Create a Character Challenge #47

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. (Ok... I don't know how much detail was wanted so I just typed away until I felt it was okay and playable if need be.)

    Name: Francis Smith, Jr.
    Gender: Male
    Age: 46
    Species: Human

    : Single; Joene (mother), deceased; Francis, Sr. (father), in hospice; three bothers (Mason, Larry, and Paul), all living, and two sisters (Carrie and Allison), both living. Francis is the eldest.

    Personality: A little lazy but dedicated to his personal goals. His love is “tough love,” just as his father before him (no soft core, no 'teddy bear' inside).

    Born the first child of his mother and father. Named after his father by accident: they wrote the father's name in the baby's name area. Overall a healthy baby, a little underweight through out. As he approached grade school, started to have issues with gaining weight quickly – he continues to have this issue as he yo-yos with his weight.

    During grade school he was a socialite, this carried with him until his mother's death during his first year of college. He never moved away from home in order to take care of his father of whom he looks up to and loves deeply.

    High school was uneventful sans the “coming out” episode during it. As the direct result of being bullied, beaten, and nearly killed by bigots, religious fanatics, and others, he's an atheist. He supports anti-bullying groups and gay-rights groups both with volunteer time and money. He volunteers for Big Brother, Big Sister as a mentor.

    He doesn't drink, smoke, or use recreational drugs. The most 'exciting' drink he drinks is soda once or twice a month. His mainstay is water and tea.

    Medically, he is fairly sound besides his weight fluctuation which is having side effects on his heart and blood pressure. Due to both of these, he had to leave his previous job as a paramedic – the high stress was aggravating his conditions and introducing palpitations. When he left his job, it was an amicable departure with ready references and vouchers by his former employer and working partners. He is currently unemployed but well regarded and known within certain communities – he is fairly confident his unemployed status won't last.

    He rock climbs often and despite his weight he is considered one of the better climbers at the gym. The collects replica Ming dynasty vases and enjoys bonsai as he finds it meditative. He has a large digital book collection and has gone through several eReaders simply through use.

    Current Goal/Purpose: On the bus downtown to the Medical Plaza to visit with his father. Though his father isn't conscious (morphine induced coma) he sits by his father's side and reads car magazine articles to him.


    • Physical: 5' 9'', Caucasian, Brown eyes, Dirty Blonde hair.
    • Clothing: Casual (in his mind) with a button down long sleeved oxford (sleeves rolled up), jeans, and a nice pair of leather shoes. He wears the shirt tucked in with a web belt that matches the color of his shoes. Over top of the shirt is a vest that is not buttoned.
    • Accessories: A leather satchel that was given to him years ago on his birthday from his entire family. Well taken care of and oiled to prevent cracking. Contained within are his eReader, notebook, wallet, tea bottle, a small first-aid kit, and phone. Slipped into the pocket of his vest's chest pocket is a Pilot G-2 refillable gel pen in black.
  3. Name: Marshall Castleberry
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Species: Human

    Family: Marshall's family consists of his elderly mother and father, two Pembroke Welsh corgis, Pete and Lala, and a younger sister of two years that he hasn't spoken with in ages because of the physical and emotional distance between them. Marshall lives away from his family.

    Personality: Marshall is a caring individual, but he can be socially awkward. He is often the brunt of many jokes around the office and he doesn't have many friends. He leads a somewhat lonely life, in his New York City apartment, which has caused a slump in his life. He has never thought of doing anything rash, like harming himself in any way, but his depression only grows with his loneliness.

    History: Schedule. This is what Marshall Castleberry lives by. He has a daily routine that repeats itself week after week. At 6:00 A.M. the alarm clock buzzes Marshall awake from the only place he is truly happy. Marshall wakes and lays in his bed to contemplate actually going to work. By 6:05 A.M. he rationalizes that he needs the money to live so there really is no choice, and, besides, going to work is better than sitting around doing nothing. At 6:10 A.M. Marshall stands in his shower, letting the warm water massage the morning fatigue out of his body. Ten minutes later, at 6:20 A.M., Marshall shaves his face, brushes his teeth, and flosses. Music is usually playing somewhere in the back of his head, no lyrics but more something along the lines of elevator music. By 6:30 A.M. Marshall smiles at himself in the mirror, hoping to make himself appear happy, as he straightens his tie. Pete and Lala are stirring by now, ready for their morning trip to the nearby park. Marshall greets his pups and leashes them by 6:35 A.M. and returns from the park twenty minutes later. While at the park, Marshall thinks of what it would be like to be a dog, how much simpler his life would be and how easy he would have it. Thoughts like these are not uncommon. By 7:00 A.M. Marshall has fed Pete and Lala before he departs his home for the corporate offices of Globe Enterprises.

    The walk to his job takes anywhere between fifteen and twenty minutes, depending on how many intersections stop him. Along the way, the sounds of the city fill his head. Car horns, engines, strangers' voices, and construction become a magnificent symphony after Marshall's brain processes them. Marshall has found that forming the sounds around him into some type of music is a great way to pass the time and to keep his mind from roaming. This morning is no different than the others. Marshall composes another masterpiece on his way to the office. Seventeen minutes, that's how long the walk is today.

    7:20 A.M., Marshall enters the break room and makes a pot of coffee for the office. Five minutes later, Marshall has poured his coffee, added two packets of sugar, no creamer, and heads to his desk before everyone starts arriving at 7:30 A.M. Marshall keeps to himself and goes about his business, glancing over paperwork and entering data into spreadsheets as the day ticks away. Next door, Martha has a few visitors to ask how she is doing or to inquire about her plans for the upcoming weekend. Often times she is invited to do something on the weekends if she doesn't already have plans. Marshall isn't so lucky. At this point, Marshall prefers to be left alone in the office, especially since being publicly humiliated after a failed attempt at asking Wendy, from down the hall, on a date at the office's Christmas get-together. She laughed at him, out loud...but she quickly apologized and made sure he knew she didn't mean to. Marshall hasn't seen Wendy since.

    12:30 P.M. approaches quickly, signaling lunch break. Every day, Marshall walks to his favorite sandwich place, Sal's Deli. He orders the same thing, roast beef and swiss on rye, and eats it in the shop at the same small table by the window. Every day is the same, but monotony is security for Marshall. Every time he tries something different, embarrassment, humiliation, or pain follows.

    On the way to the deli, Marshall has to pass one very busy intersection. This day, like many others before it, holds a big orange hand in Marshall's face upon arriving at this intersection. All street walkers stop and heed the warning signal, all except one. She is a beautiful, dark haired woman wearing a red dress. This woman is so consumed by whatever business she holds in the palm of her hand that she fails to notice the crossing signal.

    Marshall's heart stops as he pictures the events unfolding in his mind. A bus is speeding down the street towards the woman and all Marshall can imagine is the bus slamming into her. A different woman across the street with her child covers the kid's eyes to shield him from the impending doom. A savvy businessman yells at the woman to "watch out" but makes no further effort. All of this reaches the woman, but it seems too late for her. Sweat beads Marshall's brow as his heart beat increases. He bolts toward the woman, running faster than his muscles would ever allow him to run normally. This causes him to ache but does not stop him. He is moving with every ounce of strength in him. The woman drops her phone and covers her face as the bus draws ever near. Then suddenly, in one impact, he and the woman are thrown out of harms way. Marshall even takes the fall, twisting as he grabs the woman from behind, breaking her fall as he lands on his back. The squealing tires of the bus and screams from all around fill Marshall's head. What follows the commotion is silence from all the bystanders, panting immediately near him, and the sounds of the city all making music in his head.

    The woman stands up and looks down at Marshall who had rosy pink cheeks flushed with embarrassment from grabbing the woman. She extends her hand to Marshall, offering her help to lift him off of the ground. Hesitantly, Marshall grabs her hand. It's soft and gentile. Looking upon her face, it shows signs of caring and thankfulness. Standing up seems to be some magnificent feat as it evokes cheers from all around. They were all praising Marshall as a hero. Tears stream down the woman's face as she holds Marshall in a tight embrace. Marshall reciprocates the woman's gesture and smiles at everyone around him. Tears run down his cheeks from the amount of happiness he feels in this moment.

    At 12:45 P.M. the commotion had already subsided. Marshall is ordering his standard roast beef and swiss on rye paying with his debit card. Sal smiles at Marshall before he goes to make the sandwich. The sandwich is finished within three minutes and Marshall nods thanks to Sal as he picks up the tray. He looks down at the two sandwiches on the green platter as he walks toward the table by the window. When he looks up, he is met with a wonderful smile. Unable to contain himself, Marshall laughs and smiles back as he hands the woman in the red dress her favorite sandwich, roast beef and swiss on rye.

    Current Goal/Purpose: It's eight months after the incident , Marshall and the woman in the red dress, Sarah, are going steady. Marshall is much happier for it and Sarah likes Marshall very much. Pete and Lala have taken to Sarah's mini dachshund, Noodle, and they have all become great playmates. Both Marshall and Sarah are happy together and the plan is to keep it that way. Marshall is even thinking about proposing to Sarah on their one year.