Creating Holidays #12: Inebriation!

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  1. Regardless of the original purpose of these holidays, we can all agree that, for many people, St. Patrick's Day, New Year's Eve, and, to an extent, HalloweƩn are about going out and drinking copious amounts of inebriating liquid with one's friends

    Your job is to create a holiday that is, or has evolved to be, about inebriation! You needn't use alcohol, the celebrators may use a gaseous or solid thing to consume to become inebriate, or you could avoid substances altogether and have it be a spiritual, magical, or physical activity which leads to this state. The holiday can be solemn, boisterous, silly or competitive; it's up to you!

    Remember also that people become inebriated for different reasons; people drink to loosen up, to get brave, to numb themselves, to forget things, to get in touch with a spiritual side, or even just to bond with their companions.

    Holiday Name:
    When is it celebrated?
    Who celebrates?
    What is done to celebrate?
    How old is this holiday?
    Has this holiday changed much from its roots?
    Where do the festivities take place?
    Is there anything it is taboo to do on this holiday?
    Do people dress differently for this holiday?
    Is any kind of decoration traditional?
    Are any colours, symbols, or icons associated with this holiday?
    Are any spirits or deities associated with this holiday?
    Is it an important/widespread celebration, or a smaller affair?
    Are there any foods or drinks associated with this holiday?
    Do any natural events coincide with this holiday (ie: an eclipse)?
    How is the inebriation achieved?
    Are there particular groups who are expected or encouraged to take part?
    For what reason is inebriation achieved?

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  2. Holiday Name: Bar Day

    Who celebrates: People from age eighteen and up in a few towns around the world.

    How is the inebriation achieved: The natural...ish way. Drinking alcohol!

    Holiday Origin: It is a pretty new holiday, that's why it's only in a few towns around the world. Though the origin was actually caused by a riot. People complained that their jobs took up all their time and they never had time to relax or energy to go to the bar after work because they were always so tired. It may seem silly but a holiday was made, a day where bars stayed open all day and of course roads were closed. Everyone got the day off work. It was like a relaxing day to go out with your friends and forget about the stress, and well, get drunk!

    Is there anyone who is forbidden from taking part: Anyone under the age of eighteen, though they do get the day off school.

    Are there particular groups who are expected or encouraged to take part: People who have hard or office jobs that cause a lot of stress are encouraged though basically everyone over eighteen is.

    Are any foods or drinks associated with the holiday: Nope, just the alcohol.

    Are any spirits or deities associated with this holiday: Nope

    Is any specific form of entertainment traditional for this holiday: Well, people are getting drunk so if you're sober enough to pay attention you can watch drunk shenanigans. Though I don't think that counts.

    Other information: Not really
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