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    We are Creative Freedom RPG. We are a large, active site that has still managed to maintain a sense of community. We are a multi-genre, free-form based site where the members create whatever it is that they wish and invite fellow members to participate in their stories. Unlike other sites we are not broken into Genre's, but instead it is separated by level. From Beginner to Advanced all have their place here and can roleplay to their heart's content. While the whole site is not mature those who are of age have a place to rp without restraint and even then there is a level of maturity that is spread throughout the whole of the site. We have features such as a blog, a medals system and even an arcade. Just a few extra things to do while people wait for posts. Our chat is wild and crazy, as we strive to have a good time and enjoy one another's company. With our facebook page, group and twitter account we strive to keep our members appraised of all that is happening in the site.

    Our staff is fun and helpful, always there to help those in need or even just to chat. At Creative Freedom we are more than just a Roleplaying Site, we are a site that strives to be a home for those who feel a bit out of place in the rest of the internet world. Come join us and let your Imaginations Run Wild and Free!​