Create a Character Challenge #37

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  1. This challenge is one about making characters based on the setting that they're destined for and also just a fun romp with one of the most creative aspects of roleplaying: character making. Based on the image posted, my challenge is for you to create a character for that setting and post it here!

    This week's image:


    Feel free to utilize this character sheet or create your own:

    Current Goal/Purpose:

  2. Name: Flora Vernalis
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Magi (Life magic):
    The most common sub-set of magi, they have a connection with nature deep enough to somewhat manipulate it and cast healing spells. They tend to take jobs as medics or create potions to sell. While they do have some nasty curses up their sleeves, only an extremely knowledgeable life-magic based magus would be able to actually kill someone.
    Caelia Vernalis (Mother) - Disappeared at 40
    Adamo Vernalis (Father) - Disappeared at 42

    Fear seems to consume her mannerisms. A slight tremble in her speech, she is shy and weak after her parents were taken from her. She tends to dissociate from the situation around her, giving way to memories and what-ifs that plague her features. Connecting to her is difficult, and getting her to say anything about her past typically results in a complete avoidance of the subject. She will only assert herself if necessary to survive, for she has little energy left.

    Hometown: Palm City, DQE
    Coordinates: 34.81 North, 110.16 West
    The capital of District Two of the Dark Queen's Empire, this stands as the southernmost point of interest in most DQE citizen's minds. As suggested, it is known for the palms that grow here in spite of the DQE's reputation for unbearable cold.

    Current Location: Springland Valley, Northern Frontelia
    Coordinates: 26.6 North, 79.92 West
    One of the few places in Frontelia with an actual winter, it undergoes a dramatic transformation in spring, the sky becoming pink from the pigmented pollen in the air. It is the supposed birthplace of Fae, and a natural sanctuary for Pegasi due to its elevation.

    History: Like any other of her kind in the Dark Queen's Kingdom, she was marked for misery at the start. Born in 1779, a year before the Queen's plebiscites to add the two other Northlands under her reign, life was rough from the beginning. Her mother and father were humble peasants in the outskirts of Palm City, scraping by from harvest to harvest. Her education came from her brief childhood, soon learning to cook, clean, plant crops, and make do with nearly nothing by the time she was 13. Struggling with her were the children of fellow plantation owners, with whom she played to distract herself from the reality of their situation.

    While dirt and plants filled her days, the implications of the Dark Queen's reign did not manifest themselves until she turned 14. The local plantation owner, who employed Flora's parents, advised for fellow farmers to watch for any use of magic. Anyone caught using magic was to be immediately reported to the authorities. Paranoia gripped the city as hundreds of its citizens were accused and sentenced to work up in the northern reaches of the Queen's domain. After the first year or so, the blind persecution eased up, but the danger remained ever present.

    There came a morning when she awoke in her meager mattress of a bed, to see that her parents were not in the house. Figuring that they were simply out tending to the crops, she ventured into the field, an unusual snow descending. For some odd reason, there had been a cold front on that late September day, almost killing off the city proper's palm trees. She bumped into a fellow peasant, who, unable to keep the news from her, divulged what had happened while she was sleeping. Angered by low wages and faulty equipment, her parents had gone to the plantation owner to air their grievances. Threats from all three parties ensued. Only one carried his out. He already convinced the authorities to load Caelia and Adamo Vernalis into a prisoner's train and send them off to a work camp in District Three, a couple thousand kilometers away. The charges were "threatening to use magic," "improper conduct," among others. She would never quite get over that injustice, but the worst was still to come.

    Then the word got out: They were coming for Flora, too. Her friends knew there was no alternative: She had to ditch the plantation and find a way out of the Empire. With much struggle and some instances of almost getting caught, they managed to aid her to the border of Istanelia. As she crossed it, she took one look back. She shouldn't have. Her friends crumpled to the ground, blaring noises ringing her ears. She broke into a desperate sprint to take refuge in the forest.

    Since then, her life was nothing but drifting. Further and further south, from the ice that still wrapped her heart she went. She struggled through Istanelia's dramatic wilderness as winter's grip intensified. Upon arrival in Frontelia, the cold had long parted with Flora. She now found herself in a land consumed by spring.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    To survive long enough to find civilization and restart life.

    Her clothes mostly consist of raggedy old blouses and skirts she managed to grab with her in a bag she carries. There are a pair of stockings and a pair of shoes, but she managed to rip the stockings up wandering through forests and fields a few months ago. The black shoes are on their last limb, holes and scratches quite evident.


  3. Appearance:

    Elwë Singollo


    Age: 27

    Species: Elf

    Father: Findecáno Singollo
    Mother: Isilindil Singollo

    He's a pacifist by nature and believes every life is something to be cherished, he is also very kind hearted and often tries making friends with people he doesn't know

    Growing up in a small village he spent most of his days either working or exploring the woods that surrounded them, at age 14 he joined his father in the trademarket. At age 20 his father retired leaving Elwë to hold down the shop by himself, one day while he was on a treck to a nearby village to trade goods he was ambushed bandits having no real fighting experience he was over powered and take captive. Soon after he sold off in an illegal slave trade where he spent the next four years working as day laborer for one of the human earls. One night however he was able to escape and has been looking for his way home since.

    Current Goal/Purpose:
    Trying to find his way back to his village

  4. Name: River Devou

    Gender: Female

    Age: 17

    Species: Human with a "gift" or magic.

    Family: Mother- Lily Devou Father- Alex Devou

    Personality: She was raised for a while to be a kind person. She is very shy though when it comes to first meeting someone though because she wasn't around people a lot. She thinks her life and those around her is a gift.

    History: She lived in a village in the mountains with her parents when she was young. Her parents owned a herb shop and they helped people when they were hurt. She often went into the woods with her parents to find herbs for the shop and to find places to plant a few more herbs. Her magic meant that she could her animals and talk to them so she often would spend most of her day in the woods or at home surrounded by animals. One day though when travelers came to the town in the mountains they decided that her parents would be a nice thing to have for their own town instead. The travelers took River's parents while she was in the woods so when she got back she no longer had anyone to take care of her. Instead of staying in the town because everyone there thought she was weird she left to see if she could find her parents when she was 11. On the road around the time when she had been on the road for three years a traveler found her and decided to bring her along in his trips because he needed a partner. She has been traveling with that traveler ever since still trying to find her parents.

    Current Goal/Purpose:To find her parents.

    Appearance: She is a small girl that could be called a doll because of how breakable and pale she is. She is about 5'4 and she has light brown hair she has grown out to past her waist. Her eyes a sky blue and can change to a ocean blue at times sometimes depending on how she feels. She wears brown shorts and a green short sleeved top with brown leather boots that reach just under her knees. She often has a dagger with her and usually has at least a few animals with her at all times.

    (( sorry I am posting here I just wanted to try this since I am just getting used to being on here))
  5. Name: T'kust Ram

    Gender: Female

    Age: Over 100 years

    Species: Dragon

    History: The destiny of T'kust Ram was chosen when she was just inside her egg, barely a newborn. The leader of the land chose her as 'The Watcher', a goal only meant for dragons as they were thought of wise. For generations her family has had the duty to find a leader for the land once the previous one die. Recently, Kind Evion died, and it has been her duty so far to search for a courageous soul to take the throne of the Land of Kirs. So far animals, humans, and mythical creatures have tried and fail. But T'kust Ram the time will soon come when someone or something will step up and face their new destiny.

    Current Goal/Purpose: The watcher, in charge to find the ruler of the land.

  6. This week's image:


    Name: Apharus Leone
    Gender: Female
    Age: 17
    Species: Elf
    Mother: Eleanor Leone (deceased)
    Father: Ralfius Leone (deceased)
    Brother: Calvus Leone
    Personality: Apharus is a very quiet person. When spoken to she
    always replies with a smile on her face and a soft spoken voice. She's very
    creative and loves to weave flowers together to make hats and baskets
    She's never been known to disrespect anyone unless someone speaks
    ill of her brother. Every time you see her she's dancing around
    barefoot and it floor length dresses threatening to trip her as she moves.
    Apharus always puts others before herself and never thinks twice about
    sacrificing herself for someone else.
    She grew up without a mother or father, while her brother raised
    her from the time she was born until the day she left as guardian of the Sacred Meadow.
    Her mother died during childbirth and her father left for a war and came back in a box.
    Even after everything that's happen to her she's always had a smile on her face.
    Her brother soon left for the same never-ending war and hasn't been back since. She
    still waits for the day that he'll come back home and is always looking beyond the hills for him
    hoping he'll be there.
    Current Goal/Purpose: Her current goal is just to protect the Sacred Meadow from
    people who threaten to burn it down. She must eliminate anyone who threatens the
    peaceful movements of the plants around her.
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    Name: Dkaeto
    Gender: Male
    Age: 37
    Height: 6'7
    Weight: 350lbs
    Species: Human
    Occupation: Clan Gowtui's Shaman