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  1. Herbal medicine is extremely common in both reality and fiction. However, fiction sometimes falls short on actually describing those herbs, instead resorting to simple descriptions of the actions rather than giving the plants themselves any attention. These kinds of little details can make a world seem a lot more robust and realistic, all for what amounts to a few minutes of extra work. Use this simple template to make medicinal herbs for your world.

    Plant Name(s): Plants often get named different things in differing regions. Use as many as you like.
    Appearance: What does it look like?
    Gathering: Where exactly is it found? How common is it? Is it difficult or dangerous to gather it?
    Medicinal Uses: What sort of ailments does this plant treat, and how effective is it?
    Treatment Method: How is it prepared for medicinal use? Some examples include just plain old eating it, brewing it into a tea, and making it into a poultice to apply to a wound.
    Side Effects: Does the use of this herb have any unfortunate side effects, and if so what are they?
    Overdoses: Is it possible to overdose with this herb, and if so what are the effects?
    Other: Anything else you think is worth describing about the plant.
  2. Plant Name(s): Navius Gold

    Appearance: The Navius Gold is a plant of crimson colour. It starts with a narrow stem, and branches out into three flowers, coloured a light hue of black. Through the stem there are veins. If these veins are pulsing a bright red, that indicates the plant will still function as a medicinal plant.

    Gathering: The Navius Gold is found prevalently in hellish regions, dotted along the ash surface. It takes a lot of strength to unearthen the plant as a result of the roots' adhesive state. Though whilst the veins indicate it still can be used, this also means that it is living. Touching the plant without some form of protection can cause third degree burns, or perhaps poison.

    Medicinal Uses: This plant is used for curing burns, which is strange, because it can also end up burning the user. If mixed with other plants, combinations can result in elixirs, as well as venom bite cures.

    Treatment Method: When treating the patient, the medicial authorative must break of the flower leaves and leave them to moisten in water. After a minute, the leaves will be ready and drank along with the water.

    Side Effects: Unfortunately, yes. The Navius Gold can actually bring spasmodic intestine problems if the leaves aren't set in water for the right amount of time.

    Overdoses: Whilst it isn't possible to overdose it, it is not recommended to try. Some patients' insides might not be suited to such an influx of liquid and medicine.

    Other: Think I'm done here.
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  3. Plant Name(s): Whistle Trill or Scream Leaves
    Appearance: It's a skinny lavender colored plan with a long stem and three grayish purple leaves at the top. The leaves have multiple holes in them and when the wind blows the plants make a whistling and trilling sound. (In windier locations the trills is louder, hence the 'Scream leaves' name.
    Gathering: It's found in swamps, attacked to trees. They are always found at least an inch or two above the water's surface, but never in the water. The plan itself isn't difficult to pluck, however the animals in the swamp make it very hard to reach the plant.
    Also in windier locations the trilling can hurt the ears of the gatherer.
    Medicinal Uses: It soothes and clears the sinuses of the elderly and young. It can also be used to help the elderly pass on to the other side (if a large amount is burned)
    Treatment Method: The plant must be placed in a clay bowl, and covered with a top with either slats or holes. The pot is then placed on a tray, with a fire underneath it. The plant begins to burn and smoke then rises from the openings of the top. The smoke is then inhaled.
    Side Effects: If too much smoke is inhaled you will become numb, fall into a coma and die.
    Overdoses: See above.
    Other: If the plant is eaten nothing will happen but it will taste terrible.
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  4. Plant Name(s): Miricanio, Deathly Blossom
    Appearance: It is a network of long roots, with beautiful, entrancing red flower scattered around on the long, strong roots wrapping around a tree branch. It has no leaves, but at the stem of the flower there are six black buds. The flower has seven petals unlike any normal flower, and closely related to the Urchall (a symbiotic flower that I made before)
    Gathering: It is found high up in tree branches at the top of the canopy in large forests. It is a parasitic plant, wrapping it's roots around the branches and sucking energy from the tree. Sometimes it can encompass the entire top of a tree! In order to collect it, you need to first know where it is, then scale that tree. You either take a satchel and some of the roots for the liquidy, white sap, or/and pick off the buds around a flower
    Medicinal Uses: It is used for healing major wounds, like big gashes, limb removal, and can even cure what seems like it should be fatal!
    Treatment Method: Miricanio can be used to make two different medicines. The first is with the sap. The sap on itself is highly poisonous, so in order to clean it out, it is needed to boil. Eventually most of the liquid will be gone leaving a thick paste. This smeared onto a wound will specifically destroy bacterial infections, and also it stop the blood flow and redirect it as it hardens. Weeks later, it will either wash it off, or you can peel it off because it will harden into an easily removable bubble. For the other medicine, the buds of the Miricanio flower are needed. These are heated, and they will expand to about the size of a cherry. Popped inside of the wounded's mouth, it's energy will instantly stimulate blood to be produced. Only to be used when on low blood pressure. They also relieve pain.
    Side Effects: The side effect of both medicine is a trance like, hallucination state, where you are pretty much physically useless. It will be at least three days until you regain full control over your body
    Overdoses: It is possible to overdose. It's relatively easy to overdose with the buds, and make your blood pressure rise to high. With the other, too much can cause it to leak into your bloodstream and possibly poison you
    Other: The flowers do shoot spores into the air like their relative the Urchall, except the flower itself is fertilised before. When a Miricanio grows old, it slowly seeps poison into the branch, and eventually it cracks and falls to the ground, where both the tree branch and the Miricano will rot away. This is so no Miricanio spores land on the dead or drained branch.
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