Creating Inspired Characters #2: vanHelsing

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  1. It's a sequel! Everybody loves a sequel!

    These exercises are about creating NEW AND ORIGINAL characters, which are inspired on EXISTING, CANON CHARACTERS.

    The key is to make a character who derives from (has traits from, reminds one of, is similar to) an existing character, without COPYING them.

    Drake wears an unusual green outfit, has a fairy companion, and is destined to save the world with his equally destiny-bound sword. he COPIES Link.

    Dustin wears a blue tunic and slacks, and has a sentient pet falcon who carries messages when not staying on his shoulder. He is a journalist who, as he pursues a story, ends up saving the world
    (magical companion, traveller, heroic destiny), he DERIVES from Link

    When we DERIVE from a character, it's important to do two things to avoid your new character turning into a COPY

    1. Decide what unique traits make this character recognizeable and LEAVE THEM OUT (Harry Potter's scar, Aragorn's royal lineage, Ash Ketchum's pikachu)
    2. Make sure the main points of your new character have NOTHING TO DO with the original; they need to be their own person!

    For this week's challenge we will be creating a NEW CHARACTER based off of the CANON CHARACTER

    Gabriel Van Helsing
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Name: Gabriel vanHelsing
    Hobbies/interests: Long-ranged weapons, explosives, combat, monsters
    Motivations: Money, discovering his past
    Notable character elements: Untrusting of strangers, special affinity for long-range weapons, able to aim very quickly, extremely knowledgeable of monster weaknesses, intensive combat training makes fight moves reflexive to him, works for the church, though not religious himself, has many vices and little personal self-control over them, wanted 'criminal', prefers to work under cover of darkness, likes to get work over quickly as possible so he can relax. Originally the Angel Gabriel, he came to Earth to destroy Dracula, but lost the battle and his memory and became an amnesiac with no idea of his angelic heritage. He is accompined by the monk Carl, who does the bookwork and supplies his weapons.
    Vernacular: Blunt, monoligual, has no problem with curse words, sarcastic, not a wordy conversationalist
    Character Quotes:
    Monster: You'll be hard to digest!
    Helsing: I'd hate to be such a nuisance
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