Creating Holidays #15: Miracles!

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    Today is Easter Sunday; a day of bunnies, eggs, chocolate, the emergence of Spring, and in the Christian faith; a day of remembrance and celebration that Jesus miraculously returned from the dead!

    Miracles, regardless of their level of authenticity, seldom go unnoticed, nor do they disappear overnight. So this time your task is to create a holiday based around a miracle!

    It can be a recurring miracle, or a day when a past one is remembered, or even a day when people hope/pray for a miracle

    Holiday Name:
    When is it celebrated?
    Who celebrates?
    What is done to celebrate?
    How old is this holiday?
    Has this holiday changed much from its roots?
    Where do the festivities take place?
    Is there anything it is taboo to do on this holiday?
    Do people dress differently for this holiday?
    Is any kind of decoration traditional?
    Are any colours, symbols, or icons associated with this holiday?
    Are any spirits or deities associated with this holiday?
    Is it an important/widespread celebration, or a smaller affair?
    Are there any foods or drinks associated with this holiday?
    Do any natural events coincide with this holiday (ie: an eclipse)?
    What miracle is at the heart of it?
    Do people hope for a miracle, or for a past miracle to repeat?
    Do con-artists and showmen usually take advantage of this holiday?
    Are common coincidences especially lauded on this holiday?

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  2. Holiday name: Savior Day

    When is it celebrated: Every year on May 12th.

    Where is it celebrated: Shell City (mentioned in the 'Design A Bubble City' thread)

    What miracle is at the heart of it: About seventy years ago a woman by the name of Vivian lived in Shell City. She hadn't always made the best decisions and had about twenty too many run ins with the law. Luckily, she was a very powerful mage and everyone knew it. But, when she saw children running at the sight of her it hurt and she decided then and there to change. She spent a year trying to redeem herself but no one ever let her even try. But one day, when the biggest tornado anyone had ever seen was sighted and aimed at the city she decided it was her chance. She could use her magic to save the city. While everyone hid in their homes and prayed for their lives she went outside the shell and used her magic to boost herself up on top of it where she cast another spell to broadcast herself from a magical camera onto everyone inside's Tv's and radios. What they heard and saw was recorded and written down.

    "Hey everyone." Vivian said as she looked at her camera nervously, her hair whipping around in the wind and rain of the storm. "So...uh... yeah I know I've made a lot of mistakes but that's why I'm up here! To right them! I'm gonna save the city!" She laughed nervously, she sounded like she was trying to convince herself as much as she was trying to convince them. The camera backed up several paces so it was behind her and you could see all of her and the tornado approaching. "So we go!" At that she clenched her teeth and long tendrils of purple and blue magic snaked from her hands and went straight up to about ten feet above the shell where it then started wrapping around itself to form a spiral stretching outwards. It was going about as fast as a person could run but the tornado was getting closer and she was losing her footing so she sped it up as she used more magic to anchor herself down. The tornado was still at least three miles away but it was closing in fast. The strain of the magic was making her shake violently and she seemed to be struggling a lot but the forming shell of magic sped up more. It was about half way down the shell now and half the distance between the city and the tornado was gone. Vivian fell to her knees and anchored herself there as the tendrils from her hands grew brighter and bigger as she tried to hurry. It didn't look like she was going to manage it. Just when the city started rocking from the winds and the tornado got too close for comfort the magic wall stabbed into the ground and shot through the dirt to form a bubble around the city. Though, that wasn't as good of a thing as she thought because the moment that the wall closed everyone inside the shell started choking. The last of the air had been sucked out of the forming bubble since there was only one hole left in the wall. All the air was outside the shell in the bubble. Vivian glanced over at the camera before lowering her head and closing her eyes as she funneled all the air inside the shell so the people could breath again, even if she couldn't. Despite her slowly starting to choke she held the wall strong as the tornado finally hit and crashed against the wall over and over because the wall deflected the tornado but it would not be sent off course. Vivian couldn't even stay up on her knees anymore. Her vision was blurring. She fell to her hands and knees and used all of her magic to stretch out and attack the tornado. But instead of her hands that were now bleeding on the shell the magic leeched out from her back which then started bleeding heavily as the magic turned red and spiky unlike the smooth blues and purples it had been. But the tornado was shrinking, it was dying down! But it seemed, so was Thalia, the wall was dimming but the tornado spiraled off in another direction right before the wall broke and the now small tornado vanished into the distance. Thalia looked up weakly at the camera as she bled from giant wounds in her back and her hands before she smiled softly. The city was safe. They would forgive what she had done. And with that thought, as the winds weakened, she collapsed, her life blood leaking down the shell around her as air finally reached her body again. Vivian was dead but the biggest tornado to ever appear on the planet of giants was gone and the city was safe. It was a miracle.

    THAT is the miracle that inspired this holiday.

    Who celebrates: Everyone in The Shell City. If it wasn't for Vivian none of them would even be alive.

    How is it celebrated: The whole city sings and the children play, they sing of redemption and for that day no one holds any ill with anyone else. Everyone is forgiven.

    Is there entertainment provided: Yes, plays and reenactments of Vivian's saving of the city are done all day long.

    Are any spirits or deities associated with this holiday: None, everything is for Vivian and in her memory.

    Are any foods or drinks associated with it: No not really.

    Any colors or icons: The symbol for this holiday is the silhouette of a woman standing face to face with a mighty tornado. The colors of the holiday are blues and purples along with red, the colors her magic had been.

    Is there anything that is taboo during this holiday: Hatred or scorn.
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  3. Holiday Name: Eldien's Cycle
    Date: The first day of spring each year.
    Who Celebrates: Citizens of Comolot
    Events: Planting trees and flowers at Eldien's shrine, as well as concerts and storytelling
    Age: 1,000 years.
    Changes from roots: not much, except modernized to met community standards.
    Taboo actions: Any discussion about winter is known to upset Eldien.
    Changes in dress: People usually dress in bright colors on this day.
    Traditional Decorations: Usually symbols of spring like flowers, sun catchers, and wind chimes.
    Colors, Symbols, or Icons: Flowers, Trees, Shrubbery, any type of plant, portraits of Eldien, and bright colors like red, pink, yellow, blue, turquoise, purple, lavender, orange, green, and white.
    Sprits or Deities: Eldien, the goddess of nature and bringer of spring.
    Wide-spread or smaller affair: Everyone in Comolot celebrates.
    Foods or Drinks: Usually items like lemonade, tea made from the blooming Chamomile trees, Sticky buns, cake, candy, etc.
    Natural Events: Usually a Solaris Moon on this date.
    Miracle at heart: 1,000 years ago, Comolot was a horrible place to live. A rough winter was raging and causing severe disease outbreaks as well as widespread famine. Unfortunately, many people died from either starvation or disease, but had to be placed in above ground tombs because the ground was too frozen for regular burials. Everyone thought that the harsh winter was going to wipe out the entire village. But one night, Eldien came down from Mt. Excalibus to put an end to the raging winter. She planted seeds in the ground to feed the people and came to the village doctor whose daughter was ill and handed him a bottle of juice from the Nimus plant and told him to: "Cure the people with this bottle, and feed the people with the seeds I have planted.". The next day, the snow was gone and there was wheat, corn, and other crops to feed the people. The doctor also used the Nimus medicine on his daughter and she had a fairly quick recovery. Observing the miracle, he distributed this "Healing Juice" to the village people, who later had a speedy recovery. They all wondered how this was possible and the doctor said: "Eldien planted the seeds of our crops and healed our people."
    Hopes: People often hope for a better life and a good planting season.
    Showmen or Con-artists?: Yes, Showmen often travel to Comolot to perform shows, and con-artists often try to sabotage the festivities.
    Coincidences?: Usually people have good luck on this day.
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