Creating Characters on Iwaku Step by Step 101

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  1. Okay, since lately a lot of newer members that I've interacted with seem to be confused as to how to make characters as a resource to roleplay with

    So I'm making this tutorial as a resource, as a step by step process

    First off, you should hit the characters button at the top left section of the site shown here


    From there, it should bring you here, where as you can very clearly see, a lots of other member's characters that are new, and a button that says 'Add Character'


    Click on that button, it should bring you to the next phase of this, wherein it will ask you where you want to add your new character

    Now, there are two different choices here, you can just add them to a category, or you can add them to a character album, I personally prefer to add them to a personal album of my own making for easy storage and reference.

    Categories (open)

    I recommend adding to an album, if you don't have one, as displayed in the next image, there is an easy option to create one, once it's done, it'll be the top displayed album for you

    Albums (open)

    Once you've created your album, it'll take you straight to adding your character, with the drop down displaying your album


    Once that's done, you're ready to edit your character and add all the rest of the details you want(or don't)

    Not a terribly complex process once you get used to it
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  2. Also, as some of you may have notice some weirdness with the screenies, I HAVE NO IDEA
  3. So is making a character just a quick link to send to people or something?
  4. It's more if you want to create a character you can use for multiple roleplays, furthermore the sites format for making characters can be much more detailed then most formats for creating characters

    you can also create an album and store many characters for usage
  5. Oh okay, I did look through the character gallery that people made, it feels almost as if you wanted to use a certain character you can just contact the one that made it to get a rp started. If that's not the case, I'm sorry, I'm still fairly new to Iwaku even though I signed up months ago.
  6. Yes you can, most likely
  7. Alright, thank you for your help!^^
  8. it's what I made the guide for, glad someone found it useful