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This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

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Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

Current Goal/Purpose:

Name: Arthur Cole Armond
His sister Elidyn 22, brother Erick 31 and mother Tiana 47. His father died when Arthur were 15.
Protective towards his sister and his sick brother, when his father was gone he always was overprotective against her to. Ready to protect the weak even if it would cost him his life, hate evil people.
Arthur was born in a litle village shortly outside the kingdom, his father often were away from home because he worked in the castle as a knight. He looked up to his father very much and one day he wanted to become just like his father. But Erick were going to train to be able to do his fathers work one day while Arthur and Elidyn were going to work on their court. Arthur was very jealuse of his older brother but he accepted that he couldn't have the same chances as the oldest brother could. But soon his older brother got sick and would never be able to get healthy again, the family didn't have any choise but to let Arthur train to become the air to his fathers work as the emperor's right hand.

Day and night he read books about everything he needed to know, day and night he trained in sword fighting, day and night he got to train in different kind of subjects to be able to serve the emperor in every means neccesary. Sadly his father got killed before his training were done, which meant that another man got to take Arthur's place untill he had learned everything. But that man didn't want to give up his place as the emperor's right hand, because if he stayed as the emperor's right hand then he could easily kill the emperor and take over the kingdom. That's why he send out assasins after Arthur so that no one could be able to get in his way for his plans.

Arthur were able to get to know about this evil mans plan to kill him and the emperor so he escaped from the village telling his mother to tell anyone that asked that he had died in the same sickness his brother had. She promised to never tell anyone where he was or that he were alive. But somehow the enemies were able to find him years later, before he were able to get to the castle and save the emperor from the evil mans claws. They took him to a graveyard and hang him where many fugitives had hanged before him.

But Arthur couldn't rest knowing that the kingdom would go under if that man killed the emperor and took over the throne, so he waited at the graveyard for a warrior to come, a warrior he could talk to and get help to save his home. First then he would be able to rest in peace.

Current Goal/Purpose:
Find a warrior strong enough to save the emperor, when that is done then he will be able to rest in peace.
Arthur were pretty tall and had a lot of muscelse because of all his training, his black hair was always in a mess because he didn't have time to fix it between the trainings. People often had a problem with his almost black eyes because it felt like they were a whole without bottom, in most cases people thought they could see other peoples soul's threw the eyes but in Arthur's eyes they were never able to see anything.
As a ghost he aren't visible to the most people, the few that can see him thinks he is a normal human and would never think the thought that he would be a ghost before they try to touch him.
Name: Cataline Vole
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Species: Hybrid (Half Magi, half Human)

Magi: the race of witches, sorcerers, and warlocks. They look almost exactly like human beings, although their hair and eyes can be quite odd colors that are often rare or even unnatural in humans. Depending on their genetics they are predisposed four sorts of magic: elemental, healing, spatial, and sound though it is not uncommon for one predisposed to one type to dabble in another type for more usefulness. Most (thank goodness) are predisposed almost entirely to healing magic, rendering them fit as doctors and nurses in human society. Those naturally predisposed to healing magic are also naturally predisposed to water elemental magic because they use it in their healing. The second most common after that are those predisposed to elemental magic, although those who are tend to only do well dealing with one of the four basic magical elements (fire/lightning, water/ice, earth/stone, air/wind). These kinds of Magi tend to be looked down upon by humans as disruptive and unfit for modern society, and unless educated for a non-menial job are casted off into the rural areas of society. After that come those predisposed to spatial magic, which simply involves things such as telekinesis, short-distance teleportation and levitation. Those predisposed to spatial magic also tend to have a good grasp for geometry and mathematics related to spaces and constructions around them, making them great architects in the human world. The rarest of them all are those predisposed to sound magic, which means one is very sensitive to pitch and tone, as keen as a bird is to it, even. Sound magic utilizes magic conjured by songs to either heal or do damage, and tends to often do so through evoking an elemental magic, thus making sound magic users really users of two types without even training for the other two. In human society they tend to be freelance artists and musicians, living on the streets and making their living through live performances. Because of the prejudice toward Magi, however, most do not see fame or bigger earnings for their talents.


Singing: She has a decent voice to sing with and can use it to inflict damage upon those listening by summoning a terrifying thunderstorm or a freezing blizzard depending on the season.
Violin playing: She can play her violin with as much skill as she can sing, calling forth gales of wind


Kata Vole (Cataline’s mother, died in childbirth with her little sister, Matilda, now age 16)
Delmont Vole (Cataline’s father, tends to avoid speaking to Cataline and Matilda)
Matilda Vole (Cataline’s little sister. She’s currently 16 years old and lives with Clarisse)
Clarisse Márquez (Cataline’s aunt, she lives in Malaga, Spain with her husband, José García Torralbo Márquez and Cataline’s sister Matilda Vole)
José Márquez: Clarisse Márquez’s husband.

She has a definite front despite her desire to not be alone all the time. She tends to not confide in others and tries to resolve things without causing drama even if she may betray her emotions in doing so. Sometimes she ponders if she acts so emotionless to most because she truly has none or because she’s felt hurt so many times. However, she knows deep down that there still lie some sentiments within her. One can say that her emotions come out in the somber darkness of her violin’s notes and the gentle despair of her voice, with some inflection hinting at a fuzzy hope hidden underneath it all, a specter of a young woman seeking someone who might make her solid again.

Cataline, with much regret, does not remember the mother to which she owes her special yet mocked existence on this Earth, for her mother died giving birth to her sister, Matilda, when she was a mere three years of age. Even though the official conclusion of her parents’ relationship was Kata’s death, the true roots of its demise had already been planted well long ago. Delmont had another keeping him company when Kata would be away, performing with her splendid voice in opera after opera, musical after musical.
Delmont hadn’t intended to cheat on her, but the loneliness had begun to prove too much for his tangled heart. The time he had spent with her in the nine months of her first pregnancy proved to be some of the most joyous moments of their marriage, for they were together almost every day. Only a few months after Cataline was born did she return to her life’s first passion, leaving him alone once more, weaker, more desperate for someone to keep him company than ever. He soon reconnected with his childhood friend, Damien.
As they always do, things began innocently between the two twenty-something men. Then one night while Kata was home, attending to Cataline and expecting Matilda to arrive a few months, he was joking around with Damien when a drunken kiss came upon his lips from his friend. And that’s where the boundary had been breached at last. There was Damien, where his wife wasn’t, waiting for him, desiring him like his wife used to. Delmont’s heart now trembled for another. But it would soon not tremble anymore: It would simply fall asleep, succumbing to mourning, Death’s dun song. He and his wife were but 24 when she passed on.
-------------Tout ce que je Souviens-----------
Oh, those days were always the fondest, for I remember them well in my heart. My first recollections are of April’s bloom, cheerful colors vibrantly bursting forth in the park near Mom’s grave to which Clarisse would take Matilda and me. The birds sang, the sun smiled, and the trees’ young branches swayed gently. Even in those moments of early childhood, bird song felt so distinct to me, so exact, so inspiring that music would be a part of me until the day of my death. Few words come to my mind from this time, other than those Clarisse murmured when she showed me Mom’s cemetery. You look just like her when she was your age. This time in my childhood was one of calm before summer’s thunderstorm.

And then clouds descended upon my life. The kids in the school yard picked on me for my disturbingly light hair, pale skin, and dark eyes until another year passed, a harsh cycle of snow, ice, and at last rain winding itself around once more. It’s not like I had any help with it, for Father was often away at work or with his friend at night. He told Matilda and I not to speak to anybody about it, for fear that big scary people would come take us away.

But truth, like many things in frigid Québec, soon thawed from the ice. The landowners weren’t ignorant of us being alone at all, for they were the ones who soon arranged his arrest for neglect. It was the whole of my last week in 2nd​ grade that he went missing. Fatigued from having to care for a wreck’s children, the authorities closed in on him with much rapidity. The court hearing was quick, for the landowners had plenty of evidence and were backed up by the tenants of the building in which we lived. At that time I was not quite sure what was going on, just that Daddy would soon be gone for good.

Fortunately for Matilda and I, my mother’s sister Clarisse stood with us throughout the ordeal, comforting us, her arms wide open, her nest empty. Clarisse had always wanted children, but until a much later point in all of our lives she believed that she would die alone, a witch that nobody would see for anything more than a magical nurse with platinum hair and dun violet eyes, curing those who viewed her as subhuman. I always wondered why Clarisse worked, for my grandmother and grandfather had left her a large fortune. I guess unlike me, she actually wanted to befriend those judgmental beings.

However, she, too, eventually snapped at the unaccepting atmosphere of Québec. Struggling to get through a year with us and maintain a happy façade among her coworkers, she persisted in her profession until another summer arrived. She commenced our grandest flight, both literally and metaphorically. The Summer I was turned nine we took off all the way to Marseilles. Here, life became relatively uneventful, the Mediterranean inviting us out of our tempest.

Life was quite uneventful in Marseilles, save for the occasional unpleasant call from Father, I mean, Delmont. With my sense of what was normal fixed I concluded that he had been unfit to raise Matilda and I from the beginning. But other than learning that, I learned many things. Clarisse taught Matilda and me of my mother’s blood, showed us how to evoke nature’s wrath with our mere voices, and instructed me in the fine art of the violin and piano. Mother Bird she was, for she gave us our wings, our voices, our strength in life.
Then, in spite of Clarisse’s self-resignation, she came upon him. José was the man, a silver-fox vacationing near the elegant estate we inhabited one pleasant summer. And in a matter of one fateful encounter, under the stars and on a quaint boat, they were in love. This fairy-tale occurrence spurred me into my teens, disconnecting my mind from Matilda’s still innocent design.

Then came yet another flight: To Malaga we went. My mind and heart were lost for several weeks, until by some miracle I managed to acquire the Spanish tongue with much ease. José proved to be not only a decent teacher of his first language, but also a competent father figure. In spite of the warmth of Malaga, and the compassion of Clarisse and José, I felt that I needed to attend to one last thing in my home before returning to my studies once more.
In the thunder of summer I go, to give my mother the goodbye she never received from her daughters, and to settle things with troubled Delmont once and for all. Once I have those things set I have some travels I would like to embark upon.

Current Goal/Purpose: To give her mother a final goodbye and possibly confront her father about the past. Also, to travel around Canada and the US over the summer before she has to return to Spain to continue her studies.


Name: Innocents
Gender: "Male"
Age: Eternal
Species: Anthropomorphic Personification
Personality: Quiet and kind, but firm
History: He has existed ever since Cain slew Abel in a fit of rage and the first innocent Man required an escort to the other side.
Current Goal/Purpose: Tomorrow morning's hanging
Appearance: Skeleton, black cloak, scythe, you know what he looks like. You've always known

It's not her fault, but it is her time. Innocents knows she's not a witch. Hell, half of the angry mob that tried and convicted her on the spot knew it when they jailed her and decided to hang her at dawn, but that didn't stop them. Nothing can stop a village once it's been whipped up into that kind of frenzy. All He can do now is make sure that she dies painlessly and is properly escorted to the Heaven she rightfully deserves instead of the Hell she's put through. Well, that and pass the names of the instigators along to Vengeance next time He sees Her.