
  5. It's not finished yet o-o
  6. I posted btw, I hope you don't mind me putting Jun in the dark situation that came up with and making the starting location in the school. I could help you with the formatting of the first posts it may help attract more people to the Role-play.
  7. May I join?
    Name: Yoann Poole
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Nationality: English
    Sexuality: Pansexual (leans towards girls)
    Appearance: As shown in the picture, wears a ton of bracelets on her left arm.
    Style: The weird, fun and shameless
    Birthday: December, 21
    Likes: Food, nature, The color purple, metal (music), peanut butter, space.
    Dislikes: Country accents/music, air pollution, tomatoes, lies, mean people, anyone who speaks to her about god for more than 3 minutes.
    History: Yoann lived a typical life, failing a grade in middle school and then moving to the United States. Creek Ville to be exact. She went back to shcool and is living the typical life once again. She has been playing trumpet for her entire life and does not intend on quitting any time soon. Her parent are divorced and she lives with her father. Yoann's mother named her after her favorite musical artist and now lives her life alone in London, England.​
  8. Why hello there Spectator.
  9. Greetings, comerade.
  10. um specter they are in 9th grade not eight grade
  11. Oh. I recall 14 year olds being in eighth grade but I guess I was mistaken.
  12. yeah but Neko said that they are in a high school, and Daniela is 15
  13. Now that I take a moment to think about it, the ages for tenth grade are typically 14.9 to 15.8, whilst eleventh grade is 15.9 to 16.8. So which grade are you and Green in?
  14. That's how I worded it in my post. So it is okay?
  15. Accepting?
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