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    Using your own imagination, create a significant event that is connected to the picture above in some way. Remember that this connection does not have to be the event taking place nearby or the event having created this situation. As an optional challenge, use the following words in your response

    Touch, darkness, infinite.
  2. ...And this is when they came, They Touch our atmosphere and crashed down. We thought it was a sign of god but we were wrong. The wing beings pretended to be our angles of myth. They told use they were the Infinite, They said they were sent by God to help use keep the lords planet intact. They were kind for the first 3 years, They fixed are suffering farms, Helped the sick, Showed us "Heavenly technology." We were fooled! One day they changed...Changed so horribly. It was like a darkness that engulf the benevolent hearts of are saviors and cause a conversion into cruel Demons of little emotions. They enslaved use and now we live under them, Some still pray but most just refuse to put there callous bared hand together to prey to a false being or a being who believes it can enjoin it's "Angles" to rule use and do it as cruel as possible.

    ~Sasha Oliver, January, 13, 1928.
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  3. The wind was light and teasing, like the caress of a lover that wanted to draw out the moment of intimacy. Its slender fingers reaching out to lift various strands of hair and watch them move about. Neither of the strands moved in front of her face, as though they were afraid to obstruct her view of the sky above. A sky that she had been standing under and watching for some time now. Glowing red orbs looking up into the infinite darkness that stretched on for all eternity. For centuries humans, and other beings, had been fascinated with the heavens above. All of the speculating about what could be up there, what secrets did that darkness and those sparkling specks of light hold, but most of all they wanted to know what was their purpose in this universe. Many spoke of those brilliant lights being long gone, their light only a small remembrance of them and what they had lived through. But could such a thing be true? Could those stars above truly be dead? So many seemed dead set on the idea, but not her. To her, those stars were as alive as she was in that moment. For a moment she even amused the idea that someone was mirroring her at that very moment. Perhaps another female with brilliant eyes was staring straight at her, wondering the same things she was wondering. But then again, she highly doubted that such a thing were possible. For not only were a large collection of stars within the sky, but every now and then one would witness numerous streams of light appearing for moments at a time. Streams of light that seemed harmless but were far from it...

    "Is it safe for you to be out here? Last thing we need is for them to see you and get the foolish notion to attack you." Pulling her red orbs from the sky above, Alisana looked to her right to see a male standing right next to her. She had not heard him walk up which meant he had merely appeared at her side. Was she frightened of him? Not at all. On the contrary she was very pleased to see him. For decades the male had been a joy in her life; since the minute he had released her from those chains and cradled her in his arms, never had she felt any sort of negative emotion toward this male. "Is it really me they are coming for? Has news of their fallen brother's death reached them so quickly that they have gathered up their weapons and sworn to hunt me down?" No fear filled her voice or her gaze. There was no reason for her to fear the winged beings that ruled the heavens and thought themselves holier than any other being in the universe. For centuries they had kept to their clouded sanctuary. For thousands of years they had hidden themselves away from the world and all that inhabited it, choosing to keep a distance instead of learning all they could. Why did they do such things? Was it because they feared the darkness? Did they fear the infinite touch of death that another could bring to them? Then why did they take up arms now? Well, that last question was quite simple to answer. They now left the safe borders of their clouded heaven because news of a female devil rose up and ripped the heart of their fallen brother out of his chest and absorbed all power that he had once held. "Word of Lucifer's death has reached all realms. Yes Alisana, it is you they are coming after."

    The lavender haired devil looked back toward the darkened sky above and watched as even more streaks of light began to take form. Surely her Jack was right, surely they were coming for her. "Will you stand by my side?" A deep chuckle was the answer from the male to her side. Such a foolish question she had asked; of course he would stand at her side. That night that her father's home had burned to the ground with his wretched body within, a silent vow had been formed between her and Jack. A vow that would never be broken and would always be answered no matter the situation. "For once, I am not angry about your answer to that question." They both turned to watch a male with shaggy, black hair and red eyes like her own walking toward them from out of the shadows. At once Alisana went to the arms of her lover and held onto him tightly. Too long had they been separated, both having to live without the touch of the other. Yes they had both been slaves to Lucifer and near each other every day, but that bastard had stolen their memories of the other from them. Plunging them into a life that had been void of something very important. But with the death of the king, and the absorption of his powers, Alisana had been able to restore their memories and fully reunite them once again.

    Not caring who was around or who happened to be watching them in that moment, Alisana lifted up onto the toes of her feet and pressed her lips against Maru's. Her hands gripping onto his shoulders to help steady herself. The kiss was passionate and possessing. Maru's hands moved about her body, needing to touch every part of her that he could. She had left his side only an hour ago, but to them that had felt like an eternity. What would happen when war began? And yes, the angels coming after her would start a war. If word had reached them of Lucifer's death, then surely word had traveled fast throughout the lower realms. But how many of her darker brethren would stand at her side? How many would be willing to go up against an angel? Did it matter? If it meant keeping those she cared about safe, Alisana would face all of heaven by herself. She would look at them with that cold smile of her's and wave them over with a simple movement of her clawed hands. And with each angel that fell at her feet, she would laugh and dance with the joy that only a killer such as herself and the two males with her could ever experience. "We have work to do, Venus."

    "Yes, time to gather your army and prepare for a battle that none have witnessed since the dawn of time." The female devil looked from the male who had become her greatest love to the male that was her oldest and dearest friend. She knew that with both of them standing at her side, she could even take on God himself. If only the bastard would stop hiding and reveal himself to her. Perhaps if she tore off the wings of all of his angels he would do such a thing. Guess she would just have to wait and see. Before they disappeared into the night, Alisana lifted her glowing gaze up to the sky above streaked with the arrival of angels. And as she watched them zoom about, looking for their new enemy and the slayer of their fallen brother, she felt a wicked smile curve her lips. And with that smile came a feeling deep within herself. A feeling that spoke of how anxious she was for this war to begin and how she hoped with every fiber of her dark soul that it would be as much fun as she believed it would be.


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