Create a Character Challenge #71

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!
    This week's image:
    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
  2. Name: Sheikh
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Family: Her people do not share the common notion of 'family'. Her birth parents are the ones she lived with until she was old enough to build a fire and gather food for herself (16) but the entire clan assists in feeding, educating, protecting, and healing dependant children. She has no siblings.
    Personality: Stubborn, proud, determined. She never asks for help unless it's a serious situation. She's good at keeping secrets, especially her own.
    History: Born in the Clan, raised in the Clan. Will probably die in the Clan. Willingly. Sheikh serves the Dark Goddess of Dreamworld, as a member of the Shadow Clan. Her entire life has been filled with the doctrine and servitude.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To traverse freely through the dreamworld; a difficult skill that few beyond the high priests are able to master. She has also been tasked with finding the Goddess' Incarnation, that the Clan might offer it's protections and services.
    Appearance: Slightly short at 5'6". Her hair is a light, platinum blonde, but she dyes it with an oiled ash as all the servants of the Dark Goddess do. She also has tattoos on the back of both her hands and on her forehead of a raven with it's wings outstretched; the symbol of the goddess. Her eyes are green with flecks of brown, and her skin is pale since the Clan operates mostly out of sunlight. Because of her training in stealth and because the clan is nomadic, she is fairly in shape, though not that impressive. Most of her strength is in her core and legs.
    More on the Clan: The clan's purpose is - on the surface, to worship the Goddess and inherit her blessing and protection in dreamworld and the benefits of her visions and prophecies, and - unadvertised - to keep her from killing half the population and driving the rest insane. Their duties include offering tributes (animals, plants, nothing too sinister), practicing fortune-telling and dreamwalking to keep in touch with the Goddess' movements and wills, and maintaining her alters and temples across the world.
    More on the Goddess: The Dark Goddess of Dreamworld - personal name Anari (this is like Yaweh in the way that it is a holy-of-holies and must never be uttered aloud - or even written commonly) rules over dark dreams and nightmares and governs the following forces in the world: Chaos, emptiness, creativity, imagination, prophecy, dark magic, telepathic powers, shadows, noctournal creatures, insects, the dead, and potionmaking. Making her a necessary evil in the world. Once every hundred years or so, she will incarnate in the form of a mortal creature, in order to live in the waking world and maintain her influences in it (hard to rule over a place if you're never there).
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  3. Name: Fotia
    Gender: There is no true gender for the gods but for the sake of their human subjects' sanity and limited comprehension, this god has often taken on the form of a lithe young man with a beautiful face.
    Age: Much older than he cares to remember.
    Species: It is said that the elements of the world are not only sentient but omnipotent. They are the kings of their respective domains and their presence is a necessity to keep nature in balance. Fotia is the fire deity.
    Family: Fotia has four siblings and many of the lesser Elementals are something akin to nieces and nephews, to put it into human terms. His siblings are the top tier elements: water, earth, wind, and void. He has a few children of his own though all Elementals fairly keep to themselves. Family is a human word and a human concept after all.
    Personality: The embodiment of the fire element, Fotia is most often a comforting, warmhearted spirit. He is a firm believer in passion and being compassionate to one another and is only rampant and dangerous when stoked into being so. He is the gentle embrace that protects the humans, the loving motherly figure, regardless of his power to destroy just as well as create and nurture.
    History: The history of how the world and its deities came to be is cloaked in mystery. If asked, they will always give the same answer: With my first breath, I breathed life into this world. I remember nothing beyond this and care for the past naught.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Fotia is ill. Some divine hand has played a part, if not the leading role in this. His flames dwindle and his coals are turning the most melancholic of reds. The humans struggle to keep him ablaze but without a hero and an adventure, Fotia will lose his deity status and become a mere human. At this point, the balance of nature would be disheveled and the world will be thrown into chaos. Fotia's current goal is to call out to the destined hero, to travel with him in human form, and learn the truth behind his poisoning and hopefully the remedy.
    Appearance: In elemental form, Fotia appears as a large eternally burning flame. Over the centuries of human evolution, a courtyard and a beautifully crafted belvedere has been erected around him where the most loyal of humans can come to pay respect and learn from the benevolent deity.
    In human form, he is beautiful, lithe, and graceful.
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