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    Using your own imagination, create a significant event that is connected to the picture above in some way. Remember that this connection does not have to be the event taking place nearby or the event having created this situation. As an optional challenge, use the following words in your response:
    Television, dome, foam
  2. Catch the pair twin legendary butterfly
    Starting June 1st ending July 1st- July 31st Depending
    Location Yeovil

    Once every 4 years on a night in June this creature above turns to a cocoon and turns into a mystical butterfly which not one is the same. There is a myth though that if there were 2 exactly the same and they breed, the offspring hair will be made of solid gold and will shed every day.

    One man has made a habitat for this creature and has breaded them successfully and for the last 8 years has tried to find a pair with no success. He hasn’t got the time since the butterflies will live for only 3 month until dying. During the 1st month is when they need to be found to start the breeding process.

    The Owner William Garner has built a dome which is the caterpillars’ habitat. When they go into the cocoon the best material William has found is foam which is what the ceiling is made off.

    William has decided to make this public and with an entry fee of 20 pounds and then tent/caravan fees fee’s at 20 pound a night

    There will be Snack wagons around for people to use and a giant outdoor television for people to watch. Also other butterfly collectors merchandise to buy. Campfire's are allowed in selected area's.

    If anyone found an identical pair William will make you a partner and you both will take 50/50 Profits.

    Anyone at the end of this event can take 1 butterfly home.

    Please call 0134783567
    Or email
    for more details.
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  3. The school bell rang and all the students made their way to homeroom class including Elliott Campbell and his best friend Eddie North. They had known each other since 2nd grade and the whole way to school Eddie went on and on about his recent date. Elliott could careless and at his first chance he cut off his friend and looked at him.

    “Ok, shut up for five seconds and listen to me. Did you see it?”

    “See what man?” Eddie pushed Elliott’s hand off his shirt.

    “The television, the newspapers even my laptop everything man its on every channel.”

    “You’ve lost your mind. What the hell are you talking about? I was sleeping.”

    “Look, get your phone check. It’s called the super bug or something. It gets into everything its dome’s day. It’s over.” Elliott added a sound effect. "Remember what that tech guy said? But this is worse than an EMP man... this is global."

    “Your nuts, my phone is fine.” Eddie checked but his background had the same image. Looking at his friend he gasped.

    “What the….” Eddie tried different buttons but nothing worked. It was stuck with the same image. Even with the battery out of it the image was there. He blinked in total disbelief.

    “See…” As Elliott pointed to the phone an announcement came on from the vintage P.A. System that the school never used, yet due to its natuere it was working with crackling and popping in the line. The message was broken up and half cut up but in short classes was canceled and students were to return home as soon as possible or stay and wait for their parents but teachers and staff were unable to teach due to a massive technical attack on the equipment. All over the classroom girls were screaming and shouting.

    “Now what?” Eddie looked at his friend and Elliott just shrugged.

    “I don’t know man. Short of foaming at the mouth you think I’m crazy now?”
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