Create a Character Challenge #50

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!
    This week's image:
    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:
    Current Goal/Purpose:
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  2. Once there was a princess from France named Charle who fell in love with an American diplomate. She was so love striken by him, at the age of 19, when he was around that one day she decided to follow him back to america in secret. So she and one of her servants booked a room in the Rosevelt Hotel. But when she attempted to contact the diplomate he acted as though she was unknown to him. This hurt her feelings so badly that she determined herself to waste away there and then in the hotel room. She would neither touch food nor see anyone but her servant maide. Finally she died, some saying of a broken heart and others starvation. To this day, if you listen carefully at night, you can hear her calling out to anyone for the smallest attention.
  3. This reminds me of the last anime con I went to (bear with, it DOES make sense.) The BF booked our hotel room, and picked out a super-fancy hotel cause we couldn't believe how low the rates were. I was skeptical but he said he was sure he checked all the fine print (He hadn't; it was way more expensive than we thought). The place was super fancy; like, chandaliers, valet parking, every dude you encountered was wearing a full tuxedo fancy. So this character is going to be biased by my/our experience there.

    Stella couldn't get the bus boy out of the room fast enough; she pulled whatever cash was in her sweater pocket out - along with a crumpled m&m's wrapper, which she hastily stuffed back in - and smacked it into his hand while shutting the door. She then spun around, leaned against it, sat on the floor, and stared at the room.

    Just like everything else here; it was big. Big soft pillows, big four-poster bed, big floorspace, big windows, big drapes. It all made her feel very small; like the roman-esque columns she'd had to walk past to get in; and the soaring ceiling in the lobby; and the band music drifting out from the restaurant. Violins.

    She stood up, shakily, and felt utterly alien. She scanned the room for something familiar; even rich people were human, there had to be something here she'd feel comfortable touching or handling; but even the bed seemed to have a giant invisible 'peasants please keep off' sign. She bit her lip.

    And then spied her duffel and backpack.

    She leapt for them; the multiple key-chains on the backpack jangled as it toppled over, and she heaved the duffel up onto the bed herself, unzipping it and pulling the hastily-packed clothes out with relief. Familiarity washed through her as she smoothed and folded the clothes; sorting them and setting them in the drawer piece by piece. Her heart rate was down a bit by the time she was through, and she fished out her hygienic stuff bag to brush her hair; which had gotten a bit nappy on the long drive there.

    She headed to the washroom; the toilet paper was folded in a little triangle. There was a bath cap included in the little hotel-size shampoo and soap tray. She giggled at the thought of some rich old guy wearing it in the bathtub.

    Brushing out her wild brown curls was another familiarity, and she washed her face before turning around and flopping backwards on the bed, reaching into her pocket for her phone.

    She did a quick Google search for restaurants, and quickly discovered that in this district, she had to specify fast food.

    A Wendy's two blocks away; that was walkable. She wondered if the hotel would let her take such rabble-food inside, and decided she didn't care.

    She checked the time; still an hour and a half to kill; plenty of time to get food and eat it.

    As she headed out of the gilded prison, she felt her fears relaxing away. Who gave a shit what the staff thought; it wasn't her fault that she came in in a sweater and jeans instead of some business suit. She wondered if he would give the same condescending 'oh, that's so cute, she didn't have anything better to wear' smirk when he saw her clothes, and frowned. Nah, probably not.

    The man was apparently rich as fuck, and she knew nothing else about him, but he had booked this place for her, and he had come all the way out to meet her. He WAS making an effort, even if he did leave it til after mom died. And besides, he couldn't hate her THAT much

    he was her proper father, after all.
  4. Hm. I wonder if I can take out the lamps and write a medieval one for it... xD
  5. Sorry if I do this wrong...ha ha

    Name: Falilia Legena (often called just Lilia)




    Her father Stephen and mother Farosila

    Falilia is a very dreamy person but also very headstrong and a bit spoiled. She has a bad temper and at first, believes she can get away with anything she wants. As time goes on and she matures in her journey, she realizes the importance of not being selfish and going with whatever life throws at her.

    History: In the year 2033, World War III broke out.
    The war killed many people and damaged the Earth and its resources. After fifteen years of fighting and the Earth paying heavily for it, a man known as David Wells revealed that he had created numerous zeppelins. But not just any zeppelin...Huge, giant zeppelins intended to house humans. He said he'd let people on the zeppelins to live in the sky and away from the fighting and destruction, but only the wealthy and high-class could be aboard. With that, Falilia and her family boarded a Zeppelin by the name of Guardia and flew up into the sky. High up, until the smog generated by the people still on Earth engulfed them and they could no longer see the surface. On the zeppelins, farms and other working essentials were tended to to create food and supplies for the people. Twenty years passed and in that time, Failia was born and raised on the zeppelin.
    Now, times are changing and trouble is brewing on the zeppelin. There have been shortages of supplies and disagreements among the pilots and leaders of the zeppelins have broken out. What's worse, somehow a message was recovered in Guardia. It was a message from below and it simply said "After the storm, there is always peace." People demand to be let back on the surface but it is not allowed for some mysterious reason...Falilia is caught up in all of this chaos and finds herself curious of what is on the surface now...

    Current Goal/Purpose: To find a way to glimpse what is on the surface and escape the chaos



  6. Name: "My name is Kensley Davidson"
    Gender: "I assure you I am a female"
    Age: "I just happen to be sixteen"
    Species: "Don't tell anyone, but I can shape shift into a dragon, weird right?"
    Family: "My father is a foundry worker at the local plant in town, he's tough and hard as stone. My mother is a house wife since she got fired from her last job a month ago. Then she gave birth to my only sister in my family of five boys and me. My brothers are Drake, the oldest, Tony, the second oldest, Mitchel, the one younger than me, Todd, the one younger than Mitchel, and Raf, the youngest boy. Now my little sister, Rory, is here we all pitch in and help around the house. Drake got another job and Tony's looking for one. I work at the library in town, but it doesn't pay enough."
    Personality: "I am a very outgoing person, I love to laugh outloud and speak my mind, but lately my self asteem hasn't been the best. I find myself talking less and becoming inactive in my real world life. I'm begining to be mute, but back to the normal talk. I am a tomboy because of the fact that I grew up with five brothers and didn't have a chance at becoming a real girl, I still like guys, I just don't wear skirts, dresses, I don't scream or moon over anyone, and I play football instead of cheerlead."
    History: "I grew up with all boys in the house, besides my mother of course, and that made me very interested in baseball and football. I watch it all the time, but I can't get over the feeling I get when I actually play with my brothers or at school. I had to get a job when I was fourteen because my mother was laied off at the time and my father was injured from his job in the factory. My family didn't always have food, heat, or running water since were poor as dirt. Then when everything seemed impossible and my best friend moved away I started dreaming of my own world in my sleep. Now I am the king, queen, of it, and everyone loves me."
    Current Goal/Purpose: "My goal is to be the best king and to never let anyone go hungry in my kingdom."
    Appearance: "I have fire red hair and frost blue eyes. My skin is naturally tan and littered with freckles."
  7. Name: Naval Officer John Quincy Masters
    Gender: Male....possibly? =)
    Age: 29
    Species: Human
    Family: Ex-Wife Laurie and 4 Year Old Daughter Hannah
    Personality: Very Reserved but has a good heart. Tends to be a perfectionist. Doesn't handle failure well.
    History: He grew up in a middle class family, knowing the navy would be his only future. Dedicating himself to leadership, the man began one of the military's great officers. His skills were put under a lot of strain in The Battle of Golineu. After three days of exchanging shell fire, a large mercenary force attempted to take his carrier. He allowed himself to be captured...only to end up overtaking the main enemy ship with three men and a box cutter. Currently, he is at home trying to spend at as time with Hannah.
  8. Name: "Hannah Ragon, why?"
    Gender: "I'm a girl...duh!"
    Age: "I'm 16, what do I look like?"
    Species: "What kind of a question is that? I'm quite obviously a human."
    Family: "I live with both parents--ugh--and my little brother--double ugh."
    Personality: Mom: "Just look at her. The monster I've raised." Dad: "I think she's alright." Brother: "Eew! Don't even remind me of that gross freak..."
    History: "What, do you expect me to have some weird sob story? Of course not, I'm daddy's little girl."
    Current Goal/Purpose: "To get these freakin nails done. I mean, ugh! I haven't been to see Jenni in like, a week."
    Appearance: [​IMG]