Create a Spell Book!

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[BCOLOR=#ffffff]Hi People! So, magic...[/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#ffffff] [/BCOLOR]
[BCOLOR=#ffffff]In this challange, you must create a short magic book describing various spells and explaining how to use them. You can create as many spells as you wish, but they must all be linked. For example, you can't have a spell that creates rainbows, then the next spell be something that creates living fried chicken. [/BCOLOR](don't use that example......... it's bad)[BCOLOR=#ffffff]So, here are a few ground rules...[/BCOLOR]
  1. All spells MUST be linked in some form.
  2. Only 1 entry.
  3. No explicit content (not that you'd do that in a book of spells...)
  4. No editing your entry (trust me, I'll know if you edited it...)
  5. No breaking the above rules. And this one. If you do, your entry will be immediately deleted.
Ok, so here is some coding if you need it:

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Book name:
Book author:
{slide=<insert spell name here>}(copy this tab as needed)
Name of spell:
How to cast the spell:
Description of spell:{/slide}
Ok, so enter if you want and when you're ready!


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    Book name: Introduction to Horticultural Magic
    Book author: Arynn Snithe
    Theme: Educational
    Blub: wth is blub{/slide}


    Name of spell: Reading
    How to cast the spell: Hover the tips of your fingers as close to the root system of the plant as possible, and transfer a small portion of neutral energy into it.
    Remain neutral as you allow this energy to activate the natural magic in the plant
    Carefully move your fingers up the roots and stem(s) of the plant to read the amount and flow of energy in it
    Description of spell: This spell allows you to assess the magical energy in a plant{/slide}

    Name of spell: Painting
    How to cast the spell: Activate the energy in the desired part of the plant; carefully shift the light-refracting elements in the plant's surface until the desired colour is achieved
    Description of spell: This spell allows you to colour a plant{/slide}

    Name of spell: Jumping
    How to cast the spell: Activate the energy in the roots and leaves and/or petals of the plant; accelerate the function of this energy and if possible, increase its sunlight and water exposure. Move your hand with purpose in the direction you would like the plant to grow; allow time for the plant's mass to increase appropriately
    Description of spell: This spell allows you to assess the magical energy in a plant{/slide}


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Book Name:
The Beginnings of Earth Magick

Book Author:
Bumbleberry Withersnout

The book's theme is centered around the beginning of Earth Magick and how to properly acquaint yourself with it.


Name of spell:

How to cast the spell:
First you must make your way to an earthy patch of ground and dig your appendages into the dirt. Make sure they are completely covered by the soil and then repeat: "Minerals of might, reveal yourself to me this night" thrice times. Make sure you are channeling your magick into the soil and imagine you are heaving up the gemstones from their beds to the surface.

Description of spell:
This spell is a very useful ones for those who work with gemstones and various other minerals. Depending on your skill level of magick, this spell can retrieve large sums of gems for potions, other spells, and charms.


Name of Spell:

Soileose Propriatarium

How to cast the spell:
As with most of Earth magick spells, you need soil to cast this. Dip only your fingertips into the soil of your choice and while infusing your magick with the soil chant: "Reveal to me the properties of this earth" once.

Description of Spell:
This spell will tell you if there are any properties contained in the soil you cast it upon. This can include, magical, medicinal, or even scientific properties as well.


Name of Spell:
Enchantess Terram

How to cast the spell:
With the given earth or soil, you must form the amount into a pile and indent the dirt in the middle with your left thumb. Then calling forth the ancient powers of the earth element you must channel your magickal energy into the depression and recite these words: "Give me the power to enchant this terra with properties of ___" The blank should be whatever properties you wish the earth to have.

Description of Spell:
This spell will allow you to enchant soil with any properties that you're capable of.