Create a Character Challenge #49

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Sarah Jones
    Specialty: Nurse
    Gender: Female
    Age: 27
    Species: Human
    Family: Two brothers (Deceased), Mother (Deceased), Father (MIA).
    Personality: Sarah can become somewhat tiresome with her persistence. She’s eager to help people; some say perhaps to helpful which has more than once landed her and her team in a heap of trouble. There have been people left behind or killed off in attempts to save her or get their hands on one item or another, which has led to a bit of distance between her and her remaining comrades. Her focus is all that matters to her and nothing or no one can get in the way. Some wonder if there is more to her desire then curing those infected souls yet none dare to voice their opinions…at least for now.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Attempting to cure those infected with the Lambent disease.
    Appearance: Short and stubby. Well, she is 5’3 and what some would consider slightly chubby. Her sandy blonde hair is kept in an unkept ponytail and large glasses hide her brown eyes which she’s nearly blind without. Often she’s seen in a lab coat with an ID tag in an attempt to show off her status. A dusty pencil skirt and black pumps which often displeases her comrades as she tends to trip at the most dire of moments.
  3. Name: LeBecca Hyatt
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Species: Human/Elf
    Family: Foster Mother: Emilie Hyatt. Foster Father: George Hyatt.
    Personality: LeBecca can be a very happy person. She can make anyone smile and loves to make them do so. There a few times though and she does not know how she triggers them, but she gets horrible flashbacks of a past she never knew. She could be 'zoning' for hours until someone snaps her out of the past.
    History: LeBecca was left underneath a weeping willow tree, sedated by a sleeping drug when she was just three years old. Because of the heavy dose, she has yet to remember any of her past. Her foster parents do what they can to control her violent flashbacks of images that she cannot describe. Then when she is left with a journal of someone who knew her real parents, she sets off to find out what happened and who she really is. .
    Current Goal/Purpose: To follow the journal and to find her family.
    Appearance: 5'5, lean. Her red hair always in a high neat ponytail with a flower of some sort always behind her ear. She loves flowing summer dresses with pastel colors.

    Picture Tie in:
    One of the first places that is mentioned in the journal was once a grand manor that was a place that her parents first met.. But when she reaches it, she finds a dilapidated war ravaged mess. She's soon plunged into a bloody war that she doesn't understand. With an odd gun in one hand and a long katana in the other, she'll find out her past.

  4. Name: Kensley Rider
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Species: He is a Werewolf

    Family: His father died in the war, his little sister was murdered back home because of the war, his mother was stolen from his town, his older brother was already killed in battle, and his dog was lost somewhere along the way. Basically, he's all alone in this crappy world.

    Personality: Kensley is a strong willed young man who isn't easy to trick. He has a quick mind, and a slightly sharp toung. He doesn't mean to be witty, but he hasn't really socialized with anyone since his father and brother died. He joined the battle to avenge his mother and younger sister, but found life in war isn't a life he would want to live. He has hardened to the point he shuts out anyone and anything, so he is mute. He used to be fun loving, but the scars are too deep to even try and explaine, and no one, no one, would understand.

    History: When Kensley was a young boy the country was at peace, a long peace, but we all know those have to end at some point. His father had been in the army when he was a young boy, but now he was becoming an old man, so war wouldn't be good for him. One day bad rebeliouse people came to there small town. They rounded up all the woman, either violating them, murdering them, or selling them to slavery and sending them all over the country. Kensley's younger sister was violated and murdered, right in front of him and his family. Then his mother was taken, sold like a dog, and his father died trying to stop all this. His brother and him were left, only being 16 and his brother being 18. Then the two vowed to avenge this wrong act, so they joined the army. This is when he found out he was different than normal soldiers, he was a werewolf. He turned when he got to battle, attacking everything in sight and becoming unstoppable. His brother wasn't as fortunate. He did not get this gean, and soon he found a bullet wasn't as sweet as it looks. Kensley saved him from the battle zone, but an artery was hit, and he was bleeding out. Kensley watched helplessly as his only remaining family member died before him. He is now a mute, but still fights for his country, willing to give anything to kill every last rebeliouse person in the country.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Kensley's life mission is to exterminate all people in the rebelion, and he will give anything to make it possible.

    Appearance: Kensley has light aubern hair and clear grey blue eyes. His hair is no longer than his ears, wavy, and choppy, falling anywhere it wants. His eyes are hard and angry most of the time, no good emotions finding him anymore. He stands at a height of 6'3" and is well built for war, strong arms, thin legs, and skinny. He wears the uniform of the army, green camo pants, sandy tan shirt, black belt, black combat boots, and dog tags. Sometimes he gets a hat, but not usually. In his werewolf form he stands at a height of 5'11", his fur is aubern with highlights of black, his eyes are amber, and his teeth and snow white. His fur is normally blood stained, and his teeth are usually red with blood.
  5. Name: Lady Lavinia Ayrs
    Gender: Female
    Age: 22
    Species: Human
    Family: Henry Ayrs, 4th Duke of Strently, Father, Vivian Ayrs (nee Hale) Countess of Strently, Mother, Gideon, brother, Celeste, sister.
    Personality: Lavinia is a pompous and uptight young woman who believes firmly in propriety and the power of aristocracy. She is well-educated, poised, prim, and soft-spoken, everything a young lady of her standing should be. She is, however, ambitious, and seeks social power and wealth.
    History: Lavinia was the second child and eldest daughter of an earl. She was raised in splendor, well-educated but removed from what most would call "the real world". Her constant goal in life is to attain more social power. Her scheming has led her to become the fiancee of a very wealthy foreign prince. It would appear that all of her dreams have come true. Yet a rebellion arises in her betrothed's homeland, and the grand palace that was to be her home is in ruins. Lavinia must hedge a bet: stay loyal to her prince and run away with him or attempt to appease the common rabble she so disdains, or cut and run, return to her home country, and attempt to salvage her reputation with a reasonable marriage.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Maintain her social position, in whatever way possible.

    Lavinia is short, slightly plump, with a lovely collar bone and fine neck. She has copper hair that is carefully curled by servants every morning, penetrating and calculating amber eyes, thin lips, and an upturned nose. She is always very finely dressed, often in pale blues, which suit her ivory skin.

    Wow, that was surprisingly constructive! I'm surprised I got so much out of that. :)
  6. Name: Alik Barani

    Gender: male

    Age: 39

    Species: Human

    Family: A mother and brother back home on Earth

    Personality: Cold, dismissive and arrogant. Alik is not a social person and doesn't require other's attention or affection. His only real passion in life is exploring, fueled by a love of knowledge.

    History: Alik was born to a single mother, the younger of two sons. His father had left the family mere two months before he was born and while his mother did the best she could to keep it away from him he was always aware that he was blamed for his fathers disapperance, especially as his older brother had no qualms about rubbing that into his face.
    Alik was always a troublemaker, got into fights in school and as soon as he was old enough, he left home for good in search of adventure. His contact with his family is very, very limited and he likes it that way.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Finding out just what is hiding in this old abandoned place.

    Appearance: Alik is six feet tall and of muscular build. His tan skin has been darkned by years spent outside working and exploring. He cut his hair off years ago and is now bald at all times.
    His body is covered in tatoos and scars, leaving not much pure skin exposed. A prominent scar is on the right side of his face where a monster attack cost him his eye.