Creatures Among Us (Discord Roleplay Server)

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Hello there, I currently run a discord RP server that can certainly use plenty of bright and shiny faces. the following is lore taken right out from the actual RP:

"In a small and quaint town basically forgotten (or at least overshadowed by all the other ones) deep in the heart of Utah, everyone seems to know each other's name and its so safe that some people can even sleep without having to so much as lock their door. However, this town is known for something else amongst its residents, as is the rest of the world at this point that sets it apart from our own: mythological creatures. You see, in this world, creatures big and small truly do exist and finally decided to make themselves known to the humans. However, there is one small catch: they aren't exactly liked by humans. Humans have always been top of the food-chain, they've always been able to adapt and overcome any challenges that they've faced as a species. Now that these "mythos" as they often refer to them as have come into their lives, they see them as simply another issue that is meant to be adapted to and overcome.

The mythos tried to be nice to the humans, they wanted to basically be like neighbors with them. However, humans were fearful of them. Things soon escalated and now it's a bit cultural split between mythos and humans. The mythos are now essentially treated like second-class citizens if they so much as step foot into a human town or city. Some, are even captured as slaves and forced to serve under the oppressive rule of humanity. Things have even gotten to the point where anti-mythos departments have been establish for the sake of "protecting the people from the threat of the unknown" as they so claim.

Of course, there are a few unspoken rules that applies to humans. For example, the dense forest that surrounds the forest is to be left alone. Any human that so enters it could potentially face certain death. Now, here we are.

Be you mytho or human, you still have a life to live. Whether you try and create peace between the two opposing groups or instead prefer to keep old values intact and destroy all who oppose you is a choice all your own."

This RP is meant to allow players to have full control over their characters. I want people to be able to have fun and go off and do what they feel their character should! The entirety of the RP is completely ran by those in it, I (as the owner) will only step in when something major occurs. You guys are welcome to do whatever plot arcs or events you'd like, I want this to be a sandbox experience for all!

If this is interesting to you in the slightest, feel free to check out the discord server and perhaps make a character: Discord - Free voice and text chat for gamers