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  1. Hello! Today we're going to be doing an exercise called "Create-a-Species!". The premise of this exercise is that you come up with a completely original species that falls under one of these categories:
    Fel [Demon]
    Ethereal [Heavenly/Celestials]

    If you don't know how to start with creating your species for this challenge, than you can use the form provided below and add to it as you see fit!

    Name of Species:
    Origin of Species:
    Personality Traits?:
  2. Name of Species: Sprite
    Origin of Species: Created by a deity
    Appearance: Like tiny elves, invisible to most other races via an innate psychic ability to distract others from their presence.
    Culture Themes: A strong connection with nature, as well as reclusive tendencies

    I replaced 'personality' with 'culture themes' since I don't like to apply an individualist thing like personality to an entire race, but different cultures can affect the personalities of the persons within that culture, so I described the influence that way.
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  3. Name of Species: Cloudi

    Origin of Species: The Cloudi naturally evolved over time in their home, which is an island in the sky. They developed their appearance with the help of the Life-fire, a magic source of energy that keeps the island afloat in the clouds. They were once human, but due to a catastrophic event, they followed the island into the sky.

    Their appearance is mostly based on what kind of bird they take after, so an eagle Cloudi might be more bulky and strong with brown wings, and a hawk would be muscular and quick, and a raven or crow would be thinner but still quick to move and fly.

    The rest of their appearance is varied. All of them would have feathers in their hair, the color figured by what the shade of their hair is. Their wings color could range from any type of bird. They would have sharper fingernails that sort of curve like talons, and it would be the same for their feet. Their feet would also be rougher up to about mid-calf, like an actual birds foot. This does not apply to all of them.

    Most of them wouldn't have hair on their bodies, but facial/chest/arm/leg hair could occur. Some can possess beaks or feathered tails, but this is not a general rule for all of them. They have normal teeth like humans and their faces are angular and generally more hawkish and thin in appearance, with longer noses and higher cheekbones.

    Personality Traits: Because they take after birds, many Cloudis have a natural reaction to flee instead of fight. This does not mean that they cannot, or will not, fight, but they dislike confrontation. Many Cloudis are gifted in the arts, particularly singing. They do not easily trust anyone who is not like them and are quick to leave a situation in which they are alone. However, they are all unique and enjoy doing a variety of things.

    Extra: I have a Cloudi character that is always ready to be roleplayed! His name is Saraph Vireo and he's a singer on the island.

    He's roughly 6'2" feet tall with black wings and hair, dark blue-purple eyes. He takes after a black nightingale, so he's not exactly muscular or bulky, but he has some meat on him, making him thinner than most. His clawed fingers and toes are less pronounced than others, being based around a smaller bird. His skin is a darker shade of tan and he has no beak or tail.
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  4. Name of Species: Whistalli ("Whist" for short)

    Origin of Species: Lost in the depths of Time. Perhaps they have been around since the Earth's Creation, if not the Creation of the Universe, perhaps as much a part of the "natural order" as humanity itself.

    Appearance: Adult Whist are no bigger than a housecat, possess a small pair of wings able to beat fast as a hummingbird's, allowing them to hover and move in any direction at will. Fur coloration varies, but tends to earth-tones, lighter on the underside, darker "up top." A ruff/mane of longer fur crests their heads, their ears long yet slender, muzzles short, teeth sharp. Very lean yet athletic, no clothing to cover what they have. Pawhands clawed and dexterous, each with four fingers and a thumb. Fore and hind limbs long and slender, fore able to serve as arms or "legs"... hind digitigrade, five toes able to grip almost as well as fingers, even without opposable digits (they can flare their toes very wide). Eyes are very wide and bright... intense, with a wide variety of color. Reds, yellows, blues, greens... no one color more "popular" than another.

    Personality Traits?: Whist are the opposites of what we call "gremlins." As a species, they consider it their duty to "undo" the damage their gremlin cousins cause in the human world, to select a Territory and protect those in need who live upon it. Young males, when they come of age, acquire a belt and a set of "magic" tools to assist them in their work. Once they have found and settled on a Territory-for-Life, they will "call" for a mate and establish a family there.

    Extra: Whist, being "fey" creatures (of a sort), cannot normally be seen by humans. However, like those rare humans who can see "faeries"... there are some humans who can, at least in part, gain an "awareness" that something is about. Enough that they might start leaving food out for their unseen "guest." And if a Whist is willing, they can "gift" The Sight to a worthy person, simply by touching them on the face.
  5. Species Type: Undead

    Species Name: Soulless

    Origin of species: After a meltdown at an ancient the Alchemical power plant which harnessed the raw arcane energy products of transmutation and converted it into electricity, the unchecked energies, much like nuclear radiation, bleed into the land and slowly warped it. Within a mere few years, the energy, still too strongly concentrated for even highly skilled Arcanists (who would essentially work like hazmat) to contain, seeped low enough and started to reanimate the corpses in the local grave yards. When these foul creatures eventually made their way to cities, they were embraced by their living relatives, who found only the aggressive and vengeful shells of their lost loved ones, deeming the newly-raised dead to be without their original souls.

    Appearance: Humanoid at first glance, but upon further inspection, one can see the obvious traces of rotting flesh and exposed bone. Each individual has their own unique appearances; they are just as varied in their looks if not more so in undeath than in life.

    Each "subspecies" has their own particular culture traits, but in general they stick close to the field of wild arcane energy that reanimated them, the same area once being their "final" resting place and for some their original home. Further, while most see them as mindless creatures who kill merely to kill, others see them as new souls inhabiting old bodies, killing people they once knew or vaguely recognize so their victims may join them in undeath and they may be reunited with their kin.


    Lost Warriors: Fallen soldiers and Knights. Once brave and valiant souls of dignity and honor, they have become no better than the mindless brutes they fought off in ages past, attacking anything other than other Soulless that falls in their line of sight. Still skilled in the warrior's arts, they are just a fierce in battle now as they were at their peak in life.

    Abattoir Ghouls: These sadistic monsters were once butchers and the like. Most tend to knock their victims and take them back to abandoned places of butchery so they can slaughter them much as they would've an animal. Abattoir Ghouls are seen as the least humane of all the Soulless.

    Wolfcriers: A variety of commonplace people, often those who used deception as a means to get what they wanted. Most Wolfcriers, unlike the implications of the name, cry much like someone injured or terrified, evoking a sense of pity in their victims, who then come to see what is wrong with the poor person. The Wolfcrier then turns as their victim gets close enough and pounces, shredding the unfortunate soul to pieces with their teeth, nails, and exposed finger bones.

    Skeletons: Soulless held together by arcane energy alone. None can tell what they were in life, as they don't seem to do anything but roam around, bones creaking in the dark of night as they wander, searching for their final respite, or someone to put them to it. Second least aggressive of the Soulless subspecies.

    Rejoiners: The more recently buried, likely just before the meltdown, who have yet to be heavily affected by decomposition, giving them a relatively similar appearance to what they had in life. The least aggressive, rejoiners still do cause many, many deaths among living populations. Their still-present muscles combined with heavy amounts of arcane energy has given them the ability to talk like normal people. Often they use their strangely melodic voices to lure grieving and unwary people closer to the "redzone", whereupon they are ambushed by more violent Soulless, or to convince them to do themselves in and join the Soulless ranks. Called "Rejoiners" because of their self-proclaimed desire to "rejoin the living with their lost kin."
  6. Name of Species: Chomp chumps (species isn't scientifically recognized)
    Origin of Species: Descendants of normal dogs brought underground as company during a mining expedition. The tunnels collapsed, trapping the workers, who eventually died of hunger, while the dogs bred and survived off of the underground creatures.
    Appearance: Short, blocky body, slightly long head with no eyes and a giant mouth. Has features of multiple breeds of dog.
    Personality Traits?: Although their first reaction to smelling a living creature is trying to eat it, they can be tamed, and are only slightly less friendly than a normal dog when that happens.