EXERCISE Create an Event #9

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    Using your own imagination, create a significant event that is connected to the picture above in some way. Remember that this connection does not have to be the event taking place nearby or the event having created this situation. As an optional challenge, use the following words in your response:

    Sun, revision, rebirth
  2. “Sun, Sun pick up the phone.” A voice along with a receiver being pushed into Suns face was all he knew on the last Thursday of this soggy November morning.

    “Hello?” He was able to finally say. His eye still adjusting to the light.

    “Yes, this is Sun Cater speaking.” The voice on the other end of the line crackled and faded relaying strange news. Looking over at the clock on his nightstand then over to the calendar on the wall Sun realized what day it was and stood up.

    “Yes Sir, I’ll be there. The address? OK no its fine that’s one I won’t soon forget.” After he hung up the phone Sun found the clothes from the day before and after kissing his wife goodbye he raced out the door.

    “What do you mean a revision to the will?” She called to him but the door to his late model VW had already closed and its lights clicked on. Rolling backwards out of the driveway and then shifting its vintage gears Sun got the Beetle on its way towards 1621 Harvest Drive.

    His heart racing. Could it really be true? The wrinkle in time the static in the night sky they had said was just a comic disturbance could it really be happening all over again? Had all his calculations been right all along? Was a worm hole possible, a time jump possible?

    As he arrived the news vans had all vanished, the place was empty. It didn’t make any sense what had been told? Where was this rebirth, this new beginning that they were talking about? As he stepped onto the dead grass a voice came to him from inside the house.

    “Come inside, we have just served up the pie and hot coffee. Join us in the feast.” Confused yet willing Sun went inside to what he hoped would the start of something new. Something he could return to time and time again even if no one would ever believe him.
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  3. Ellen Wallace walked up to the massive front doors of her grandparents' manor. This was a very sad time for Ellen because her beloved Grandfather Joseph Wallace had passed away about a week ago, and Ellen had to read about it in the paper. She attended the funeral but no one spoke to her, and Ellen didn't want to be here for the reading of the will. However the lawyer for her Grandfather said she needed to be here, because he was leaving something to her and she should be here to take ownership. Ellen couldn't care less what it was she wanted only two things. One to have her Grandfather back, and two for her family to leave her alone.

    Ellen hadn't been to this place in five years. She was 18 when her parents and her were visiting for the Christmas holidays. Ellen got into a massive and heated argument with her parents and the majority of the family about her future. Her family wanted her to go to Stanford and eventually Law School, but Ellen wanted to go to USC and be a screenwriter. The family thought that being an screenwriter was beneath them and this destroyed their plans of having Ellen eventually marry Chad Weston. Chad's family owned many of the radio and tv stations on the West Coast, and if Ellen married him then their publishing company would merge with the Weston's companies creating a media empire. The family hoped that Ellen being a lawyer would also catapult her into politics. The whole thing made Ellen want to puke. Anyway all that was over now her Grandfather sold the company to a firm in New York, and everything else had been taken care of. Now all that was left was the disposal of the house and the contents there in.

    Ellen was currently working full time as a bartender at a place called "The Golden Sun" and going to school part-time. One good thing about being cut off and nearly impoverished the Financial Aid was pretty good. She texted her roommate Melanie, who was also wanted to be a screenwriter, to let her know that she was at the house. Melanie texted back that she was hoping for the best for Ellen, and that she was working on a revision of the climax of their movie idea before she had to go to work. They hated their jobs at the bar but it paid the bills. At this moment though Ellen would've given anything to be at work right now.

    Ellen took a deep breath and brushed her red hair off of her face and said, "Okay let's get it over with." She rang the doorbell and waited. Just then the door opened and standing was the family butler Colin. Colin smiled at Ellen and said, "Good morning Miss Ellen. It's lovely to see you again." Ellen couldn't help herself Colin was jsut as much family to her as anyone else. Maybe even more. Ellen smiled back at Colin and kissed him on the cheek. She said, "Hi Colin I've missed you."

    Colin replied, "Likewise Miss Ellen." He motioned for her to enter the house and Ellen walked in looking around . She said, "Nice to see Granddad replaced the chandelier he and I took out with that rocket we launched in here. I remember my Grandmother didn't talk to either of us for two weeks."

    Colin replied, "Off the record Miss Ellen I never saw him happier than in those two weeks. "

    Ellen chuckled and said, "I assume the vultures are in the living room ready to feast."

    Colin replied, "Yes ma'am Mr. Lewis, your grandfather's lawyer, was stalling hoping you would show up."

    Ellen bowed her head and said, "Okay Colin lead on."

    The two of the walked the massive corridors and many memories came flooding back to Ellen. Not all of them unpleasant but if she smiled it was because of her memories of her Grandfather. They arrived at the edge of the massive living room and Colin said, "Announcing the arrival of Miss Ellen Wallace." Every head in the room turned to Ellen and Ellen very uncertain of herself gave off a weak smile. She glanced over at Colin who gave her a quick wink which made Ellen smile a little more. Ellen entered the room all the way as Colin closed the door. There were about 20 family members in the room and Ellen felt like they were complete strangers to her.

    Ellen looked around and said, "Hey long time no see." She looked at her parents Dan and Tanya and said, "Dad the hairplugs look great, and mom nice to see that the Botox treatments are still working out for you." The gathered family either looked at her with scorn or shook their heads. Mr. Lewis was trying very hard not to smile.

    Her Grandmother Martha looked at Lewis and said, "Let's get on with it shall we."

    Mr. Lewis said, "Very well today we're here for the reading of the last will and testament of Joseph Wallace. It should be noted that..."

    Dan said, "Enough of the formalities get on with it."

    Ellen replied with a smirk, "Yeah dad needs to see how much he can get for the Ferraris on Ebay and mom wants to raid the wine cellar."

    Lewis replied, "Very well then. Just so you know about three years ago Mr. Wallace revised his will. He also had an old family friend read over it to make sure that it was incontestable. That would be Chief Justice John Roberts of the Supreme Court. If you have any issues with it I suggest you call him. There is a paper copy on file at my office. This will is legal and binding." "

    Lewis placed the DVD in the player and cut on the massive viewing screen. The image of Joseph filled the room and Ellen smiled as she gazed upon the man who brought her such joy and laughter. Joseph was laying in his bed hooked up to a breathing machine. He said with a look of disgust on his face, "Well hello everyone," but then he smiled for a moment and said, "Hi Peaches."

    Under her breath Ellen said, "Hi Granddaddy."

    Joseph took a deep breath and said, "Well I won't be surprised if you all aren't sitting there with your hands sticking out expecting a handout. Okay here's your handout." Colin walked around the room and gave everyone one dollar. The looks exchanged and the anger was palpable. Joseph said, "The Manor all it's contents and all my financial assets all goes to Ellen Rebecca Wallace." Every head in the room whipped around to Ellen and Ellen was shocked. She looked over to Lewis and asked, "Is he serious?"

    Joseph replied, "Yes Peaches I'm serious it's all yours now, and you are the executrices of my estate do with it as you see fit."

    Martha growled, "What is the meaning of this?"

    Lewis replied, "We're getting to that."

    Josephs said, "You see just after you all made Ellen feel so horrible about HER decision. I e-mailed her and apologized to her. She e-mailed me back and before you knew it we were e-mailing each other two to three times a day. She didn't want anything at all just a friendly ear to listen to her, and I wanted someone who loved me not my wealth. In her I saw a chance for a rebirth of our family. A generation that didn't care about wealth and power, but cared about working for something they were passionate about. Ellen is passionate about movies and writing and I love it! " Joseph nodded and Colin left the room and then came back in with four massive boxes. Joseph said, "Those are all our e-mails peaches. Every one of them. They are my most prized possessions Ellen. I love you Peaches. I only ask one thing of you..." he choked up a bit and then regained his composure as he said, "Be happy my dear. Be happy Peaches."

    With that the DVD ended and everyone sat in stunned silence. Martha looked at Ellen and said, "Well my dear I'm sure you and I can reach some understandings concerning this situation."

    Ellen nodded and said, "Oh I'm sure too. I understand that I now call all the shots here, so with that in mind. I expect you to be cleared out of here within one week. You may use the house staff if you wish to help you pack. If you're not out of here by then I will have you legally removed." Ellen stood up and looked around the room. She then looked over at Colin and asked, "Would you please escort the rest of the family out of...." she smiled and said, "our house?"

    Colin bowed slightly and replied with a smile, "With pleasure Miss Ellen."

    As the family filed out Ellen called Melanie and said, "Hey do me a favor. Call Eddie at the bar and tell him we quit! We're moving into a new place."
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