Create a Character Challenge #45

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: The Collective.
    Gender: N/A
    Age: Older than this solar system.
    Species: Andromedan Ground Worm.
    Family: Hundreds of thousands, spread throughout the universe.
    Personality: Annoyed at being woken up from hibernation several hundred years before the specified time. Angry at those responsible. Hungry from the long sleep. Giddy with the thought of devouring another planet. They have individuality, but also share consciousness through telepathy.
    History: They're an infection, a disease born of a vicious war many millennia ago between the Andromedans and the Bodeans. The war ceased when these beasts were discovered and all efforts were put forth to dealing with this new threat. The battle was long and many planets were lost to the hunger and ferocious appetite of these creatures but eventually the joint effort of former enemies was enough to drive the Ground Worms to the brink of extinction. The Collective went into hiding, burrowing deep into the hearts of the planets they'd taken refuge on, idling in a state of hibernation.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To devour this young planet and everything that crawls upon it. To determine the state of the universe and decide upon further hibernation or becoming active once more.
    Appearance: Tubular beasts of an unimaginable size with gaping maws designed for pulverizing all that is caught within it. Their skin is textured, rough, bumpy, and covered in leathery spikes meant for traction while burrowing. Their faces, if it could be called a face, sport a ring of massive talons that, when closed, pierce the rock and dirt like a hot knife through butter. When these talons are spread wide, they open up access to the circular mouth. Their hide is capable of withstanding the heat of the planet's mantle.
  3. Name: Alastar Caelan
    Gender: Male
    Age: 40
    Species: Kyran (Alien species native to a planet that resides within a small solar system in the galaxy Andromeda.)
    Family: Ortri (Father), Emora (Mother), Valix (Older brother), Bellre (Younger sister)
    Personality: Alastar is the silent type. He can be stubborn and doesn't often express his feelings, causing unnecessary stress at times. When he does let out any unpleasant emotion it is rarely with words; to let out his anger or stress he most often practices his combat skills, or at times, simply destroys a useless inanimate object. He isn't very skilled at communicating and can find it difficult to carry a conversation with someone, even if they have many things to talk about. He is loyal to his people and those who are above him. He doesn't allow people to be abusive to him or anyone he cares about.
    History: Alastar was drafted as an inter-stellar warrior at the young age of 15 and began training. At first, he had difficulty with what he was tasked with and many instructors doubted him, but over time he caught up with the other cadets and proved himself to be an excellent fighter. As he and his comrades moved up in rank, his superiors recognized his ability to remain calm in hectic situations and quickly began to give him specialized tasks that many others could not handle. He soon earned the highest rank in his branch of the forces, a general. At the age of 33 he and 2999 others were selected to travel to earth for an important mission that they would be informed of upon arrival.
    Current Goal/Purpose: To assist the humans in fighting off a rare and viscous beast that has recently made its presence on earth known, by either killing it and disposing of the remains, or selecting humans to save before quarantining the planet and leaving it to be destroyed.
    Appearance: The Kyran are one of a few races that happen to look quite similar to humans, having evolved on planets much like earth. They have nearly identical skeletal and muscular systems. Their skin colors are generally shades of blue and/or purple and patterns can appear on some individuals. They have long, pointed ears, thin noses and pale, thin lips. Their eyes are slightly larger than humans' and have only two sections: that which surrounds the pupil, which has either one solid color, one color with bands in two shades, or two colors. Nearly any color on the spectrum can appear in this section. The second section, the pupil, is always black or silver. Their hair color is naturally white, grey, black, or some shade of metallic color like bronze, gold, or silver (though many Kryan dye their hair when allowed). Their teeth are significantly sharper and more pointed than humans', with fewer molars and more canines. Like the residents of earth, they breath oxygen but have a slightly higher tolerance for pollutants than humans.

    Alastar is the average height for men of his species, standing at 7' 2". His skin is a pale indigo, his hair is naturally a bright silver, straight and cut short. His pupils are silver, surrounded by bands of navy blue and royal blue. He wears his uniform every day: black, lace up boots that cover the lower fourth of his legs, tight, silver and black breeches, a tight, silver tank top that is required to be tucked in, and in colder weather, a black jacket (it looks much like a "bomber jacket" does) with sliver detailing showing the wearer's name, rank, and any other important information. He also has metal arm bracers and a necklace with a thick, silver chain and a rectangular sapphire that he bought on earth.

    Other Information:
    The name ofhis home planet is Abrihat. It is close to teh size of jupiter and has a wider range of temperatures than earth. The Kyran are the dominant species and they have 3 major languages, though many dialects and other, lesser known languages do exist.

    -Alastar grew up in an area of Abrihat with a cold climate, similar to Alaska's. This is why he doesn't like heat and can tolerate cold temeperatures better than some of his commerades, who grew up in areas of their planet with warmer weather and a denser polulation.

    -The Kyran age slower than humans. On average, a healthy kyran will live to be about 160 years old. (This means that relatively, Alastar is physically much like a 20 year old human male.)

    -Alastar and the other soldiers drafted to go to Earth's solar system were allowed to bring famly if they desired, and so Alastar's family came along. All famly members now live on a Kyran base located on Ganymede, Jupiter's largest moon.

    -Alastar has found that he enjoys Earth for the most part and hopes to save the planet, though he will not express this. He most enjoys the diversity of climates and was surprised to find that he also likes Earth's aminals, particulary mamals, though when researching them he did not expect this.

    -He does like guns, but perfers hand to hand combat and will often excersise.

    -As part of their training, the Kyran soldiers were required to learn three human languages. Alastar chose Latin, English, and Spanish. This is why he was deployed to south-western America.

    -When Alastar speaks, his accent is hard to detect. However, he does still put too much emphass on some consonants and has trouble reading. (He cannot read spanish and currently has the English reading level of a six year old.)