Create a Character Challenge #38

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Zarah'Sdou
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Species: Hiob'Draza

    Family: Hundreds of brothers and sisters aboard the Swarmship.

    Personality: A loyal soldier to the end. All that matters to him is the mission. Due to the instability of who holds power, Zarah'Sdou chooses to instead dedicate his undying loyalty to the mission given to him rather thanthe current King in power aboard the Swarmship. He loves no one and hates only the U'rec.


    His home planet was destroyed long ago during a merciless campaign by the U'rec race. They escaped aboard a large ship which is an unrivaled achievement of biotechnology. Parts of the already existing hive were combined with parts meant to convert it into a single massive space-worthy mothership. Billions of loyal soldiers sacrificed their lives in order to distract the invaders that tried to 'cleanse' their entire race from existence.

    Among the Hiob'Draza there is no constant authority figure one would expect from a civilization of insectoid aliens. Instead the 'Queen' is a merely means to birth more future soldiers for their army aboard the Swarmship. 'Kings' are determined through battles of intense savagery between one another. A challenge can be made at any time including on the battlefield. There are times when the newly crowned King has been a savage brawler who overpowered a weak old King unable to fight back. Other Kings were those of keen intellect that could out-think the current King. Under this chaotic system the Hiob'Draza have both flourished and almost faced utter annihilation. But not once has there been a King who rose to power through deception and lies. . . for truth and honor are the trademark traits of the species.

    Right now, he sits inside a pod, awaiting orbital deployment.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Complete the mission at hand. . . conquer the U'rec and avenge the lost planet.


  3. Name: Hakken

    Gender: Female (if need be A- sexual)

    Age: Unknown

    Species: Hybrid Yxny (Yynyxmhore) formal

    Family: Yxny have no family to speak of. They are a created being and are in the process of creating their own colony as soon as they can.

    Personality: Passive until provoked. Intelligent and understand to a degree.

    History: The plan was simple. They were to create a being that was able to survive in space longer than a human being. One that could suffer, sustain and possibly procreate if need be within the massive void of space. The long voyage between the earthly known worlds and pleasant galaxies beloved to passive man was no longer safe. Toxic and barren of most life forms others were being created out of sear desperation. Not all were successful. Most were turning on their creatures and be coming beast of ghastly proportions.

    Ruling the already dying plant known as Earth Tye81. It was a fake planet to being with. Everything was systematic. Down to its very core the stability of the surface was buckling and cracking under the weight of the world above. Every effort to stabilize the crumbling planet had failed and 85% of the once half human half machine beings had left. Every being, every moving breathing roaming thing had parts there were unnatural. Manmade, machine operated, computer controlled, chip oriented, synthetic, foreign or in all other ways, alien.

    Nothing was as it seemed. At any moment a being or structure plant or animal would change shift or die. The world earth and sky faded one into the other and now it was time to depart the fractured space that was showing its skeleton. Scientist predicted it and religious leaders praised the heavens begging for survival as they boarded the ships ready for metallic salvation.

    In the haul of the ships life forms jostled for the best seats, the only windows and last rooms for some privacy. Many were already dying from lack of parts, fluid, air, water, food or other basic need yet they were allowed passage. Behind the gray breathing mask of the tracking crew were the eyes of the keepers. They knew the truth being the kindness. The seeming act of grace and will to give aide to those trouble beings fleeing their homeland.

    The truth was ugly. As gruesome as the faces behind the dirt crusted mask with dripping hoses pumping unknown fluid in and out of their necks. The hissing tubes that feed the mixture of what they needed to survive the human like atmosphere. The levels of carbon dioxide were climbing and other toxins made it nearly impossible for any being to move about without the aid of some sort of mask. Toxic fumes filled the air. Very few had filters as the Yxny. For them it was built in. They were made to survive no matter what they faced. Now the first to board and primary host to the mission they lead the way on the mission. The others that were allowed passage were only there to be a food source later on.

    Humans never lasted long in space. It was a well-known face. False hope was given to the hybrids that their other parts and crossbred innards would allow them a better chance of survival when in fact it would only aide in speeding up their deaths. Unable to support their systems most would die within a matter of weeks. The doors closed to the ship and into the void they went. Not a soul looked back. Forward they went. Some into the known, others into the unknown but all were going towards something they were never coming back from.

    Current Goal/Purpose: Yxny survive space travel and recolonize on another planet.