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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Jborhi Ari, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. I am looking for someone who is willing to do a roleplay with me. I am willing to role-play about anything, but would prefer if it was something fantasy. Thanks for reading. Please respond if interested.:jump:
  2. So... Any preferences/boundaries? (XD I'm flexible but I also have my own preferences and boundaries but I can try working around them) Totally wasn't stalking you o.o
  3. Ya... Don't believe that... and... I'm not sure
  4. Well... Crap, I usually need at least a "spark" idea or something to start anything really X.X
  5. same... and I have no real Ideas sadily
  6. Gimme a moment and I'll get in the zone for a little brainstorming >.< (We could do a DnD/Dark souls spinoff roleplay or something if I can't think of anything else)
  7. i am interested also, what about zombies or marvel? just ideas!
  8. Hmm, how about we all list a few ideas and see what would happen if we metaphorically stick them in a blender? o.o
  9. Marvel sounds interesting, what were you thinking
  10. hmm let me think, marvel has rich quality
  11. Gonna have to get me up to speed on the Marvel thing >.< just saying o.o
  12. okay what about a new line of avengers
  13. OC's? o.o that sounds intrigueing....
  14. we could use real character and originals
  15. I guess that will work... Whaddaya think @Jborhi Ari
  16. Sounds good... just have to figure out which marvel character I want to be
  17. I'll go think up one myself (once we get character sheets and a proper roleplay page up and running)
  18. i think i'll be cap, if thats okay, if not i'll be hawkeye
  19. Sure that'll be fine I guess XD
  20. do you wanna be leader?