Creating Holidays #10: Invention

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  1. The wheel, the combustion engine, insulin, and the microscope are just a few things the world as we know it couldn't exist without. In real life, there are no widely known holidays celebrating such things, but we do acknowledge them and celebrate them; for example, the new Canadian $100 dollar bills have a picture of a bottle of insulin on the back, celebrating it's invention. The idea of a holiday celebrating an important invention, while not implemented in this reality, is a plausible concept

    And so, your mission this round is to construct a holiday which celebrates an invention integral to your culture!

    The invention could be a tool, a medicine, a food, a method or an organizational movement (eg: the invention of workers unions). Your invention does not have to affect the world as a whole, just enough people to merit a holiday; for example, the invention of the fur coat could be celebrated by a town that gets most of it's revenue from selling pelts, or the invention of deep-sea exploration equipment could mark the first contact of humans and mer-people.

    Holiday Name:
    When is it celebrated?
    Who celebrates?
    What is done to celebrate?
    How old is this holiday?
    Has this holiday changed much from its roots?
    Where do the festivities take place?
    Is there anything it is taboo to do on this holiday?
    Do people dress differently for this holiday?
    Is any kind of decoration traditional?
    Are any colours, symbols, or icons associated with this holiday?
    Are any spirits or deities associated with this holiday?
    Is it an important/widespread celebration, or a smaller affair?
    Are there any foods or drinks associated with this holiday?
    Do any natural events coincide with this holiday (ie: an eclipse)?
    Invention Celebrated (include a description of the invention and its use/influence):
    Do people go out of their way to implement this invention on this holiday?

    Other Creating Holidays Exercises:

    The Future!
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  2. Holiday Name: Weedapa
    Invention Celibrated: One day Kid Jesus said he wanted to holidays to smoke a lot on so he mad Weedapa.
    Who celebrates Anyone one and kidjeist.
    What age groups celebrate (14-100)
    What is done to celebrate Smoke kush
    Are any foods/drinks associated with this holiday Cheetos, Dorritosm Lays salt in viniger and Honey BBQ chips. After it they might make outrages food like burger on hoggie bread with honey mustard and BBQ sauce and curly fries.
    Are any deities/spirits associated with this holiday Kid Jesus and Mary Jane
    Is it a public celebration or an in-the-home event Both
    Is there anything it is taboo to do on this holiday do any other kind of drug and no drinking
    Do people dress/behave/perform tasks a certain way on this holiday Get High
    Further Information: The cops can't touch us on this day HA HA HA!
  3. Kid Jesus; I enjoy your Kidjeism bits as much as anyone, but the guild is for writing practices and this challenge is for worldbuilding. Do you have a fictional world in which this would be an actual holiday? Because the content forums are a place to learn and grow your worlds, not really for jokes or meta gags :/
  4. ...Who said it was a joke, I am a real Kidjeist. But next time i will make a different one. The one i did about the 5 gods (four of which were animals based) was serious. Maybe i'll post a second one based on that.
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