Create a Character Challenge #61

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. ~Name: Wan B'farth

    ~Gender: No sex, but it appears male

    ~Age: Around 100 years

    Begotten, B'farth

    The B'farth sub-race of the Begotten.

    ~Personality: The personality of the Begotten is generally sub-sectionized. Only certain Begotten, most commonly the leaders, have reached the level of elemental ascension required to have individual personalities. Wan shares a hive personality with the majority of the B'farth sub race. The shared personality is quite simple. He is protective of whoever he is aligned with. He is a stone against the wind, so to speak, as his beliefs and his faith cannot be wavered. He is tough to those he meets, but kind in his own sense. He is a builder, as all B'farth are.

    ~History: Wan in particular has been around for nearly a hundred years. He was begotten, or created by his human masters, to build an underground home for a particular family. His family, however, was murdered. Still, he continues to build the never complete home for his passed masters. No one knows the location of the underground home.

    ~Current Goal/Purpose: To finish building the underground home as requested by his dead masters. Their order was to always improve, so his task will never be complete.

    ~Appearance: He is made purely of earth. He appears as a human would, only shorter. About 4 foot tall. Other worlds would refer to him as an earthen dwarf, but his features are not stout. He is simply a four foot tall, built human made entirely of earth. He is made from the image of his creator, as all Begotten are. His eye sockets are filled with a gem to represent his level of ascension. His particular gemstone is Sapphire. (Ruby > Sapphire > Emerald > Diamond. Ruby being a newly created Begotten and Diamond being fully ascended.). His mouth is complete with earthen teeth. He requires no nourishment, as is the case with all Begotten.

    (To help understand the character, I'll give some basic information about the race I've created for the purpose of this challenge. The B'farth are one of four races within the Begotten. They are named by their human masters, and they all take on the appearance of Jacob Malorne, the man who discovered the process for creating them. They are called Begotten because they are born instead of created. Elements are manipulated in such a way that they create a living being with the flow of life essence. This requires a living human and the necessary quantities of the element of choice. They are then presented as an elemental egg that will hatch in four days exactly. This gives the elements enough time to fully settle into their body with the life essence.

    The naming of the individual Begotten is completely alphabetical. The first earth Begotten was named 'A B'farth', and the next 'B B'farth' and so on. The process repeats itself for the other races. Once a race reaches Z, it starts over with AA, and continues. Therefore, Wan isn't nearly the first B'farth Begotten.

    The method of naming the races is even more simplistic. The B'farth represent the element of earth. Take the word Earth, and move the first letter up one in the alphabetical order, leaving you with farth. Slap that onto a B', which is short for the word Begotten, and you have a clear last name. This process is repeated for each of the four races.

    The four races are: B'farth
    (Buh-fah-arth), B'bir(Buh-buh-ire), B'gire(Buh-gah-ire) and B'xater(Buh-X-ah-ter) which are Earth, Air, Fire and Water respectively.)

  3. Name:
    Viv' Ellon



    A form of Naga Goddess

    Was daughter of a Naga King but passed on
    his legacy to his daughter. Mother was killed after birthing three children,
    female Nagas tend to die after birth.

    Scornful, lonely, internally sorrowful, deceitful, and not someone you could trust. She tends
    to over think things of anyone she meets. Doesn't get along with most people she
    first gets acquainted with. Stubborn attitude makes it hard to cope with her at times.
    But once gaining her respect and trust it is undying and treasured to her.

    Viv and her father looked after a form of underground humans, as these humans treasured them and looked
    to them as gods. Viv's father was genreous and kind to these people, as they were
    thankful for his service as protector and guardian.

    But, after many centuries of the peoplr being happy, outside threats had cause the people to become distress and felt their
    homes and kingdom being endangered. Her father felt he could not help his people with this delema. He mysteriously vanished, only leaving Viv his line of the throne. The people were growing more and more upset of the absence of their leader. Viv tried her best as a new queen to have things in order, but, they refused to listen to her. The people revolted and left their underground paradise. The line of humans became extinct to the outside world.

    Viv now dwells in the abandoned kingdom, sulking in her eternal loneliness and dread her father left behind.

    9'6" from head to tip of tail. Her appearance of ethnicity looks to be east indian. Her eyes are a deep, hazel brown. Her upper human physic is slimming but curvy at the hips. Her dark skin is of a red. Her hairs is parted to the side fashion, it being long and wavy; the length of it past her 'rump' area. Hindu flowers and symbols look to be tattooed to her back all to the mid part of the snake half of her body. Her scales go into a pale red into orange patterns. Under belly is a pale orange.

    The cloth she wears is translucent and silk, wrapped around her waist and one shoulder. A coin belt is around her hips. A jewel, ruby red is placed upon her forehead, signifying her old position as a ruler.