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  1. Guilds. Groups. Orders.

    Hello, I'm guygombaa. I'm new here, but I thought that shouldn't stop me. Also, I'm really bored. I should probably join an RP soon.

    Anyway, to the point. Guilds are important to your world. They can build or destroy everything. Or maybe they don't effect anything.

    Your task is to create a Guild for your world. They can be any sort of guild. Assassins. Scholars. Fools. Wizards. Or maybe something purely mundane, like a guild of baking.
    • Name of your guild?
    • Purpose of your guild?
    • How does the guild earn money?
    • How does the public view your guild?
    • Where is your guild's base?
    • What is your guilds base like?
    • How did your guild come to be?
    • Has your guild been involved in any important events?
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    • Name of the guild: The Shadowfire guild.
    • Purpose of the guild: To fight mages using their arts for evil or their own gain at the expense of others, and other creatures of darkness.
    • How the guild earns money: Most of their money comes from the loot of those the kill, be it a mage's tomes (the ones not containing illegal magic), or a minotaur's horn.
    • How the public views the guild: Most do not know of it, as it is but a small guild, mostly made up of dwarves. They do their best to keep a low profile, relying on sources from around the land to tell them of dangers needing to be taken care of, or offering their services to local lords and such.
    • Where the guild's base is: In the Dwarven capital, The Halls of Grondem, on the lowest levels of the Guild halls.
    • What the guild's base is like: One of the many halls in the capital. The main hall is, of course, where most of the hunters eat, drink and talk amongst themselves. Through a archway on the one side of the hall, you have the private rooms and the kitchen, the residential wing, essentially. On the other side of the hall, another archway leads to the armories, forges and libraries, the wing one goes to to prepare oneself for the next mission, both to re-arm and to read up on what they will be fighting.
    • How the guild came to be: The High Lord of the Dwarves found the guards of the local towns to be lacking in ways of fighting mages and other magical creatures raiding their towns. And so, he formed a small group of hunters specialized in fighting such creatures. The group did hunt mages and creatures of darkness for quite some time, until the High Lord felt they were no longer needed, and disbanded them. Deciding that they could still earn money form their skills, and formed the Shadowfire guild to do just such a thing.
    • The guild's involvement in any important events: Not truly involved, but if you ask any of them, they'll claim to have stopped everything from Goblin infestations to demonic invasions.
    • Name of your guild?: Order of Razor's Edge
    • Purpose of your guild: To bring peace and equality to the land by eliminating those who would cause calamity.
    • How does the guild earn money: By taking it from "the rightfully vanquished"
    • How does the public view your guild: It varies. Some agree with them, arguing that the Order has done well to rid the land of greedy power brokers, while others think they're just a bunch of murderous thieves targeting the rich and powerful.
    • Where is your guild's base: Hidden somewhere in the forest.
    • What is your guilds base like: The entrance to it is an ancient-looking well. Underneath, however, is where it becomes interesting. Maze-like passageways of stone lead to the Commons room, in which is a massive circular table around which the Order discusses matters such as the next target, and how they should handle their funds. Other rooms are for storing the Order's wealth an supplies, and separate, personalized rooms house the members themselves.
    • How did your guild come to be: Started by a small group of average thieves, they eventually started targeting the rich and the politically potent. As people began to ponder what the group's motives could be, more and more quested to join, transforming the band of bandits into a legitimate guild.
    • Has your guild been involved in any important events: They have been involved in several political assassinations.

    • Name of your guild: The Guild of the Avenging Flame
    • Purpose of your guild: Violent anarchist revolutionaries; to burn down civilization
    • How does the guild earn money: looting from places burned
    • How does the public view your guild: The public views the guild as a group of psychotic pyromaniacs hell bent on burning the world to ash.
    • Where is your guild's base: A fireproof stronghold in the mountains
    • What is your guilds base like: An abandoned military stronghold, now covered in scorch marks from the guild's practices.
    • How did your guild come to be: It started as a support group for pyromaniacs, but soon they discovered they had political interests in common as well...
    • Has your guild been involved in any important events: The razing of many a village and a failed revolt.
  2. The Band of Mercenaries
    Purpose of the guild
    King Edgar's kingdom has fallen after his kingdom being conquered by his arch nemesis, the mighty dark elf prince, Midas. So with only 5000 Z and his loyal dwarven soldier, Mitronovus he embark to a quest that he will gather the world's finest warrior to be up against Midas.

    How does the guild earn money?
    King never intended to seek money but yet again how does he pay for his mercenaries? So he would do sub quest to get paid as well as retained his prestige not as king but as a guild master.
    How does the public view your guild?

    King Edgar never really pique the interest by high class society since he was looked down after having a huge lost but many quest were came by from the low class society upto middle class society since they were all were thankful to him for giving them the power to live before.

    Where is your guild's located?

    The Guild Tend to move from 1 place to another since King Edgar wants to search for a rightful soldier to be part of his guild

    Has your guild been involved in any important events?
    There's no significant event revolves around the guild other than to restrain humanity back from the dark elf
    • Name of your guild? As Black As Satan's Hide.
    • Purpose of your guild? To troll
    • How does the guild earn money? We have day jobs.
    • How does the public view your guild? Some don't like us, others clap when they see us on the streets.
    • Where is your guild's base? In the nether realm.
    • What is your guilds base like? Moderate.
    • How did your guild come to be? One man decided to created it.
    • Has your guild been involved in any important events? Yes, other than trolling them, we've done charity work. While trolling them.
    • Name of your guild?
    The Guild of Working Men.

    • Purpose of your guild?
    No set purpose. Typically related to construction, repair, or war time efforts though.

    • How does the guild earn money?
    Being contracted to lords or wealthy individuals.

    • How does the public view your guild?
    Mostly in a good eye. Most craftsmen outside of the guild dislike them due to their tendency to be hired more often.

    • Where is your guild's base?
    In the northern reaches of Aldis, a small fiefdom referred to as Leines though more often as Leik after the dead lord.

    • What is your guilds base like?
    A once destroyed castle most of the stone has been mended. Despite the relative depravity of the area the castle is well furnished and since the overtaking of it by the Guild of Working Men it has seen many improvements. Chief among them was an outer wall to protect the guild members homes from any hostile raids while they were pursuing contracts.

    • How did your guild come to be?
    During the Siege of Castle Leik the guild held the castle for six years until the attackers were quelled by Lord Derrian.

    • Has your guild been involved in any important events?
    The Siege of Castle Leik is the most noted, though they're seen in almost every siege constructing war machines or fortifications.