EXERCISE Create a Swamp

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  1. Swamplands are generally these big forested areas of standing water. Not deep water, but deep enough to be murky, wet, and occasionally kind of creepy. These wetlands are host to all sorts of interesting creatures and plants. They also make awesome settings in worlds!

    In this exercise, create a SWAMP!

    Things to Note:

    • Swamps, Marshes, Bogs, and fens are all different things with different characteristics. Do some research!
    • A swamp always has some sort of tree cover.
    • Swamps generally have shallow waters that are murky.
    • There can be freshwater and saltwater swamps!
    • What are some local lore and legends about your swamp?
    • Does anyone make their home there or live nearby it?
    • What sort of creates live in and around your swamp?
    • What sort of plants and trees are in your swamp?
  2. The waters had been calm. The alligators swam under the moonlight, lazing away as the nocturnal creatures roamed through the tall and lithe nearly infinite number of watchful trees and taking the utmost steps to avoid the waters, which resembled portals into nothingness and doom. If one were to glance around, it would seem as if vines were slithering.

    In what should have been a foreboding and dark place was the most unusual sense of 'life.' Everything seemed to be connected, and all which entered would gain a terrifying feeling of some foreign force trying to assimilate all which dared tread here. This was the sort of nature few were sickened to positively speak of, not even in stories of fantasy or the outdoors would rarely venture here without a desire to inspire fear into others.

    This swamp. This was a place for horror.

    From the water laid a beast on its back. This beast was dressed in the muck and muds. Its body was a build of bulk and some sort of plant-like muscle. Slowly it rose, the waters shifting some, but never becoming more visible than they were now, and that was little. The silent peace of the swamps remained as the creature stood tall, and took light steps, little splashes going off as it moved on ahead.

    With this being guarding the land, there was little to fear. For all the fear it had inspired over the years, it was friendly. It dusted off a few bugs, and blinked: Its eyes were strangely red like a demon, and yet they held such an amount of humanity unseen, the remains of what had once been a man. But whoever it was, they had become what was seen at first as an abomination. But he was apart of the planet, whether it was this dark swamp and all its mush and branches fallen. It was all this that the elemental protected.

    They've come to call him the Swamp Thing.


  3. *Beats with a stick!* D:< World building exercise, not a smartass building exercise!