Creative Writing Challenge #1


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Time for something different, instead of my poetry challenges. I'm going to list 3 random things and it's your job to make a story out of it. Nothing long, of course. Unless you want to go all out, I'm looking for something around 100-150 words. Doesn't necessarily have to be formatted like a post, either. Just a snippet of writing that can be as funny or as serious as you want it to be.

Here are the 3 things you base your writing on:

  • Alien
  • Fishingpole
  • Chocolate chip cookie

I hope you'll be inspired enough to make something for me. :) I'll post up a piece of my own if I can get a member or two to join in. I encourage you to make it look pretty with bbcodes.


((here is my totally cliche sorta mini intro story utilizing the three themes...yes it's pretty lame but i'm bored so DEAL...sorry for length I just couldn't stop haha...))


A male college student with little to no money to my name, a girlfriend who must be the center of attention and break up with me every 10 seconds, a lowly bagger at a grocery store, and a product of parents who want me to be the best but help out in no way. That is my life. To escape the madness of it, I tend to go on late night fishing trips to calm myself and seek tranquility. So here I sit with my fishing pole in hand, and a bag of chocolate chip cookies to munch on. A chocolate chip cookie hangs from my mouth as I wait for the lazy fish to bite. I have my peace and quiet and my cookies, so I'm happy. There is a soft breeze blowing, but I think nothing of it, because there is suddenly a light tug on the fishing pole. Sitting hunched over, I begin to try and reel in my catch, but there is a sudden giant explosion of wind as a circular air craft comes careening from the sky toward the waters. My mouth becomes slightly agape, the half a cookie falling from my mouth into the water, and the fish takes off. That is the least of my worries, though, as a giant wave of water comes crashing down upon me.

In complete shock, I find my way to the surface and treaded water as I stare at the strange vessel that now looms ahead of me, outlined by the pale moonlight. Am I really seeing what I think I'm seeing? Curiosity drives me as I move forward; ducking behind a large rock I hear a soft whirring noise and a doorway seems to open with steps protruding to the ground. A backdrop of light radiates forth as if the gates of heaven have been opened, and perhaps they have. At the top of the stairs I see the outline of a female figure; a beauty standing at 6’2” with dark skin, long black hair, crystal blue eyes, and what are almost cat-like ears. Something certainly was sparked by her appearance. her nicely toned figure, and those legs!! (god down boy!) She has strange tattoos around her body and upon her face though, in a blue ink nonetheless, but still I can't help but think that's damn sexy! What made things even better was that she didn’t seem to have any clothing. Okay now my pants are a bit tight. Obviously she isn't from this world though.

The alien creature turns her head side to side a moment as her hair unravels, and as she looks about she spots a bird fluttering nearby. I think nothing of it until her hair suddenly shoots out and engulfs the bird seeming to eat it. I can hear the crunching of its little bones! Alright, happy thoughts are suddenly gone... She turns her head slowly and seems to spot me as I stand there frozen….well crap. I try to hide behind the rock, but I know her crystal blue eyes spotted me. Slowly I brave a peek around the rock, but she seems to be gone. Maybe it's all just a sleep deprived dream? I sigh a moment and turn to wade back toward my capsized boat. "AGH!" I shout as she is just there peering at me as she hovers above the water like an innocent angel, a child like curious look upon her face. I don't trust that smile.She sneezes a moment as feathers seemed to come from her hair and then the hair starts to reach forward toward me.

I fall back into the water in horror thinking i'm going to be eaten like that damn bird! Struggling to breathe, I break the surface, but she is still there, her head now tilted as she reaches a hand forward. I close my eyes thinking this might all just be over quickly and I'll die like that, but it doesn't come. Instead, she touches my forehead as I feel a light zap between my eyes and they shoot open to stare at her face, "You humans are strange. me" she says innocently enough hovering now as if she's laying on the air. My eyes instantly wander (what? I'm a guy!) Well...I just stare. I can't just leave the girl here alone after all that, and she didn't eat me yet. She is kind of hot though...but how the hell am I supposed to explain THIS one to my girlfriend?! Well, she's a pain in the ass anyways, and this night is already fucked up as it is. Maybe it's some acid dream, I did smoke some weird shit at work. "Eh, why not..." I find myself saying without really knowing I was saying it. So much for my peaceful fishing night--


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Just a little something I whipped up.

Spring was nearly halfway over by the time I rounded up the courage to go through the shed. It wasn't that I was afraid of spiders or rabid squirrels, though now that I think of it, both would pose a bit of a threat wouldn't they? I'm a procrastinator if there ever was one. Look the definition up in the dictionary and I bet there will be a picture of me. I suppose a lot of people have the same problem I do: unable to get myself going but if by some stroke of luck I do manage to find the energy, I'm not likely to stop until the job is finished. Chock it up to weird wiring at birth, although my mother claims I inherited it from my father.

But I digress. Mid Spring, a cluttered shed still needed cleaning. I'd sent the kids and husband out shopping, if only to avoid the awkward questions that would surely follow once I ventured deep enough into the rickety shelter. You see, there was something in that shed that I'd been avoiding for years. "But now is the time to deal with it," I told myself as I wiped sweat off my brow. The sun was unusually hot for this time of year and I couldn't help but lose myself in a memory for a moment...

A bright, sunny day. The breeze was just the right temperature to keep our skin cool and strong enough to keep the bugs away. The smell of dirt wafted from somewhere at my feet and I remembered to mind where I stepped lest I knock over the container of worms. The river filled the air with a fast paced melody and occasionally the whizzing of a line casting joined the chorus for a few brief seconds. My stomach growled, demanding lunch, but I was reluctant to take my eyes off of the red and white bobber floating around a few feet out from where I stood. The sweet smell of a Colts reached my nose and I smiled. Every year Dad and I would come to this very same river and fish. Just the two of us. Father and daughter.

In a flash, I was back in my shed, tossing out old lawnmower motor oil containers and empty jugs of windshield washer fluid. And then my hands found it. Instantly, the back of my eyes stung and tears flooded my vision. I had known it was going to be like this, jaw clenched, struggling to breathe. A tear trickled down the right side of my face and I hurriedly wiped it away so I could brush the dust off of the item in my hand. It was and always would be the one thing in this shed I could never throw away; my only keepsake from when he was still alive.

Dad's fishingpole.

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I never really enjoyed fishing.
Until this one dream I had a week or so ago...
My brain knows me very well, and my admiration and love for chocolate chip cookies. But it also knows about my bitter hatred for fishing, and my fear of fishing poles.

Three years ago, I was swimming in this lake, and my grandpa was fishing. He had thrown his fishing reel out, and it got caught in my back.
Could you imagine how bad that hurt?

I've been avoiding them like it was the flu for the past few years.
And then my recent dream notified me of my fears, again; but I was no longer afraid of fishing poles after that dream.

The dream told me something else as well... Something about an alien invasion in Earth.
Impossible, right?
No. It's possible.

This is my new fear, but I did find some good in that little bubble of imagination when you sleep~
We went fishing for chocolate chip cookies in a lake filled of milk!
Pretty sweet right?

It was all perfect until this gray unfamiliar looking discus shot across the cloud filled sky.
Aliens were taking over, and want to know what made my fear of aliens invading us even worse...?

They stole all the chocolate chip cookies!
And they took my laptop!

I woke up before anything else could haunt me.
But there was an eerie silence when I jolted out of bed.

I wasn't in a bed...
and I could smell cookies.
and the scent of wood burning made me curious.

I looked down the hallway only to see a bunch of aliens eating fresh baked chocolate chip cookies, using a bunch of old wooden fishing poles as a heat source to bake the delicious goods.

Somebody help me. Please.
The cookies are dancing and my vision is getting blurr----y....