Create your own Kingdom and see how it flourishes or crumbles!

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  1. I'm thinking of an RP where 2 parties create their own Kingdoms, not just creating one main character, set in the Victorian era. The theme I'd like it to fall under is Fantasy. Let me know what you think if interested. Any input is welcome.
  2. I would be interested in this! Would it be in a different world with different race or pretty much earth based? By Fantasy, what do you mean with that term? It can be pretty large...
  3. It can be earth based or pure fantasy with whatever race you come up with, and yes, I imagine this RP to be large just because you wouldn't be jus controlling a main character, but also your realm. :)
  4. I was thinking of starting with a small nomadic clan of people and making them settle down. What type of geography would you like? More mountainous, islands, plains, marshes or what? If we make a world it would be best to start with those important details :3!

    Making an inhospitable world would be fun, I think.

    Let's see, we would need plenty of already established kingdoms and settlements as well to make the Victorian era believable and linking them together for trades, alliance and wars.
  5. I haven't given much thought about geography much, but we could separate the lands. Have an area where there's mountains and another with lots of water, ect. Hmm, we should make a map and mark where the kingdoms and settlements are lol. I like wars. Anything with action.
  6. Alright, so you want a sole continent, with possibly a few isles here and there, is that right?
  7. Yep, you got it. Is there anything you'd like included?
  8. I would like to be in a marsh, with a mountain nearby for stone slabs and such. Our territories could be separated by a desert or lake to make war or trade more difficult between the two nations at first. What about you?
  9. A fertile place for wood and food and such. A desert separating the two sounds good.
  10. Alright, so next, do we keep it strictly human without magic?
  11. Nah, it's definitely a fantasy world. Magic and whatever else you come up with is good :)
  12. Any idea for magic and races? I'm at a blank for now ^^'...
  13. Lol well there can be elves, fey, sprites... Etc. create your own race even :) this calls for imagination. I'm in the works in creating my race ^^
  14. Sirens

    Beautiful spirits ofwater, they love to sing and are know to drown the foolish in theirwatery domains. They are not able to leave water at all. Their bluishskin and fish tails make them nearly invisible in water and quitegood swimmer. Gills and webbed hands and ears complete their aquaticlooks. Very vain, they like to gaze at themselves and wear jewelrymade of seashells and flowers.

    Marsh Elves

    Said to be born fromthe coupling of a man and the queen of the Sirens, those being of mudand algae are unable to withstand the dryness of the desert but areotherwise able to walk on land with their webbed feet. Dark green incolour and muddy in texture, this race do not look appealing to all,differing greatly from their alleged mother race.


    The product of a MarshElf and a Desert Spirit, those beings of great strenght and temperare as green and burly as they come and are terrifying opponents.They can walk to all type of lands and are very brutal in their verynature.

    Desert Spirits

    Mysterious hunchedfigures from the desert, they haunt the dunes, their dark formswrapped in sand coloured cloaks.

    Not much, but those will be the inabitant of my realm for now.
  15. I'm saddened that I came too late for this T-T
  16. ^^; sorry, I just didn't want this to be too huge of an RP.
  17. I'll post my info soon.
  18. Humans: No magical abilities. They rely on science and technology for survival and ease of living.
    - Mediums: Those who are gifted with Spirit Sight. To see the spirits or ghosts of those who have passed.
    - Seers: Those who can both see spirits of the dead and see into the future.

    - Witches/Wizards: Those who have dabbled into the Dark Arts of magic. These creatures can be beautiful... for a price, and will always pay an ugly price for all the magic they do.

    - Sorceress/Sorcerers: The ultimate of Dark Arts usage. These creatures are chosen by sacrifising themselves to become the greater evil, but the price does not always gauruntee a revival into this darkness...

    - Fey: Also known as world-bound Angels. They get their power from life around them - they don't take life - they use it as a tool to either prolong life or save life. Plants use the photosynthesis to regenerate, this is how Fey gain their magical abilities. In other words, they are Children of the Sun.

    - Angels: A form of life away from the physical world. Guides of the living and good willed people. These beacons of hope possess the power of Light and ever more sustaining than the Fey's abilities, but they rarely interven with the living as they are to be influential beings.

    Flower Faeries: Small creatures that are born from special kinds of flowers. They are said to be the light in the darkness.

    Sprites: Born from water and are also small creatures. They tend to stay in or near water. It is rare to see them in their True Form.

    Sorry I had no idea the thread wasn't open. I've reopened it. No wonder I haven't had any replies...
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