PROMPT Creature Creation Challenge v2.0 [#2]

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  1. Welcome to the 2nd Creature Creation Challenge v2.0!

    This challenge explores one facet of worldbuilding: the creation of fantastical flora and fauna, as the title more or less indicates. Now, whether or not you're a worldbuilder, at one point or another, you're bound to create all manner of beasties, big and small, for your world. This challenge aims to tickle your creativity into bringing to life some of these creatures, and to that end, it brings two things to the table: first, all the submissions for this challenge will be put into a "bestiary" of sorts in the Worldbuilder's Guild which will be a resource for yourself and anyone who needs creatures for their worlds; and second, every week, there will be a different difficulty level set for the challenge. Can't have you budding and veteran worldbuilders alike growing complacent, after all. ;)

    Crash Course in Difficulties
    Difficulty 1: [​IMG]
    - This one's easy. Just create a creature that fits a certain theme.

    Difficulty 2: [​IMG]
    - This one's a bit more difficult. There's a theme to follow but you also have to use a specific body part.

    Difficulty 3: [​IMG]
    - Here's where things get challenging. You will still have to make your creature match a theme. You're still going to have to use a certain body part. However, now it has to fit a certain ecological niche. Predator or prey, to give you two examples.

    Difficulty 4: [​IMG]
    - Ooh boy. This one's tough. Your creature has to match a theme, has to have a specific body part, and has to fit a certain ecological niche, but that's not all! This time, you have to base that creature on a specific animal that lives or has lived on earth.

    Difficulty 5: [​IMG]
    - This is the ultimate challenge for someone wanting to create a species without having to consider sentience/culture. You not only have a theme, specific body part, ecological niche, and real-life animal basis to worry about, but now you have to make sure that that creature also survives in a specific environment as well. Say a volcanic spring, for example, or maybe even the icy-cold, soul-sucking darkness of space.
    This Week's Difficulty
    - Here's where things get challenging. You will still have to make your creature match a theme. You're still going to have to use a certain body part. However, now it has to fit a certain ecological niche. Predator or prey, to give you two examples.​
    Theme: Avarice
    Body Part: Hands
    Ecological Niche/Role: Omnivore/Middle of Food Chain
    Creature TemplateFeel free to use this following template for your creatures. You can add on to it or remove things from it as you wish or not use it at all.

    Sapient: Yes/No
    Means of Sustenance:
    Favourite Food Source:
    Major Competition:
    Mating Rituals:
    Courtship rituals, mating grounds, mating season, et cetera
    Reproduction: you can include period of gestation
    Organization: does this creature travel in packs or herds, or is it a solitary creature that only meets with members of its species for the mating season?

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  2. Name: The Stranae
    An old, brown shriveled hand with an eye on the back and an eye on it's palm. The size of a dinner plate, usually wearing a rusty, bloody golden cuff set with jewels. They are almost spider like.
    Role: Predator
    Habitat: Castle dungeons and coffers.
    Life-span: Centuries long.
    Means of Sustenance: Rotting and fresh meat.
    Favourite Food Source: Humans
    Major Competition: Cannibals.
    Mating Rituals: The Stranae only mate when forced to. And the mating ritual is rather simple- leave two Stranae in the same room with each other. They will communicate through telepathic means and then lay flat on top of each other.
    Organization: The Stranae always travel in packs, and gender does not matter for them. The only constant thought in their head is to eat, unless controlled by some higher power.
    Other: Warlocks and kings use them to guard prisoners and riches.
  3. Just saying. This should be in the WAM Challenges section, not in the worldbuilding section.
  4. Nah. WAM challenges are more to create a complete product, like a piece of art or a character sheet or a short story. Challenges to create a single element of a world, such as a creature, absolutely belong here.
  5. Love, the Guild has always been the focal point of my staff membership. I'm pretty sure that I know whether a challenge should go into it. xD.
  6. Name:Or-Coeur

    Appearance: The Or-Coeur normally presents dark green tone and lacks of any kind of hair, they have no feet and must use their enormous hands to move around, they only posses one eye which is closed most of the time, their arms normally are measured of 5 feet-long each and their mouth covers most of the body. The eye is goat-like and has a yellow tone.

    Role: Predator

    Habitat: Every single place where humans exist, manly core cities.

    Life-span: From 10 to 97 years.

    Sentient: No, but they can feel some things within the human soul/heart, such as emotions.

    Sapient: No, even though these creatures are capable of thinking.

    Means of Sustenance: The Or-Coeur feeds of the human’s negative feelings such as hate and vengeance, but they can also feed out of items with high value to an specific person they are close to. These creatures can stay for more than eight months without eating.

    Favorite Food Source: Their favorite source of food is the human feeling of Greed, but besides that they love eating gold and gems with high monetary value.

    Major Competition: The Or-Coeur fights against the Arg-Coeur, the Arg-Coeures are creatures similar to the Or-Coeur with one main difference, the Arg-Coeur feeds out of the good feelings such as happiness and love; these two races have been in a war from the start of the ages because not only of their believes, but because when a Or-Coeur feeds from a human, an Arg-Coeur can’t feed from that human and vice versa.

    Mating Rituals: The male Or-Coeur is represented by its long fingers and pointy nails, while the female ones have a bigger mouth and their hand-palm is larger. Within this race, the female must woo with two males opening their mouth as wide as they can, if the mouth is big enough for the males to enter their ten fingers in it, then the court succeeds.

    Reproduction: The three Or-Coeures gather around a rock, any rock heavier than ten pounds and the length of at least 30 CM. They form a triangle around the rock, and then the males put their fingers on the rock and make a small circular draw on it, after that the female must give part of her vital energy to the rock, finally all the three Or-Coeures must stay with the rock for the next three months (One per Or-Coeur). Finally, from the draw on the rock an Or-Coeur hatches.

    Organization: These creatures live in groups no larger than ten members, but most of them lurk around alone since partnership isn’t that much of a thing for them, they reunite at night to protect each other from any incoming Arg-Coeur.

    Other: The Or-Coeur is an spiritual being that lives within the physical plain, these creatures are full of negative emotions and feel an enormous need of gaining material wealth to stay within the physical plane and not fade out from existence. They cannot go back to the spiritual plain since they were banished from there because of their rebellion against the Arc Meister.

    These creatures use their hands not only to walk, but to feed to, they grab the feelings out of the human body through the subject’s mouth (Yes, they enter their hands through the mouth) and to grab any kind of object with ease.