Creating Holidays #11: Gifts!

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  1. It's been a while, but it's back (if anyone missed it :lookaround:)

    This holiday is about gifts! :present:

    The obvious real-world examples would be Christmas, Father's Day, Mother's Day, Valentine's, and Birthdays! (Birthdays are holidays in my book!)

    Your challenge this week is to create a holiday that is not just celebrated BY giving gifts, but which also celebrates the act of gift-giving itself! The act of giving a gift is heavy in symbolism, especially when you take into account what exactly is being given. Gift don't have to be physical items, either! The spirit of this holiday could go in many directions; it could be a holiday of selflessness, a day of charity, a commemoration of friendship, family, or romance!

    As always, you can use the form or free-write about a character enjoying/celebrating the holiday

    Holiday Name:
    When is it celebrated?
    Who celebrates?
    What is done to celebrate?
    How old is this holiday?
    Has this holiday changed much from its roots?
    Where do the festivities take place?
    Is there anything it is taboo to do on this holiday?
    Do people dress differently for this holiday?
    Is any kind of decoration traditional?
    Are any colours, symbols, or icons associated with this holiday?
    Are any spirits or deities associated with this holiday?
    Is it an important/widespread celebration, or a smaller affair?
    Are there any foods or drinks associated with this holiday?
    Do any natural events coincide with this holiday (ie: an eclipse)?
    Do the gifts have a shared theme?
    Are gifts usually home-made, or is it equally acceptable to purchase/forage a gift?
    Does everyone give gifts, or do some only receive?
    Are non-material gifts acceptable? (ie: giving work, giving a hug)
    What (if any) gifts are unacceptable?
    Are gifts given to anyone, or to a certain group/relation?

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  2. Holiday Name: Rain Day

    Origin Story: Long ago after the hell born demons invaded earth and enslaved anyone who wasn't their kind it was the first days of fall. The demons had come during a very dry summer,it hadn't rained once since the demons came. But in those first days of fall,the clouds gathered and the sky opened up. And,it rained. All the slaves were just annoyed that they would be working in the rain. That is,until the hell bound demons stepped into the rain. All throughout the world it was raining and all throughout the world screams rang out. The rain was literally burning the skin of the demons and it was dissolving it. It even killed off at least half the demons because once the rain hit them they were in too much pain to get to safety. The rain helped rid the world of the hell born demons that enslaved every other race. So now we celebrate the first rains of Fall.

    How is it celebrated: Every year on the first days of fall when the sky opens up and the giant rains come to knock the last of the leaves from the trees everyone in cities all over the world go outside and dance and sing in the rain. Children splash through puddles then as the rain starts to soften gifts are exchanged there in the rain.

    Do the gifts have a shared theme: No,gifts can be anything from a sweater for the upcoming winter months to a kitten.

    Who celebrates: Everyone everywhere except the earth born demons because if it wasn't for the rains the demos would have had greater numbers when the winters came and they would have lived,causing everyone to still be slaves.

    Are any spirits or deities associated with this holiday: None

    Any themes of colors or other motifs: All shades of blue are used to celebrate this holiday because it is the color of the rain that helped drive the demons away.

    Does everyone give gifts: Almost. Everyone except the earth born demons give and receive gifts on this holiday!

    Are handmade gifts acceptable: Yes they are,they are actually preferred because it means you actually put work and thought into it.

    Are non-material gifts acceptable: Yes,favors and hugs are acceptable though most people prefer to give actual things.

    What gifts are unacceptable: There are a few things. Examples are body parts of anything. Like meat from an animal or horns from a demon. This is supposed to be a completely peaceful holiday.

    Are there any taboos specific to this holiday: None
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