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  1. Use the picture below to create an original character. You can fill out the form given to you or use your own CS. Put in as much effort as you want, even if you only put one word per line, or go all out into 30 paragraphs.

    Artist credit

    ~Character Sheet (Optional)~
    Nickname: (Optional)
    Race/Species: (Use "race" if they're human, "species" if they're not human)
    Sexual orientation: (Homosexual, heterosexual, bisexual, etc.)
    Any family members?: (If so, describe their names and relationship to this person)
    History: (Optional)
    Special abilities/magic: (Optional)
    Extra: (Optional, but you can include details like their height, weight, pets, talents, languages, etc.)

    Note: I don't know if this an "original" idea or whatever, but I didn't see it on the first page so I decided to give it a go and see if anyone was interested in this challenge.
  2. A living God among her people, Queen Duru'Pulchra is a truly wrathful and spiteful being. A culmination of ancient technology brought forth through the fools who would set no boundaries in their wicked quest for knowledge. Even the God Queen has spoken of this matter, for she knew that knowledge was mans deadliest friend if none were to set the rules. Though she possess the body of a middle aged woman, she has seen centuries now, her reign spanning many generations. And each and every year her rise to power, her self proclaimed day of birth is upon the Summer Solstice when the sun hangs its highest and lingers deep into the evening hours. Known as Day of Beauty it is become a wide practice to take the streets in celebration of her glorious rise to power when the old leaders were struck down from their bureaucratic seats in their porcelain thrones.

    It was claimed long ago when she rose to power that she was no longer of the human race, as Godhood had provided transcendence from the mortal coil. As for other needs and desires, it has become widely known the God Queen is an abstinent. This has become a common practice among her carefully constructed societies, a strong and progressive form of population control. To take oneself out of the chain, however by decree of her Queen, even some individuals who follow her practice are sometimes deemed fit enough to have an obligation to breed. There are many other creeds and practices once imposed yet now accepted by the God Queen; all this possible by her ascension. For she has the power of the mind, the ability to calm all minds and lay her influence into all within the Empire. Sitting upon her metallic throne forevermore, unaging, unblemished and the same sharp wicked diamond which shines upon her kingdom.

    It is believed somewhere in her private city populated only be herself, her most devout and fanatical followers and her line of sons and daughters; each born from the glass and metal of mans hands over the fertile womb of the female creature. Nameless, soulless creatures who act as puppets and faces of the God Queen, as direct extension of her mind. These are her fiercest guard, the agents who become splinters ever in the sides of her enemies. Inhuman and capable of astonishing feats, their faces unknown and prowling about in the reaches of her empire. However, to some she isn't known as the Queen, but a Devil among Humanity, born from things which should have remained unknown and a creature to bring only an inhuman darkness over the fallen empires of human kind.

    Resistance, in the face of centuries. Those who are invisible, even to the God Queens endless gaze. Minds which cannot be controlled, not to say all minds in the empire are controlled, for many make the choice to follow or to resist and fall from the grid without a trace. Sometimes there will be a small uprising, in all cases but one were crushed within days. It was the Uprising of Nathaniel Breman which nearly succeeded in not only tearing the God Queen from her throne, but killing her as well. However due to Duru'Pulchra's gift of foresight, by her own hands did she subdue the resistance leader Breman and force his mind into a forever blank state, only a string-less puppet to rot beneath her palace.
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  3. Eyes the color of ice, breath that can freeze a man's heart into a crystal and a touch that can cause shivers down anybody's spine. That was what she was and what she hoped that she wouldn't say. Men who came to her court couldn't look at her or speak to her without her power's activating, she tried to make love with a wonderful man who loved her back and she froze him to an ice statue. She was in the same room now, standing in front of the statue and chanting the words to an ancient spell. "Goddess of ice hear my cry, allow the crystals to break and bend, make the one I love human again." she chanted over and and over, tears coming to her eyes but freezing at her tear ducts. "Kesshō, why have you chosen me to carry this burden, to carry this heavy weight on my shoulders, I am your servant and your are my world and my voice, but why I must be tempted like this." Yokori said stepping forward and wrapping her arms around the statue, and pressing her face against it, her fingers brushed against the skin of the male's chest, barely able to feel the warmth and the heart that was pounding against her fingers, her eyes moved up staring softly at the man's face, his eyes were closed as if he were sleeping and knew that if she didn't find out what to do, he would be asleep forever.
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