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  1. The title says it all. Create a profile for someone that people would look up to as a role model. This doesn't necessarily have to be a morally good role model, and xe doesn't actually have to be as good as people think xe is. The character can come close to OP, but please try not to cross the line. Also, the character does not have to belong to a specific genre or species.

    Character Sheet
    Appearance (picture, description, or both):
    Weaknesses (at least one):
    Who's looking up to xim and why?:
    Does xe believe it is deserved? Why or why not?:
    Theme song (optional):

    And here's my example.

    Name: Juliana Cage
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance (picture, description, or both): Hie.600.647225.jpg
    On stage, her grin is the closest thing anyone is going to get to a personality. But off stage, she shows her true colors as a kind and modest individual, believing her "status as a star" is not nearly as important as treating others with respect.
    Talents: She is a fantastic singer and a pretty good dancer.
    Weaknesses (at least one): She has cripplingly low self-esteem; no matter how hard she works on perfecting her art, she never feels like it's good enough.
    History: No one really knows where Juliana's mother is, but Juliana has never known her and doesn't miss her. Juliana's father works for a record studio, and his business seemed to be doing pretty poorly at first. After a while, no one wanted to sign deals with him because some other people who had done so nearly went bankrupt. So he made his own record using his daughter's voice, thinking the cute quality of her voice (she was 10 at the time) would at least get the attention of a couple of people. The record sold far better than almost any other, and the two kept going, getting more and more popular along the way.
    Who's looking up to xim and why?: The people who enjoy her music look up to her because they believe that if she could start at 10, nearly anyone could become a popular singer at a later age.
    Does xe believe it is deserved? Why or why not?: She would undoubtedly say no; the fact that she got popular was probably due to the amount of advertising her siblings (two older brothers, a younger brother, and a younger sister) spread through word of mouth. Many of the CDs were bought out of pity, and there are very few people who actually like the way she sounds, especially in recent years.
    Theme song (optional): Kisaragi Attention
  2. Character Sheet

    Name: Kazuto Feleix

    Gender: Male

    Age: 21

    Appearance (picture, description, or both): [​IMG]

    Personality: Kazuto is always cool and collected always playing mister hero. He loves and cares for his little sister and brother. But Kazuto can act like a small child,irrational, when others he cares about are in danger he will often put himself in danger.

    Talents: Plays Piano, Violin, hes also well versed in street fighting.

    Weaknesses (at least one): His irrationality when it comes to his loved ones, and his past, and his need to be a hero.

    History: Kazuto's parents died when he was 19, leaving him too care for his two younger siblings. Though Kazuto at that point had been unable too care about people other then himself. He had joined a gang soon after the death of his parents. he got in a shit tone of problems and a shit tone of trouble, after a while his sisters and his brother began too follow in his footsteps of trouble, after a large incident with his brother he was snapped back too reality and started to clean up his act. Now working a part-time job,taking care of his sibblings and attending collage, Kazuto is doing his best.

    Who's looking up to xim and why?: His siblings, because they love him and how hard hes worked too make them have a good life.

    Does xe believe it is deserved? Why or why not?: No, he thinks its his duty since he caused so much touble in the beginning and dosen't desvered too be looked up too.

    Theme song (optional):

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  3. Name: Calendula
    Gender: Female
    Age: 19
    Appearance: http://s514.photobucket.com/user/dark_emo_girl98/media/Rpcs/NekoGirl.jpg.html
    Personality: quiet, clever, down-to-earth, cold
    Talents: uses Wiccan magic, Neko
    Weaknesses (at least one): scared of fire
    History: Calendula was brought in from the streets by a wealthy young witch who wanted a friend. She assisted the young witch and helped her become the greatest.
    Who's looking up to xim and why?: The wealthy young witch because she admires her magic talent.
    Does xe believe it is deserved? Why or why not?: Calendula doesn't really realize that the young witch looks up to her. She just thinks that she made a decent teacher.
    Theme song (optional):