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  1. [​IMG]
    Using your own imagination, create a significant event that is connected to the picture above in some way. Remember that this connection does not have to be the event taking place nearby or the event having created this situation. As an optional challenge, use the following words in your response:
    Star, inevitable, era

  2. I guess it was inevitable that we were going to end this way. We sent signals out into deep space and when we got a response, we started a war we didn't even know was possible. A war of the worlds.

    The term aliens makes what happened sound like something out of a sci-fi film, but there isn't another way to describe earth's new visitors. They came to us in large orb like capsules that were believed to be dying stars until they were within a thousand miles outside of our atmosphere. By then it was too late. The orbs had landed in all of the major countries of the world. America, Europe, Russia, Italy, Germany, Great Britian, and other countries in every corner of the globe.

    When they first arrived, they did nothing. The orbs just stayed in their craters and gave the human race no indication that it was in danger. But almost a week after the arrival, we got brave as tried to study them a bit too close. Dr. Colton was an American scientist and the first to do a close interaction with the orbs. I saw the tape of the incident and it is something I will never forget.

    Dr. Colton was completely concealed in a hazmat suit and was accompanied by a military officer who was also in a hazmat and armed with a standard issue M16 rifle. The two men walked up to the orb ever so slowly. There was an tension that even I picked up on by watching the video. Something wasn't right.

    Dr. Colton pulled a medium sized knife and went to cut a sample out of the Orb for experimentation and research. The moment the blade touched orb, it exploded into thousands of little bug like creatures. The creatures covered Dr. Colton's suit and tore their way inside. They are away at his skin, then his flesh, then his organs. The sound of Dr. Colton's agonizing screams shook me to my core and disturbed every fiber in my being.

    The military officer received the same death and the rest of the group left him to die. They drove back to base camp and told everyone. I was the first one to watch the tape once they returned and I was probably the one most effected by it. I was never good at seeing people die. Not in movies, and especially not in real life.

    America drew the short stick; we got the fucking leader orb. When this one attacked Dr. Colton and his guard. It somehow sent a message to every other orb in the world to kill human beings and anything else that wasn't the same species as them. It's been two days since the aliens "flipped the killswitch" and already the number of casualties is over twenty two million and climbing.

    I think this is it, this is the apocalypse. People are dying faster than we can think of any way to possibly defend against the aliens and there is no way to know if anything is affective if someone else finds a strategy, though I don't think anyone would live long enough to spread the information. Almost all governments are collapsed or heading toward a collapse. Hope is almost non-existent and I feel soon we will be non existent as well.

    I don't even know why I'm writing this, no one will be around to read it. It not like this journal will end up being someone's salvation later in the future. The human race is finished, and we brought it upon ourselves. There will be no new era of humans to look back on this even and learn from it, there won't be anyone here to try and help rebuild a small part of the world at a time and ultimately rebuild society.

    No matter how you look at it or phrase it. This is the end of the human race. And we have no one to blame but ourselves
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