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So I just got a 360, and got Minecraft to go with it. well at first I couldn't figure out what in the hell I wanted to build so I spawned a bunch of ocelots and set the woods on fire.

And then I got a random idea; building one of my roleplay worlds called 'Ortheos'. The school is going to take months to finish (it has well over 300 rooms, classrooms, side buildings, tunnels, bridges, etc).

And that is just the tip of the iceberg; the entire realm might just take me a couple years to finish (I've got to limit how much I play because of a disorder I have so it slows my progress). I'm talking about a whole city, farms, etc (except the horses and cows keep fucking getting out and I have put up three fences on top of one another.)

I imagine once this project is done I will move onto other projects, but who else has/is/will be working on a large project in Minecraft? (Any server)


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I Haven't installed minecraft on this computer yet :O

/me runs to take care of that

I was building Imladris :P


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Not necessarily a project or anything, but some friends and I have been working on a particular minecraft map file for several years now on a server that's been on and off. It's pretty big, if I do say so myself. It takes about 20 minutes of straight running using built roads to get from one end of the map to the other (as in, running from the two furthest areas we've built in). We've got two adventure maps fully working that are quite fun.

It's gotten to the point where nearly every time I log on, I find something new that I never even knew existed (and not something that was built overnight, but rather something that was built a long time ago and was hidden!).

Just a few pictures of areas we've built:









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On a console that'll take time.

On PC we've built cities in hours.

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