Creating the parody: Strong Types

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  1. Alrighty people.

    We’ve all seen it. Stereotypical character types. This is the first of many exercises on this subject; creating a prim and proper parody. If you’ve come here expecting a realistic character exercise, you’ve come to the wrong conclusion.

    Strong Types

    Big strong outgoing type

    Bad traits:
    Very serious, troubled past, he is normally the leader or somewhere in the command area. Or he/she is that one character everyone avoids in a joke because they get butthurt about it. They hardly ever smile; they are always going on about how peace needs to be brought to the world, and how this world needs to be fixed. These guys are normally the ones that act holier than you, and make you want to throw a flaming rock at their heads. They also have a hero complex.

    Good traits

    Normally, these kinds are sensitive and warm hearted. While they put on a show of being this big buff man that just wants to throw a box of kittens into a busy street, they often lie. They love people, and are usually genuine when it comes to being out to be a good guy.


    Thorin Oakenshield


    The pompous tool

    Bad Traits
    These guys drive everyone batshit. They are the kind that think they can do anything and never fail, and often times they get themselves into trouble. They are ambitious and act wise when really, their just jackasses. They strut around like a peacock and ruffle their feathers, and act like they own the place.

    Good traits
    These guys tend to be devil smart, despite their clear arrogance. They are cunning, witty and tend to outsmart the common man. They aren’t always good guys however; they can be bad guys. In fact a great many are bad guys, as you will see. Some cases they are kind deep down, but it is impossible for them to be anything else but outwardly obnoxious.


    Bad Guys


    Khan (from Star trek)

    Good Guys

    James Tiberius Kirk

    Disney’s version of Hercules

    Silent Strong Type

    Bad traits
    These guys make me want to eat nails. They are quiet about their hurts all the time, and tend to feel like they have a grudge with everyone. They don’t do a hell of a lot of talking; in fact they keep to themselves and act like they have a war against the world. Sometimes these maniacs are in the leadership roles.

    Good Traits
    They are the cliché secret kind guys and very soft underneath. This kind of strong character is almost always a one sided character. But they can take a hit pretty well (normally).


    Bad Guys


    Good Guys



    Your goal is to make a parody of one of these titles. Funny while creating an impact on the reader, and witty.

    Do NOT copy the characters; you make a character other than original you fail the exercise.

    Any questions message me.

    Physical description: