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  1. [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=12px][FONT=Verdana][B]This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here![/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana][B][SIZE=12px][FONT=Verdana]This week's image:[/FONT][/SIZE][/B][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=12px][FONT=Verdana][B][B]Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:[/B][/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]
    [FONT=Verdana][SIZE=12px][FONT=Verdana][B]Current Goal/Purpose:[/B][/FONT][/SIZE][/FONT]
  2. Name: Norman Jane
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Species: Human
    Family: Husband, Devon and two daughters, Sandra 12 and Leverne 14
    Personality: He is becoming a grizzled old man. His life had made him much more stoned faced and unemotional. Loyal to his family, Norman constantly works to make sure they have food on the table. Inside lurks a deep resentment of people which causes him to be irritable, even with the kids.
    History: Lived a mountain man type of life after dropping out of school at age 17. He met his husband at a town meeting, and had been lovers ever since. Once they had been,married, for over a decade, they decided it was time to start the rest of the family. They went to two separate adoption agencies and agreed to adopt one girl from each. They landed on Sandra and Leverne after seeing that they both were the outcasts of their receptive homes. Five years later, they had woven a tight bond filled with good memories and hard lessons.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Keep family safe.
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  3. Name: Aiko
    Gender: Female
    Age: 20
    Species: Human/Yuki Onna Hybrid
    Family: Mother- Yalinakka (Nakka), Little brother- Kurkic (6), Step Father- Taruek, Godmother- Saeline
    Personality: Young Aiko's charming personality made her well loved and well known throughout the village. As she grew older she became competitive, stubborn and protective of her important people, while still keeping her witty sense of humor and playful personality. She is an accomplished hunter, renowned storyteller and teacher to the village children. She has learned all the great stories and legends from the old shaman and is currently being taught healing, meditation, and magic. Her best friend and rival is the current chief's son, Nanoke. She has a pet lynx named Lyka that she raised from a cub and enjoys spending time with the caribou and dogs where she occasionally practices her ice magic out of the view of prying eyes, though she is not very good at it.
    History: Takes place in a separate world where spirits, demons, and such are real.
    We are descended from a tribe who had migrated deep to the icelands many generations ago in order to escape prosecution. Upon settling down the clan leader- said to be handsome, fearless and very, very cunning- tricked a Yuki Onna (A beautiful but cruel yokai (spirit from Japanese folklore) who was known for killing unsuspecting mortals) into having his child. The child was as beautiful as it's mother and possessed some of her powers, but was mortal like it's father. Her father loved the child with all his being and worshiped her, but his wife was extremely bitter over his affair with the yokai and jealous of the attention he showed his daughter. One day when the child was six years of age the clan leader was out hunting. Consumed by her dark thoughts and overtaken in a fit of rage, his wife stabbed the half yokai child, mortally wounding her. As the child was dying she reached up to the only mother she had ever known in confusion, and the woman, horrified that she had just taken the life of an innocent, began to weep. When the chief returned and found his wife keening over the body of the child she had killed, he was consumed with anger and distraught with grief. Unable to kill her, for she was carrying his second child, he locked her away in an ice prison, separating her from the village to avoid contaminating them with her evil.
    For the many long months of her pregnancy, the woman sat alone in her cell, forbidden from seeing anyone but the chief and the young midwife who made sure the child would be healthy. As the months wore on, she became weaker and weaker, though the midwife promised that the child was still healthy and strong. The clan leader, who was once so strong and handsome seemed to wither as he mourned his child. When the baby girl was born the midwife frantically called on the chief. When he arrived at the cell he saw the woman who was his wife lying limp, her lips turning a pale shade of blue, and the midwife looking down in shock at the child nestled on her chest. When the chief approached, he saw what had made the nursemaid so panicked. The child was pale, her skin almost translucent, with soft black hair and pink lips tinted blue. For a moment he thought she was dead, but she rolled onto her back, took a deep breath and wailed loudly, swinging her tiny fists in the air. On her stomach, just below her belly button was a blue star.
    The clan leader was convinced that the child was a divine being, the reincarnation of his daughter, and he worshiped her as such. She was clad only in white and exempt from the rules of the clan, free to do as she wished including pick a husband from any of the men, regardless of their marital or social status. She also possessed some of the powers of the Yuki Onna. When she died the mark reappeared on another child.
    It is said that while the clan leaders wife was locked away in the prison she was haunted by the Yuki Onna spirit and cursed for killing her child. Some of the older men liked to say that she wasn't distraught over the death of the child, but had gone mad from drinking her blood, which in turn caused her child to be born part yokai. They also like to say that the Yuki Onna claimed her as one of her own that night, taking her body and spirit together. Sometimes she can still be seen by a lost clansmen and, as atonement for her crimes, leads them safely home instead of taking their lives like her mistress would.
    Throughout the years, for some unknown reason, each new generations Yuki Onna became less powerful and more and more secluded. Eventually they were feared, rather than worshiped, the mark seen as a curse and not a divine mark as it become less and less frequent. Soon it stopped appearing altogether.
    It had been over one hundred years since the last Yuki Onna had died, and the village has grown large and prosperous. Most of it. There is one section of the village that is run down and poor and so it came as a complete shock to Aiko's poor, widowed mother, when the faded blue mark appeared on her newborn's belly. The only people who know of the mark were the old nursemaid who delivered the child and herself. By the time Aiko had reached the age when a marriage is arranged, her mother had made up the lie that she could not bare children.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Recently there have been many people who have gone missing while fishing at the southern cove. Even the animals have started to avoid it. Normally this wouldn't be a problem since the land their is very treacherous and hardly traveled, but the annual schools of saidabore that they needed to catch to dry and store for the winter were currently residing in that vary spot. They had been waiting in hopes the fish would move, but they were running out of time. If someone didn't find a solution then the people would starve this winter.
    Aiko and Nanoke have decided to investigate and then kill whatever has been lurking there, but when they arrive they quickly realize that whatever has taken up residence in the cove is far more sinister than any feral wolf pack or Nuubik that they had been prepared to face. With all their skills and cunning they may able to escape with their lives, but Aiko's stubborn sense of duty tell her that she has to save the village. She will defeat whatever it is, or die trying.
    Appearance: Long dark hair in a single braid down her back. Pale skin and lips. Has the pale blue star mark of the Yuki Onna just below her navel. Strong wiry body with bold features, but a very "average" face according to Nanoke. Typically wears a simple long sleaved white shirt under a white tunic, thick cloth pants and knee length socks. During the winter she has a caribou coat and gloves with a fur lined hood, like the rest of the villagers.
    You have no idea how much I love doing this XD Character making is my favorite part of roleplaying XD I think I'm going to make this into a book. I'm so happy right now, really XD Sorry it's so wordy but I had to do it before I forgot it all. That and, well, isn't it just so interesting? XD
    Here is the Star Mark. It's actually the ruin for Chalice, but it fit so XD
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  4. hey, Kitti. I was wondering how many people usually reply to these character challenges. And how I could find more XD
  5. Name: Acer Kale
    Age: 100 (actual) 10 (looks)
    Gender: Male
    Species: Half-Angel
    Species Characteristics: Angels have wings, large, white feathery wings. They have a halo made of gold energy and they usually wear a white dress and white moccasins. Half-Angels's wings are retractable and small, but they do not have a halo and they look human.
    Family: His mother was a human, and his father was an angel. He was an only child.
    Personality: Kind and sweet, Acer loves seeing people happy, almost as much as he loves snow. He cannot tell a lie and he cannot break a rule, it is simply impossible.
    Appearance: [​IMG] Snow white hair that matches his wings and light blue-grey eyes with black flecks.
    Other: He LOVES the cold, he enjoys the cool air and snow. His angelic power is being able to control snow, to an extent. That is why he was white hair. He is able to make it snow and make a snowman, but he cannot stop and avalanche or anything big-scale, because he is half-human.
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  6. Name: Dioyozir the Distant
    Gender: Female
    Age: 519
    Species: Dragon
    Family: Dragon eggs take years to hatch and as such, Dio never met her mother. She has met two of her siblings, both older, at the great dragon summit nearly 200 years ago but does not associate with them or any other dragons outside of mandatory gatherings.

    Backstory: Loneliness never was something Dio seemed capable of, she had spent most of her life living in the Ice flows of the North (a place most unsuitable for dragons). It was perfect for her she, much to her own surprise loved the cold. More than that she yearned for it, her fire had never been strong but even before her first real flames she had learned to swim in the cold rivers and streams by her mountain nest. The thrill of flying had always brought a chill down her spine, a feeling of total ecstasy for the young dragon and she had searched her entire life to recreate that sensation but no matter how cold her environment got, she never could reach it again. When she was new to the world her scales were thin and her muscles small everything felt more extreme but now no glacial waters or mountain peaks could satisfy her longing. Never, not since birth had she acted playfully, she was serious and determined from a young age, the thought of losing disgusted her, she was a dragon and would exert her dominance over whatever obstacle. At every summit she would find some cold overhang to hide beneath, somewhere she would not be bothered as the elders argued and fought over the century's events, politics was not something she was interested in but all dragons had to be present.
    In her own home, many miles from the holding place of the summit she never had to worry about visitors, a fact that on the rare occasion somebody ventured too close to her nest in the ice, she was quick to fight them off (her privacy would not be tempered). She had moved far from her birth country long ago, searching for a colder climate and after many decades of exploring had settled here, with plenty of food beneath the icy waters anything big enough to think it didn't have to hide was small enough to eat. A dragon's life is long with the ever difficult task of locating and attracting a mate. A task Dio felt she was still far too young for. She had never forced herself to seem appealing when meeting at the two summits she had been to. Some interest had been shown towards her from a few boisterous young males at her first summit, she sent a message that she wasn't ready and now they only talked to her if she advanced.

    Appearance: Long Muscular body covered in Silverish grey scales, like diamonds when wet but black when submerged beneath the water. Her flames, a reddish glow bursting into orange flickers. A plume of heat you can feel for miles. They came from a small hole in the back of her throat and little funnels of smoke would tickle out of her nose, she used her fire very little preferring not to char her food. Her teeth and claws matched, a brilliant white, sharp and barely curved. Not great for climbing or gripping but they cut through flesh and scales like butter, an adaptation to living and hunting so much in the water. She was more streamlined than most of her kind and her tail held no spikes or decoration just a few wisps of coarse hair like that of a lion's. Dio had a stern yet pretty face, her mouth closed neatly no fangs peaked through, her nostrils were small and similar to the look of gills on a fish, her eyes were a subtle smokey blue with a shard of white tearing through her left iris, she always believed it was because she was born on the night of a new moon and that outraged that it couldn't see her enter the world, it trapped a piece of itself in her eyes so it never missed anything she did again.
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