Created a game but has no interest... Help?Ideas?

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  1. Hello I created a group game but have not had any takers as of yet and I was wondering if the idea just isn't well thought out or if I made some mistakes? If there just isn't any interest I understand but I would like help in fixing it if there is interest and I had made some mistakes that turned people off from it. Thank you so much.


    Link below.

    The War For Time
  2. Personally, just looking at the introduction, I see a huge chunk of text with no paragraph breaks and a ton of spelling and grammar errors (particularly the run-on sentences and repeated use of "hero's" instead of "heroes"). I read through the first paragraph or so and realized I had no idea what it was actually trying to get across since I was so distracted by the writing itself. Rather off-putting.
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  3. Yeah, presentation matters, a lot. I suggest breaking up that first chunk of text into a few paragraphs and fixing up the spelling/grammar mistakes like Moogle suggested. Also, the size 1 font that you use from that point on is just plain hard to read, and I strongly suggest upping it to normal size. No one's going to want to strain their eyes to read all that. If you're afraid of things taking up too much space, just use tabs or spoiler tags or something -- anything but tiny, hard-to-read text.
  4. I haven't read it in-depth, but generally something I like to see in interest checks is a summary of what your RP has to offer on top before I invest more time reading in it.

    Also don't centre text, please. It makes it harder to read.

    Personal preference is not to use coloured text either. Or if used, do so sparingly. To separate something like titles or key words or something.
  5. I'm not typically a group RPer but it's my understanding that these things usually take time to amass interest in the first place. I'm not sure if you've done this or not already but try making an ad to get more traffic so more people see your thread. Also the people above had great suggestions on how to fix the presentation issues that are there. I was moderately interested in it but yeah those issues made it hard to get through it all
  6. Thank you, I do a lot of my work on my tablet which makes it hard to post but I can see your point now that I am on a computer.
  7. I suggest waiting till you're on a computer to post these kinds of things, then, if at all possible. It's definitely much easier to put together a well-made post that way.
  8. Thank you again, I just don't normally have access to the computer because my roommate is a hog but seeing as it is for the best of any roleplays I join or create I will try and force my way on to the computer more often.
  9. You can RP all you want on mobile devices. I think he meant that it's best not to post big intro threads on mobile
  10. True True, I really do thank you all for your help. I have fixed my thread in the Group Info forum, if you guys have time to pop in a tell me if it looks any better please do but I understand you have already take time out of your day to help me and I really don't want to ask for anymore.
  11. Yeah im bored as all hell at work. I got nothing else to do lol. I'll look at it
  12. Thanks so much, I owe you guys a lot.
  13. I think the color of the text in one large section of the post is too dark. I can't read it
  14. However if i change my prefences to the bright theme i can see it fine lol
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  15. Always remember that several themes have black backgrounds. You can change your text to the default color (regardless of theme) by clicking the "X" at the bottom right of the font color selector (in the rich text editor anyway).

    I also wouldn't recommend using bold, italics, and underline all at the same time, for anything. You definitely don't need underlining for something spanning more than one line; it just makes the text difficult to read.
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  16. Ok, I think its all fixed now and I fixed that one passage that was dark. You guys are super awesome though to take time out of your day to help me with this.
  17. Yup. This.

    Writing a typical post from mobile isn't a big deal (especially if we're just talking about OOC posting). But, when you're going to post something where presentation matters (like the first post of an OOC, interest check, or that sort of thing), then I would definitely wait to get onto a computer.

    If computer time is scarce for you, then I would recommend drafting important posts out on paper first to better organize your thoughts. That way, you don't have to spend so much of your computer time thinking your way through writing it. Most of the work from then on will just be typing it up, proofreading, and formatting.

    Also, since you did start this thread asking about how to get players and not just about how to improve your formatting, I definitely suggest posting up an interest check or RP ad (or both) so that people actively looking for new RP's to join can more easily find yours. Also, the seeking group invites forum is pretty great, too, as you can quickly hand out invites to a bunch of people.

    For more detailed advice on aggressive advertising, you can check out the post I made here. Although it was directed at someone else, I think most of what I said here would apply to anyone looking for more players. Unlike the OP of the linked thread, though, you don't exactly have a super niche RP that would be really hard to advertise for, so, you don't have to go quite as balls-to-the-walls as I suggested doing here. XD I imagine that just following at least some of the suggestions here would get you a fairly respectable number of players.
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