Creating a Steampunk/Fantasy Setting

Discussion in 'ROLEPLAY HELP & DISCUSSION' started by Lonewolf888978, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Helloooooo fellow world builders. I'm looking for a partner or two to help build a LARGE scale world, including several nations, races, creatures, technology, and magic.
    I was thinking of making it where the Steampunk aspect was intertwined with the magic of a fantasy setting, making magic useful in creating things, not just combat.
    Alot of the world itself is still unknown for me, which is why I want your help :)

    For races, I figured they would be ideologically different, the races either being either predominantly magic based (Races like Elves and Gnomes.) or technology based (Humans and Dwarves), and those that value a mixture of the two (Greenskins and Halflings.) I have a few other races in mind, but those are just some examples.

    PM me if interested :)