Create a Character Challenge #67

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!
    This week's image:
    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
  2. Name: Captain Rilian Dath
    Gender: Male
    Age: 52
    Species: Human
    Family: wife, several sons, two daughters
    Personality: Calm, strict, father to his crew, courageous
    History: Captain Rilian Dath was born in the glorious British Empire, but found his calling in the deep oceans, far beneath the surface. When he graduated from the Royal Marine Academy, he immediately signed up for service aboard one of the newest submersibles in defense of the empire and in search of new forms of life in the deeps. He had never in his life dreamed, however, that his descent into those depths would be a descent into the pits of hell itself...
    Current Goal/Purpose: To discover the mystery behind the enormous wreckage hidden in the crevasse on the bottom of the Mariana Trench, and to escape from the terrible Leviathan that is pursuing his ship and preventing him from calling for help.
    Appearance: Grey-haired, tall, muscular, grave, blue eyes, pale skin, no tattoos, military uniform, neat and tidy.
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  3. Name: Dr. Montigue Harrison

    Gender: Male

    Age: 34

    Species: Human

    Family: Dr. Montigue is the second son of the Harrison family, the most renowned family for their studies in medicine and explorations. The Harrison family notability began with his father, Theodore Harrison, who discovered a rare material during his travels in the deep mountains of Asia. His mother, maiden name, Melanie Langley, was a herbalist and created a medicine with the material that was used in many practices as a cure for certain mental ailments. His siblings made their own success, his brother Shawn, became a well known lawyer and his sister Elizabeth became a neurosurgeon. Montigue unfortunately, did not follow his family's successes. He does have a doctorate in forensic science, his only achievement in life.

    Personality: He is a very snippy man and quick to jump on anyone who he feels is judging his work or correcting it even when he feels it is one hundred percent wrong. Though, Montigue is never wrong in his assumptions or in his analyses. He is overly confident in anything that he does, making him come off a bit snobby, but in most cases, it is hard to ignore his intelligence. Especially, since it is so very spot on many things. Montigue had spent many nights in the crime lab besides if he were on a case or not, it didn't matter to him. This made him a very odd person since he would only talk about the way corpses felt after a day of decaying rather than about how the weather is like and how their life was going. He is self-absorbed, never thinks of anyone else and finds people to be a hassle to deal with. Montigue comes off rather cold from this, one would hardly call him a social butterfly with many friends. He never feels lonely though or empty or depressed. He is in fact very content with his life and finds that everything he does has a purpose and meaning for it.

    History: Due to the lack of parental guidance, Montigue as a child was a spoiled brat. He was cared for by a pushover nanny and very abusive siblings who were the only ones punishing him whenever he did anything wrong. Or even, whenever he did something that they couldn't do. He kept to himself throughout the years and dealt with the bullying at home. He never went to public school, he was home schooled by many private tutors. He excelled in his classes and soon was accepted into Harvard, riding on a scholarship that he had received at the age of seventeen. He enrolled at eighteen and breezed through four years of forensic science. From then on, he continued with graduate school, ending up with his doctorate. He was offered a position at the New York Federal Bureau Investigation team, which he happily took up on. There was an excavation team being rounded up by his father to explore the depths of the Bermuda Triangle, the first journey in history to ever dare into that part of the ocean. Montigue decided upon himself to tag along, finding it an intriguing idea.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Montigue has no real purpose, but to only be part of history as one of the very few who traveled into the Triangle.

    Appearance: He is a very rugged and pudgy man who dresses in overly huge sweater vests and tan slacks. He wears huge circular glasses that magnify his eyes and has greying long dry hair. His beard is his signature look though. Out of his entire appearance, it is the only thing that is trimmed and neat. His face is sagged and darkened from the endless nights in the lab. There are small wrinkles forming from his consistent scowling and frowns, you will never see him smile.
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  4. Name: Mira Kashkov

    Gender: Female​

    Age: 28

    Occupation: Navigation/ Spy​

    Species: Half human, half water fey​

    Family: Human mother. Water fey, shaman of his tribe.​

    Personality: Mira is a family oriented person. She adores her mother and father. She seems kind of hard, but she's really charismatic and seems shy. That's really part of her ploy. She speaks when spoken to and does her job well. She listens really well and is always there when someone needs an open ear. She's easy to smile and really just wants to do the right thing.​

    History:Mira's mother lived along the ocean nearly her whole life. Sheridan, Mira's mother, at the age of seventeen, lost her brother. She while along the ocean met a boy and proceeded to fall in love over the summer, much like many summer romances it didn't work out. But for completely different reasons. was in training to be a shaman for his people, so he had the power to walk on land. His job was to speak with the people in power and make deals with the government to ensure his home will be safe from Americans. When Sheridan found out about this she freaked out and left town, but she ended up pregnant. Mira is seemingly completely human. She loves water, but she doesn't sprout gills in water or anything.​

    When Mira turns 19 she wants to find out more about her father, after just signing on with the US Navy. She goes back to her mother's hometown and begins her search. She does run into him, incidentally after she's given up her search and was sitting on the beach upset. He tells realizes why he lost Sheridan and tells Mira of his species and his duty. And the problem that comes into play. The government has "forgotten" their deal. Americans have finally decided to fulfill their dream of attempting to colonize under the ocean, unfortunately they want to colonize his tribes land.​

    Current Goal/ Purpose: She is doing her best to keep her father informed of what the Americans are doing, to try to protect her father's tribe. Plus side, it isn't actually breaking any of her contract because the tribe isn't specified in any form or fashion.​

    Appearance: Dark brown hair, deep blue eyes, medium height, average build.​
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