PROMPT Creature Creation Challenge #16

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  1. Creature Creation Challenge
    This challenge explores one facet of worldbuilding: creature creation, as the title says. Whether or not you're a worldbuilder, at one point or another, you're bound to create different kinds of flora and fauna for your world. This challenge brings two new things to the table: first, all the submissions for this challenge will be put into a "bestiary" of sorts in the Worldbuilder's Guild which will be a resource for yourself and anyone who needs creatures for their worlds; second, every week, there will be a different difficulty for the challenge.

    Difficulty Levels, #7bd181
    Difficulty 1 [​IMG]
    - build a creature around a specific theme

    Difficulty 2 [​IMG]
    - build a creature with a specific body part around a specific theme

    Difficulty 3 [​IMG]
    - build a creature to fit a specific role in an ecosystem with a specific body part around a specific theme

    Difficulty 4 [​IMG]
    - build a creature based upon an animal on earth to fit a specific role in an ecosystem with a specific body part around a specific theme

    Difficulty 5 [​IMG]
    - build a creature that will survive in a specific environment based upon an animal on earth and fit a specific role in an ecosystem with a specific body part around a specific theme.

    This Week's Difficulty, #7bd181
    Build a creature around a specific theme.​

    Criteria, #7bd181
    Theme: Night
    Creature Template, #7bd181 Feel free to use this following template for your creatures. You can add on to it or remove things from it as you wish or not use it at all.

    Role: Predator/prey/producer
    Sentient: Yes/No
    Sapient: Yes/No
    Means of Sustenance:
    Favourite Food Source:
    Major Competition:
    Mating Rituals: Courtship rituals, mating grounds, mating season, et cetera
    Reproduction: you can include period of gestation
    Organization: does this creature travel in packs or herds, or is it a solitary creature that only meets with members of its species for the mating season?

  2. Name: Syparnent
    Appearance: A serpent/cobra like body with slanted black pool eyes, they are considered blind or only see the outline of its host when sense them. Once connected to the host their yes turned a certain color of purplish red. They have no ears like the reptile snakes but do have horns of a bull on its head and thorn like spines that stick out of its back where the spinal cord is. At the tip of the tail is shaped like arrow that sometimes drip green or white poison when threaten by another --white is the poisonous out of the other-- and under its belly can many colors that go by the seasons and environment. Scales the color of yellow sand and/ or almost a dark blond, they stand a the height of a closet door --or taller depending where it is born-- if it has captured the power of a person or thing that is non human --superpowers, ghost, demon, ect-- then it can stand up to almost the Twin Towers but slightly smaller and gets thicker because of strong bones. Their fangs are pretty sharp and can cut through bones of its prey if temped to. --annoyed by the slow process-- most would think it would have poison in its fangs but instead it has acid that ranges in different colors but the lighter it is the stronger it is....
    Role: Predator
    Habitat: They can be in any habitat but mostly seen in thick dark forest or woods where population is found and rarely seen in the cities --to much happening at once for them to get things and easily get confused--
    Life-span: 100 to 300 years the longest have been 301 years
    Sentient: Yes
    Sapient: No
    Means of Sustenance:
    Favourite Food Source: Humans sometimes but can gradually love the taste of demon and angel blood and/or insides
    Major Competition: Anything that can try and ripe its strong spinal cord or have the fang of its people --make them second think rather or not to kill --....sometimes the Banshees
    Mating Rituals: Usually don't like each other but they do have mating grounds that gives the ground a deep dent enough to see even under elements of mother nature.
    Reproduction: Rarely --reason why there's not many of them now...-- but can reproduce up to 15 children a couple of months after mating season which is around the winter and summer
    Organization: Solitary rarely seen in Packs --if so then run--
    Other: Sensitive to bright lights and screeches of a banshees
  3. Name
    Imagine a man. Now add a python tail and take all his hair away. Put a shaggy​
    black dress on him and take away his legs so he walks on his hands. Give​
    him a dog tongue and shark teeth. Now add crimson red eyes and bird wings.​
    This is the Eyelight.
    The night skies above the graveyard.​
    During the day they live in tombs.
    200 human years.
    Means of Sustenance
    Human flesh, rotting or new.
    Favorite Food Source
    Live humans
    They live on their own.​
    Upon meeting each other, they battle to the death.​
    It's bloody and loud.​
  4. Name: Eyphah
    Appearance: A shadow, they can be any size or shape. They morph to the shape of the shadow they're attached to. At night, they can be seen as a large shadowy figure.
    Role: Predator
    Habitat: Anywhere. Cities, forests, grasslands. Anywhere and everywhere.
    Life-span: Up to 300 years
    Sentient: Yes
    Sapient: No
    Means of Sustenance: Shadows. Tree shadows, people shadows, animal shadows, building shadows. Any shadow. They dwell within shadows, slowly feeding off the shadow, and in turn the creature/thing creating the shadow. It causes people to get sick and sometimes die, and buildings to crumble when they've finished feasting.
    Favorite Food Source: People and animals. Since they're alive, they have the richest shadows.
    Major Competition: Each other
    Mating Rituals: None. When they die they are "reborn" (Think jellyfish not phoenix)
    Reproduction: None
    Organization: They are usually independent, but a couple of them together isnt uncommon.
    Other: Nighttime is the only time they can move about freely. Its also the time they go and attach to a person/animal/thing.
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  5. Name: Grave
    Appearance: Large Primate type creature, it stands six feet tall with an average weight of 400 pounds, the Grave has a very sleek black coat with bright white marks over its eyes and down its arms, ending at the tip of the middle finger, they normally walk on their hind legs, supporting themselves with the arms, their arms are very muscular, they also have long ears that fold against the back of their heads
    Role: predator
    Habitat: they normally live in dense forests like many other Primates, the main difference being that the Grave is a nocturnal burrower, they dig elaborate underground nests spanning around a hundred yards
    Life-span: 80 years

    Sentient: yes
    Sapient: a little more so then an adult Gorrila

    Means of Sustenance: anything that reaches their territory, they are mainly carnivores but can eat insects and fruits as well
    Favorite Food Source: wild boars
    Major Competition: the Lxyr, a large predatory Feline, known for it's poisonous bite
    Mating Rituals: when a male Grave reaches sexual maturity, it's fur develops the signature white markings, when the male decides to begin looking for a mate, the markings on his fur turn deep blue, upon finding a suitable female, the Grave begins to "sing" the mating song of a male Grave is a deep, somewhat haunting melody, if the female accepts, she replies with a melody very similar to the males, but in a higher pitch, the Graves then mate for life

    Reproduction: not often, once the parents do mate, they usually only have one to three babies, they then raise them for the next 10 years, then the young Grave leaves in search for it's own mate
    Orgarnization: Graves travel alone once they become sexually mature, upon finding a mate they create large nests and form small, tightly knit family groups
    Other: Some Human tribes living near Grave territory have very old legends that state that if you see a Grave during it's song, it will drain your life away, leaving nothing but a pile of dirt and dust, resebling an unmarked grave, the piles that were found were actually "escapes" that the Grave would take after killing the Human who found it, they most likely run to avoid a large group of Humans, these "graves" that the displaced dirt resembles are what inspired the name