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  1. Its pretty straight forward. As someone who likes monsters It'd be cool to see some of the monsters and weird creatures you guys would create since I'm new here.

    Heres one of mines I call the Hell Seeds/Brood

    Name: ???
    Weight: ???
    Height: Varies
    Nicknames: The Brood, Hell Seeds

    It’s hard to believe these sun craving organisms started as seeds. Where the seeds came from very few know. These bone based life forms are much of an anomaly as creation. What is known is that they can grow in any environment as long as there is sunlight no matter how extreme the conditions may be. Their strength and speed is in direct correlation to how large they are and how close they are to the sun. Ex: fighting a horde of these creatures on Neptune would be substantially easier than fighting them on Mercury where their increase in strength would make them near impossible to not only defeat but to kill off before they can reproduce. Most difficulties arise when they begin to fuse together and attack in ways that defy physics itself. Capable of altering life-force in waves, these creatures when gaining enough momentum can absorb the entirety of bioforce in the universe one solar system at a time.


    Cortical Dominance: Able to grow bones and muscle like tendrils at will, these hellish creatures can grow their mass accordingly to meet any strength or density that they desire.

    Sun Mimicry: Somewhat akin to how Saiyans would use a ball of energy to mimic the moon in order to transform. The Brood, though they did not think individually were known to create a pseudo suns from blazing hot energy to increase their powers as a group . When allowed they’re able to produce suns of any caliber and it is rumored that that many of the stars in the sky are results of such where these beings reign supreme.

    Burning Affinity: The entirety of their strength is based off of the sun. They can produce and withstand heat and most forms of energy to any magnitude no matter how much it is augmented. Naturally they emit intense heat that would cause the average man to incinerate from venturing too close.

    Varying Strength: At their weakest they have typical giant being strength. Depending on how close they are to a power source they can potentially have a limitless level of strength and offensive power that can distort or do immense damage to anything in existence.

    Metaphysical Awareness: Simply blocking sight of the sun is not as viable as a tactic that some may hope. It does in fact slow them down but the presence of the sun alone at times is more than enough when they reach a certain strength. They don’t just see them they feel their existence on a wave that that goes beyond the physical realm.

    Orbital Force: When in large capacities these creatures can create and control preexisting orbital fields. Meaning they could create spiraling shields, vacuums, hurl items, induce explosions, or even manipulate ones position in time and space if allowed to become that powerful. Also their ability to manipulate gravity and force was dependent on their numbers as a unit.

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