Creating Inspired Characters #1

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  1. In this challenge, you must create an original character which is inspired by a published character, without copying them.

    Please keep the following in mind while attempting this challenge. If you commit any of the following mistakes, you will not have created an original character, but will have committed a real-world crime called plagiarism.
    • An established character is recognisable even through a haircut and a wardrobe change. If your original character still has the same hobbies, temperament, vernacular, motivations, reactions, background, etc. as the published character they derive from, you haven't really CREATED anything.

    • 'To derive' is very different from 'to copy', but the differences are often missed. Put simply, one should remember to take only a few elements from the published character you wish to derive from, and fill in the blanks with unrelated material. Don't take Link's outfit and change the colours and hat, instead try taking two or three things (like the sword being on his back, the colour green, and his gauntlets) and make everything else original, and remember...

    • When deriving from a published character, one should NEVER take that character's iconic parts.
      A character derived from Harry Potter should not have any physical or material connection to voldemort.
      A character derived from Dracula should be neither a vampire or any other kind of violent criminal
      A character derived from Aragorn should not have noble lineage or incredible tracking skills.
      A character derived from Ash Ketchum should not have a single, specially bonded pokemon in particular.
    This week, your challenge is to create a character inspired on

    SAMWISE GAMGEE (wiki link)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Name: Samwise Gamgee (Sam)
    Hobbies/interests: Rope-making, knotting, gardening, cooking
    Motivations: Protecting those he loves, preserving the Shire's beauty and innocence.
    Notable character elements: Fierce loyalty, stubborn, selfless/generous, undying optimism, given a box of soil and the seed of mallorn tree by Galadriel. Took a lot of responsibility of rebuilding the Shire after the war of the ring. He admires elves, and those who excel at poetry, history, linguistics, and architecture, though he finds himself more suited to simple, earthy work. He wears his heart on his sleeve.Habits: Talks to himself when he is thinking hard
    Vernacular: simple, down-to-earth, monoligual, doesn't swear, very respectful toward his elders.
    Character Quotes:
    '"I could take a bit more yet, sir. My packet is quite light" Sam said stoutly and untruthfully'
    '"There's some good in this world, mister Frodo, and it's worth fighting for"'
    (In response to Frodo's declaring he will go to Mordor alone)'"Of course you are, and I'm going with you!"'
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